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  1. Great one mate. I got Newcastle at Vanarama National League 😂
  2. First name: ArseneWenger UnaiEmery Last name: MikelArteta CA/PA: 3/5
  3. Looks nice I’m in. ArseneWenger UnaiEmery MikelArteta From Trinidad & Tobago LW, ST, CAM, LM, LWB, CM, RW
  4. Welcome to the Vibe mate
  5. This one looks interesting. How does the game works?
  6. I agree with Scratch. Though I’ve never try goalscoring with a player that have low aerial, I saw some people try playing direct/long passing with two player in AMC
  7. How’s your tactic? Show some instructions maybe it could be the reason
  8. Great season. Maybe I’ll have to choose your next challenge too 😂. I’m predicting 115 assist in season 5 and 140 PL goals in season 5
  9. That would be nice but maybe make it some kind of rare appearance
  10. That’s a brilliant score Foxy. That looks very hard to outscore
  11. Brentford already got some promising youngster. I don’t think you’ll need much transfer
  12. Got a few from Scottish league here. So I’ll with some favourites from Celtics and Rangers Honestly Rangers aren’t very that Impressive. You could try Morelos too but he’s very expensive imo. Here are some very cheap players I got
  13. Nice score there. I really hope you could get that 1,000 score. Very sad it was very close
  14. It’s ok mate. Lets hope there’s more games in the future
  15. I would say teams in Scotland other than Celtics and Rangers would have low value and some nice attributes.
  16. There’s none. Regen are randomly generated. No team creates hidden gems and no team create massive regens
  17. Congrats for @gunnersaur and @Crashhart
  18. I haven’t even finish my 1kc yet! 😂 and with my teachers are going nuts right now I’ll doubt it will come anywhere near this month
  19. Some solid players brought in there. He didn’t even fall much in term of goals since it’s only about 3 and also less games played.
  20. Anyone with 13+ positioning and tackling is good. If he have high stamina it would be a huge boost too
  21. I really hope not. It might increase the chance of me losing my save 😂😂