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  1. Since I sold Bamba, I think I’m going for Neymar as the player
  2. Not as good as Lord Brucey
  3. Tough one to choose. I think I’d pick Laporte
  4. @Titjes can you show me the transfer market sorted by value?
  5. @Rich seems to be doing well every time I talk shit on him. I will from now on, compliment him.
  6. Apparently Llorente have one of the least G+A but still performs better than Pedri and Leao 🤣
  7. Possibly the best day of my week
  8. My next 3 games are against @DanEnglish, @Victor77 and @Rich 😬 I think I’m going to win the third one though.
  9. Haaland isn’t messing around for his new club. 9 contributions in 7 games 🔥 Won every game possible this month and also won our first away match against Vibe’s club.
  10. Congrats on the TT Smoggy. Reyna 50-50 and McKennie 1k looks very much likely to happen.
  11. Interesting choice of coach. If it doesn’t work out, I suggest Nagelsmann. He uses 3-2-2-1-2
  12. Depay, Zaniolo, Bamba and Mbappe are such a very deadly attacking quartet. I hope Haaland will do a great job.
  13. You have a game in hand. That’s an advantage imo.
  14. DONE DEAL! Sandwich Army and Vice City have confirmed their exchange of Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland. Sandwich Army will also pay additional $40m to Vice City. The deal is reportedly will proceed at the end of March.
  15. Everything seems to just click for Scratch. I don’t see a reason for him to test multiple formations 🤣
  16. Good start. Probably because you bought Barella. I think you can do better if you had bought Ajer, Mikey and Goretzka.
  17. MBAPPE ON THE MOVE? An inside source reported that Sandwich Army top scorer, Kylian Mbappe might be on the move. Which club is still unknown but how will The Sandwiches cope with this transfer if it does go through?
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