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  1. Welcome people. I am Mr. Bryan Griggs reporting from London City Airport waiting for the arrival of the great manager Mr. Muhammad Danish who is coming back to his hometown after being in Portugal for 2 years as free agent after his resignation from the Portugese giant SL Benfica He's reported to take charge one of the club in London but hasn't talked anything about this rumours yet! Today we might be able to know wether this is true or just a baseless rumours after he said "maybe" then storm out rudely on his last press conference in Portugal which was held last Friday there are a few clubs interested in getting his service as a manager like Chelsea and Arsenal whom had lost their manager last season and also Fulham are also interested to have him after being relegated last season while there's also a rumour about Spurs planning on getting their first trophy this century Half an hour later Here it is people! Mr. Danish and his adopted daughter has arrived with their private airplane and we are going to try and get the answer here Bryan are getting near Mr. Danish Mr. Danish is it true you are coming back to England to sign a contract as a manager? "I AM NOT ANSWERING ANY OF YOUR QUESTIONS TODAY!" Mr. Danish I'm not leaving here without any answers! "GO AND SLEEP IN THIS AIRPORT THEN BECAUSE YOU WON'T GET ANYTHING TODAY" Mr. Danish please answer one thing please only one answer (He begged like a small baby while Mr. Danish's daughter giggled a bit) "FINE I'LL ANSWER ONE WHICH IS I'M NOT JOINNING SPURS!" Thank you Mr. Danish (whipping his tears with some embarrassment on his face) That's all for today's news see you guys later Hey everyone so which club will Mr. Danish joins? Will Mr. Griggs gets his answer? Why does Mr. Danish rejects Spurs offer? Stay tuned for more
  2. Intersting and good luck in non-league
  3. From the title says "Great Manchester" I believe it will be Manchester City then also with Kompany statue should be build a few years later
  4. Lord Danish

    FIFA 20

    Don't forget kidney failure, hyper active and eractide dyfunction (we know what he will do at night)
  5. Some tactics actually use the "Look for Overlap" so that there won't be any crosses throughout the game
  6. Hmm.... Interesting one here
  7. Lord Danish

    1kc Piece Bon(e) China - S2

    Great season Woody
  8. I have somehow missed this thread and it's already season 13 damn
  9. Lord Danish

    BWM Attributes - Aerial

    I believe that aerial will be important when going againts oppoaition with long ball passing style and even some BWM are quite tall like Fernandinho, Busquets and Fabinho while some younger guy like Ajer and Ndidi are good in aerial either
  10. Hey Vibers, This is going to be a players reveal for the Q and R The assist (Q) Never used him yet but he looks interesting here The goal scorer (R) Someone from my rival here Marcus Rashford I belive he can done some nice work due to his popularity Some highlight Got some money to afford Rashford fee Two useless cups won easily
  11. Does this means that the season 12 and 13 are still available? Because of we skipped twice so I will take the season 11 right?
  12. @Foxy @mulama Hey guys I've been wondering wether this has stoped?
  13. Nice season there @Mr Tree