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  1. SEASON 8

    We’re back again to this career after quite a while. A bad season overall but I think I’ve found a very good tactic thanks to @Scratch for introducing me to the 1-2-3-3-1.

    League Table


    Manager Profile and History



    Finally, a clean sweep.

    Musiala and co.



    Huge drop from our previous 134. Let’s hope we can bounce back next season.





    Cantwell and Unuvar isn’t having the best season either.


    The whole squad did OK throughout.

    Goals: 787 / 2,000

  2. 1 hour ago, eternalaurora said:

    Salah and Messi have "Takes pride in his performances" in their coach report, which indicates good professionalism and consistency. If CR7 somehow gets his creativity boosted, he would also have "Mercurial talent" in his coach report and he has 20 consistency.

    No offense to Marc, but sometimes staff members forget things as well.

    Yeah, maybe you’re right. I didn’t know about Ronaldo’s consistency but something I’ve found is players with 15+ agility, if you get their coach report, they often have mercurial talent. I haven’t found one that doesn’t.

  3. 25 minutes ago, eternalaurora said:

    Sorry to bring up this ancient thread, but after observing a series of players, I believe "Mercurial talent" is a purely positive comment that symbolizes good technique, creativity, and flair. Lack of consistency is represented either by "Inconsistent player" or "A very enigmatic player" (poor consistency and professionalism). 

    If "Mercurial talent" does represent good creativity but poor consistency, then David Silva's coach report would've contradicted itself.

    I thought the same but Marc Vaughan said this. Even the likes of Salah and Messi have mercurial talent on their coach report.

    I believe this is because their “bad days” are just too good compared to the others. For example Messi will drop an 8 for his bad days but a massive level of 10 on his days.

  4. 1 hour ago, AdamNufc said:


    Curious out of the Newcastle supporters on here @Woody @geordiekrispy @Rich @dai @Scratch  and others I might of forgotten, out of the managers that are looking like getting interviews , Fonseca, Howe , Favre, Martinez , Lampard and Gerrard, who would be your choice?

    I’d love to see Gerrard but I think Howe would do good and more realistic. He managed to make Bournemouth stayed in the Premier League for quite a long time with low amount of money.

  5. 1 minute ago, Rich said:

    Wonder if@Rob enjoyed the game now that’s he’s on his 100th leave over my comment just saying he sounded upset about the takeover. Unreal.

    But on a genuine  note I think Emery actually did well at Arsenal, I’d take most to be fair 😂

    I heard @Rob signed a contract to be a Newcastle fan last night. Fabrizio here we go soon

  6. 2 hours ago, Rich said:

    You are the best after me👀But seriously I like every Career you, you’re the best. 

    That’s a weird way to spell broodje kip

    added 0 minutes later
    5 minutes ago, Scratch said:

    I've evolved and can now see the matrix:


    Or have I got it wrong and you are in fact saying it's too low? 🤣

    It’s arguably too low for your standard. Those numbers are Rich’s

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