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  1. Why is there only 2 games in February?
  2. Onana concede 25 in 24 games. I think that could be improved. Maybe a short term CD like Ramos?
  3. No update since Sunday. This career is finished and possibly dusted.
  4. Oh wow! I’m that shit in away games 😲
  5. Dropped 4 points while Sandwich Army only dropped 3.
  6. I put it in the spoiler because I put some CA/PA numbers which some people wouldn’t want to see it.
  7. I think Barella has higher CA and PA compared to Alli. Surely he has to be your starter?
  8. Nuno had worse team at Wolves except the difference is the board there back him up with the transfers which I don’t think Spurs would do the same. Maybe he will figure out something soon. In the meantime, Son will have to carry the team for a while.
  9. 5 goals and 5 assists isn’t hard to replace. Ronaldo couldn’t even lace Johnston boots Jk, Maybe you can try Jonathan Bamba if you get that $30.5m. Or Dusan Vlahovic maybe?
  10. I was once like this but most of the time when I suddenly have works that prevent me from playing like one or two weeks, I either lose the attachment and make a new save or don’t play FM cause a slight burnout.
  11. Actually, Out On Bale is the weakest club in FMM history
  12. I think staying with Nuno is good. He will probably need some time to adapt.
  13. 2nd half will be very challenging. Oh, and Strakosha is Albanian, not Czech
  14. This is @Rich , @Dai_ and @geordiekrispy every gamweek
  15. I think the Twitter count is already an issue for quite a long time. I don’t know if it’s only me who see the count as 0 all the tims. Loving the new look so far though. Brilliant job @Putzy 👍
  16. I un-guilty-ly agree with you on this one.
  17. Hey! I completed the Augusta and TTR okay. If those even actually count 😂
  18. Compete with Rich? He probably won’t even complete this one 🤣
  19. How is Martial scoring only 4 goals a shocker? That’s literally what he is in real life 😂
  20. Conte is still a free agent. Just saying.
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