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  1. It’s very normal to have that. You barely see Man United had star players leaving back then considering they just keep winning. All you can do is move and rebuild another team 🤷
  2. The logic isn’t really that correct imo. Sassuolo is not a very dominant team and so is Milan. Juventus got a record breaking offer so it’s fair that they sold him. Most of us would do the same if we get a huge offer. You can see a lot of stars stay at one club for years if they consistently win trophies until the club itself decides if they want to keep the players or not (e.g. Aguero, Chiellini, Muller, Boateng, Kompany, Benzema, etc.)
  3. Best award are coming next week and I still haven’t finished Musiala career 😰
  4. Those are some immense transfer window there but 69 goals and 46 assists are not enough to reach your target in 5 seasons.
  5. ASM as Newcastle captain in the future 😍
  6. Question, why are you using light mode?
  7. Would be a nice team to manage on FM 22 after all
  8. I just realised that more in depth financial is going to give @Scratch a huge nightmare 🤣
  9. Not important because we are Sandwich Army I wanted to sign more players but couldn’t find any exact flaw in the team right now.
  10. I have to disagree on this one. FMM should be a simple grab and play game. Having more in depth finance will make it us have to take more time to plan and play the season.
  11. More players coming to mobile! And I will be able to play the full version on pc now.
  12. Come back when you win the Conference League 😎
  13. Rich scored the least goals throughout the game. No surprise considering he’s a fan of Bruce
  14. I agree with @Ashez. BWM is one of those role that does simple passes which contributes to their amount of passes completed. I had a CM with about 500 passes in a game once. The role CD is a good example of role that does the same and also the DLP. I’m not entirely sure about the key passes since you haven’t shown us the tactic and how much exactly the key passes are. It’ll be interesting to see if you can give us some screenshots.
  15. Broodje Kip, AM LRC and M LRC Age: 15 CA: 3* PA: 5*
  16. Very great 2nd season Ian. His attributes look very good too.
  17. Damn, no more injury bonus. Guess I choose McDonalds then
  18. There’s only 4 morale and injury bonus and I’m 5th person to choose it so mostly likely will miss out. Last season my players keep getting injured and we played on the Conference League but this year, if I fail to get the injury bonus, I will have a group of dead players in the Europa League. I will probably finish above Blue Star United, Kun’s Army and Out On Bale though
  19. I think Sandwich Army will do shit this season.
  20. Musiala 😂 Jk, maybe Lewandowski but I think having Sane back would be lovely too.
  21. The loss was unfortunate but I still believe they have the best squad in Europe and also one of the best manager too.
  22. Bayern Munich Man City Chelsea Atletico Madrid Liverpool
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