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  1. That’s pretty shit mate. I managed to score 30 goals and a clean sheet which you can’t do
  2. I have no idea how that happen but I certainly won’t say it’s bizarre
  3. Welcome back mate. Glad to see no Newcastle players there.
  4. I think you should change this from article to help Anyway, yes, counter attack tactics do work well in FM. If you set it up properly, it will be very good. I had a counter attack tactic earlier this year which works very well but it’s Inter Milan so I don’t know if it will work well with worse team.
  5. Turns out all I need is another manager who can shit talk as good as the owner
  6. I swear every morning Rich wakes up to see himself getting bantered in Vibe 🤣
  7. Oh my, this actually got completed 🤣 Well done Scratchy lad! @Rich can never!
  8. One striker tactic and yes, I see DLF and CF drop less but it helps the team to bring the ball from deep so I think it’s a good thing?
  9. I think we can try to use less tweaks? I had both CF and DLF tried to pair with AP and they gave great results. Maybe using 2 IFs would be a good one? I haven’t used anchor man much this year. Not sure how good it will be but AP-DLP-CM always works well for me. Sometimes I use BWM instead of DLP. The thing I would suggest removing though, is look for overlap and the control mentality. Look for overlap always slow down the buildup so turn it off would be better. Attacking mentality seems to be better than control this year. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong
  10. I’ve sent thousands of scouts looking for Blue Star United and Kun’s Army. Unfortunately, I can’t find them. It’s hard to see anyone up here in the table.
  11. My source says, @broodje kip is going to rack up all the awards.
  12. Only 1 goal different from the last season. I smell cheating. Anyway, mind sharing tactic bro?
  13. Sandwich Army will steamroll the Europa League
  14. I just follow whatever @Scratch does
  15. Why not? What’s worse could even happen right?
  16. @Titjes who are the available managers right now? added 0 minutes later Never mind, I found it lol. Do I have the money to sack Flick and hire Jose Mourinho?
  17. Wtf! 🤬 added 0 minutes later Petition to get rid of @Rich
  18. Gerrard looks like a very good manager. Maybe he’d be a very good investment? Man City took 4 years before winning their first league title so maybe we can see whether Gerrard is worth the money.
  19. Hate it until Spurs gets a take over too Jk, I don’t mind seeing clubs like Newcastle getting new owner. They deserve some success. We’d see if they are really good at managing a club like Mansour and Abramovic did. I’d be grateful to not have owners like Glazers that doesn’t care about the club honestly.
  20. How much will it cost for Sandwich Army to hire that unemployed coach, Titjes Draft?
  21. That’s the man marking option. You can find it when selecting roles.
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