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    broodje kip got a reaction from gunnersaur in Danish’s Great Tac: Krist the duct tape   
    Due to popular demand I’ve decided to post the tactic that I used on my previous save.
    Roles chosen, Mentality, Width, Tempo and Creativity.

    I’ll tell why I chose the roles amd example of players that suits the roles.

    G: could try to use SK to but I’m going for a little bit less risk here. e.g. Onana, de Gea, Oblak
    CD: the classic defender we all used. Also another reason of less risk. e.g. Acerbi, Romagnoli, Bastoni
    S: I actually rarely use this one but I’ve seen that they seems to get higher rating and also conceded less goals than CD-CD partnership. The attributes seems like positioning and pace are more important than tackling. e.g. Konate, Akanji, Gomez
    IWB: I have to cover the void left by the BBM so this guys does the right job. Must’ve midfield like attribute. e.g. Trent Arnold, Davies, Hakimi
    BBM: due to the striker were Isolated, I need players to cover him at the back or at least outside of the box. BBM will hid the striker’s flaws. e.g. Brozovic, Goretzka, McTominay
    AP: The main source of creativity on our team. They’ll get out of man marks and feed either the winger or the striker. The most important players on our team. Balanced attack and defence attributes recommended. e.g. Pellegrini, van de Beek, Zaniolo
    W: no explanation needed. The most overpowered role in FMM imo. The main feeder of the striker. e.g. Gonzalo Martinez, Kluivert, Under
    TM: Hard choice. Tried P but they isolated to much and caught offside a lot. Tried AF to but they seems to need someone at either AML/AMC/AMR to build up the attack or they’ll go out of position. A complete forward would do the best. e.g. Schick, Fullkrug, Ronaldo
    Thanks to @Scratch’s test that shown WBs and IWBs being less attacking and took less crosses with the Defensive mentality. Which gave advantage for the Wingers to do their job.
    Defence Setup

    Not much special as I’m not really wise in defending so I just use a setup that most people did.
    Attack setup

    Work Into the box to prevent the BBM to steal that much goals. Run at defence is to prevent the through ball. They seems to kick so hard for the striker to even catch the ball so we have to prevent them.
    short so that we control the game to have more possessions and create more chance.
    mixed focus to give the opponents no chance to easily read our game and counter it.
    mixed GK distribution is to make sure the GK wouldn’t need to get blame for our mistake.
    This one is from one of my career:
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    broodje kip reacted to Ian in The Warriors: The Battle for Goals Begins   
    Thank you Foxy, it was an unfortunate turn of events with me coming out before you in the draw but fear not I’m sure you’ll do very well with your Italians.
    Thank you Woody, your season was just as good or even maybe better considering the difference in player quality.
    Thank you Rob, haha yes most of my signings would be considered quite predictable although I did branch out a bit in going for Williams and even Havertz who I don’t usually end up going for.
    Thank you, yes he usually costs me at least £50m after a bidding war but this time the war ended early. I was in two minds as to whether to go for him or not to be honest as I had plans to go for Havertz but there should hopefully be enough game time for the both of them.
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    broodje kip reacted to Ian in The great Ander and Fabio, 1kc and 500 assist (Season 5)   
    All seems to be going to plan so far. Keep it up.
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    broodje kip reacted to Kanegan in The great Ander and Fabio, 1kc and 500 assist (Season 5)   
    Both of them going great so far, Silva moreso though, which is expected. 
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    broodje kip got a reaction from Titjes in The great Ander and Fabio, 1kc and 500 assist (Season 5)   
    Season 5
    Sorry for the late update. I’ve been quite busy playing Fallout with my mates. A pretty good game even for years.
    A quite bad start of the season for us. I’ve decided to change the tactic that I’ve used on PC and it seems to be very good.
    League Table

    Nothing impressive as we’ve been winning it for 5 years

    We’ve made no transfer in this season.

    Bernardo Silva out of the club early in the season. Perhaps reason why they aren’t performing as good.
    Manager Profile and History

    Ruben Dias’ red card in the Quater Final 2nd leg saw us failed to win the UCL for 3rd consecutive season.
    Fabio and Ander Stats

    Not much improvement in him. Probably next year he would finish improving. 17 international goals this season.

    Slight drop in goals but he assister more goals than he ever did.
    For Ander he got about 2 improvement early the season and stopped like what I told @Scratch but once he got call up from Spain senior national team, he got lots of improvement and this is his stats right now:

    5 assist short from last season. Hope he can do better next season.
    Goals: 323 / 1,000
    Assist: 140 / 500
  6. Happy
    broodje kip reacted to Rob in The great Ander and Fabio, 1kc and 500 assist (Season 5)   
    Aged 21, 323 goals, can’t say fairer than that.
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    broodje kip reacted to Ian in Ian - La Masia Double Trouble - Season 3   
    Season 3
    We just need to keep going at this stage and hope our scoring returns keep on improving as the boys hopefully develop into fine players.
    We only brought one youngster through who looks like a decent prospect for centre midfield and possibly better than some of the original youngsters already at the club so I’ll try and give him a bit of game time over the next few years. You can see we let a couple of veterans go in Piqué and Rakitic as they’d declined horribly and a few youngsters were offloaded or loaned out but unfortunately we lost Carles Pérez to Liverpool as he wanted to leave. I had high hopes that Carles would be the main backup player to my duo but he had other ideas.
    Team Results
    League was comfortable with only a handful of games where we dropped points and a decent 132 goals scored. Unfortunately the mighty Juventus disguised as Zebras got us again as they ended our Champions League hopes in the quarter final with the all important winning away goal coming in the dying seconds of the return leg. We’ll get them for this later I’m sure and it’ll be sweet. No Super Cup this year either with more last minute action from our opponents Atletico Madrid who forced extra time and took over fairly quickly after centre back Cuenca got himself sent off. We did win the Spanish Cup though with as comfortable a 2-1 over Real as you’ll ever see.

    The Duo
    The dynamic duo went big early on with a nice combined five goal haul in a 9-1 victory over Getafe so things were looking good.

    Fati then pulled up a week later with a twisted ankle which would keep him out for a month.

    He got back up to speed quickly enough after his injury and there were a few more good moments for our duo throughout the season.

    So things were looking good and then Fati tore his hamstring in training at the beginning of April which would be the end of his season, hopefully that won’t become a recurring injury.

    Ansu Fati
    He’s showing signs that he’ll develop into a great player and as I keep mentioning his stamina could be important so nice to see that on the rise. Anyway, he ended up with 28 goals this season which I’m happy with considering his injuries. Just before his injury I put him on penalties and all free kicks in an attempt to get him on the race to 100 goals leaderboard which seemed like it’d be comfortable but that injury has thrown that up in the air. We still have a decent shot though with him needing 16 goals before the end of October next season when he turns 20 so we’ll have a go.

    Abel Ruiz
    Abel put up an improved return with 44 goals in 50 games so a step closer to the 50 goal mark which is a decent target at this stage. My system isn’t perfect I know and I’m sure it can be improved but I’m confident that if we can keep a decent level of domination over the other teams particularly in the league with a high amount of team goals we can get the job done providing we can keep the two players happy that is. Of course a lot will depend on what happens when we have to transition the next generation of youngsters into the fold so we’ll see how that goes over the next few years I guess.

    Challenge Score

    Season 01
    Ansu Fati: 40 games, 24 goals and 22 assists
    Abel Ruiz: 41 games, 33 goals and 9 assists
    Combined Total: 81 games, 57 goals and 31 assists
    Season 02
    Ansu Fati: 44 games, 32 goals and 19 assists
    Abel Ruiz: 51 games, 36 goals and 16 assists
    Combined Total: 95 games, 68 goals and 35 assists
    Season 03
    Ansu Fati: 31 games, 28 goals and 18 assists
    Abel Ruiz: 50 games, 44 goals and 20 assists
    Combined Total: 81 games, 72 goals and 38 assists
    Grand Total: 257 games, 197 goals and 104 assists
    Thanks for reading.
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    broodje kip reacted to Rob in Trequartista in AMC position   
    I use a T in that role... but usually without strikers and they assist like mad. They’re also usually on free kicks and corners too, which should be getting near enough 25 a season.
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    broodje kip got a reaction from Rob in The Warriors: The Battle for Goals Begins   
    Good looking players
  10. Happy
    broodje kip reacted to FMFanatic20 in Bayer Neverkusen   
    most people would probably end up winning the treble in first season and yea one can take a couple of season to get the rising star into the all star xi 
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    broodje kip reacted to Don-x in Trequartista in AMC position   
    For the first time I'm trying it, although I play three striker's in a 433, but with AMC, I changed it to T, then my pass focus is Longpass has never tried it before, as a starting tactics, but so far the T, seems to be getting more goals, despite given away possession the team is currently unbeatable, 
  12. Funny
    broodje kip reacted to Titjes in FMM 20 Chairman Game (MW32)   
    Match Key For Predictions (MW31)
    Vibe Challenger Division
    Tottenham @ThomW12 0 - 1 Real Madrid
    Barcelona @Titjes 3 - 1 PSG
    Chelsea @broodje kip 1 - 0 Benfica
    Arsenal @gunnersaur 0 - 2 Man City
    Dortmund @LTFC 1 - 2 Barcelona @Titjes
    Barcelona @Titjes 2 - 1 Real Madrid 
    Sevilla 1 - 3 Liverpool @Jsavfc
    Vibe Gold Division
    Southampton 1 - 2 Torino @BatiGoal
    No guessing for Vibe Platinum Division this week? 🤔
    A bit of Tits for everyone this week 😆
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    broodje kip got a reaction from FMFanatic20 in Stevie G Challenge - An attempt   
    Pretty sure Foden is better at doing this  . Nice attempt btw
  14. Happy
    broodje kip reacted to Elliott in South Korea Work Permit Rules   
    Update on this. The Rwandan defender passed 10 caps so I tried to re-sign him - work permit granted! So the caps are crucial to South Korea.
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    broodje kip reacted to gunnersaur in Gunnersaur Does- The Liverpool Front 3 Challenge   
    Manager Profile:
  16. Happy
    broodje kip reacted to Woody in The Warriors: The Battle for Goals Begins   
    What you have to realise is......i like to be different 😉
  17. Happy
    broodje kip got a reaction from FMFanatic20 in Stevie G Challenge   
    Good looking challenge. But does AMR and AML counts too? Or just AMC
  18. Funny
    broodje kip reacted to Rob in Hi, I'm Jacob   
    But you don’t read challenge rules?
  19. Happy
    broodje kip reacted to TrueHiiro in Hi, I'm Jacob   
    I don't see why not. Once I've finished my current save I'll make a thread for my new one.
  20. Favourite
    broodje kip reacted to Kanegan in Vibe World Cup 2020: The Final Results   
    Wow, that was insanely close. Well done @Rob and @Woody.
    @broodje kip, mate we did great and hopefully next edition, we go even better. 
  21. Favourite
    broodje kip reacted to FMFanatic20 in Ibra kadabra - score against 20 teams (Milan)   
    woah! nice ... your name wasn't on the leaderboard so i thought it would be me... but happy taking the 2nd spot... lol 
    I hope there is nobody faster than this ... 
  22. Happy
    broodje kip got a reaction from FMFanatic20 in Ibra kadabra - score against 20 teams (Milan)   
    Great start. 5 teams to go. Goodluck next season @FMFanatic20
    Seeing this thread I just realised that @Foxy, you haven’t put me on the leaderboard 
  23. Sad
    broodje kip reacted to GianniVesparinni in Goal Factory Amsterdam   
    Yes, the IGE is standard but as you can see, never used is. But fair enough, rules are rules 😥
  24. Favourite
    broodje kip got a reaction from Kanegan in Final attempt - Liverpool Front Three   
    Nice work mate. The goal conceded brought your points down a bit. I’ll add you to the leaderboard 
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    broodje kip reacted to Scratch in The great Ander and Fabio, 1kc and 500 assist (Season 5)   
    Yeah sensible approach! You might not want to keep going anyway. 🙂 I got Unuvar to 2K but was ready for a change by the end of that. I think it works out that I only finish every second 1KC I start. It get's boring at some point...
    Maybe Ander only has a few updates left in him - it's hard to tell. But he's doing a pretty good job already and should be able to get to 500 no worries. 
    As for the non Ronaldo regen, yeah, the real Ronaldo does go on and on. I got fooled because the youngster has the same feet and nationality. But if it's not him, perhaps it's Nani. Wrong Man Utd old boy, but still a pretty good player! 
    Anyway, keep going, hope you smash both targets. 💪