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  1. Nice my Jonas Wind only got 58 goals out of 112 in the league which makes it about 52% only
  2. Aubameyang doing very nicely not as good as Lord Segio Immobile next? Interestingly Immobile means not moving 😂 Not sure about the club Bologna maybe?
  3. I already expect this would happens good luck
  4. I would say the guy playing in front of him could do better or should I say Erling Haaland
  5. @Kun Aguero so may I? I can’t see you up here it’s too far away
  6. I wouldn’t complain about that Abrahams goals tally since you’re using a IF tbh
  7. Looks like a decent investment maybe even better than the quite useless Keita. Never seen him in FMM unfortunately
  8. @Thepremiermanager may I buy Todibo please? 🙂 @Kun Aguero sell Salcedo to Bayern
  9. @Kun Aguero not sure if possible but buy Todibo and sell Pellegri. Then buy Salcedo and sell Fabio Silva After that sell Salcedo to any big club that can give him game time
  10. @Kun Aguero i want to sell Pietro Pellegri and buy Todibo from whoever own his bbc Also show me who’s available if I sell Fabio Silva
  11. DLF and DF seems to be the best but TM is great either. Treq could do with the right player
  12. Not sure but 1-2 defenders seems to work just fine for me
  13. Nice try Foxy a par is quite good here. Myself could probably got a double boogey
  14. Probably the wide width also the problem. Smaller teams will work best with fast passing and narrow width. Comments above also right, try change one or both winger to IF and one or both FB to WB and passing style to mixed
  15. for long term I’ll sign free agents then released players from the Prem but for short I’ll sign lots of loanees from top club. Brewster done very well for me
  16. Decent start with the player. Nit sure if there’s any good amateur striker in game 😂
  17. Great, I don’t need horses I bought them all
  18. Don’t get butt hurt if I sell your favourite player 😂
  19. The big match thing could be removed using mentoring