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Everything posted by Lord Danish

  1. Damn I've already missed this guy
  2. Lord Danish

    Hi I’m Sophia

    We'll see more in a short period trust me Also lol I'm a City fan but meh... United and City fan currently the friendliest rival
  3. I've figured it out! So... he's a god Zlatan = God Him = Zlatan's regen 🎉🎉🎉
  4. 😶 who's regen is that?? Btw impressive season mate! Congrats on your 1k goals
  5. Lord Danish

    Ribas Gold

    It depends if your players have the right attribute
  6. Lord Danish

    Hi I’m Sophia

  7. Lord Danish

    Ribas Gold

    Buy a new one 😂
  8. Lord Danish

    Hi I’m Sophia

    Haha surely does
  9. Lord Danish

    Fabio Silva 1KC- Season 15

    You can do it mate it's just a few miles ahead
  10. Impressive choice @Rob Good luck
  11. Lord Danish

    Tree's new project - a Polished DT

    Good luck! @Mr Tree Forget those f*ed up careers and do this like you're having two Zlatan in one team
  12. Lord Danish

    1000 Goal Challenge help

    Haha of course not
  13. Lord Danish

    Hi I’m Sophia

    Welcome to the Vibe @SophiaFM Well... I don't actually think that female likes football is rare as a USMNT own supporter I still think that men's football needs to learn something from women's football
  14. Brilliant season @Woody but I had a confusion here: I thought that the player should be someone that hasn't be used before
  15. Yes his rating will grow better if he does get more game time and his cost is low because he doesn't live up his hype when he's already 23 This can be seen in players like Renato Sanches where his value in real life is slowly decreasing day by day
  16. Lord Danish

    The One Man Team Challenge

    Haha bad luck @Rob
  17. Couldn't say any tactic are the best but if you are afraid or not confident enough to use asymmetric formations then use something like 4-1-2-2-1, 2-3-2-2-1, 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-3-1 narrow
  18. This could be because game time that he got, his form or his morale as you can see he's just a backup, not really consistent with his form and has the worst morale With personality I would say ambitious and very ambitious will make the best results
  19. These players are also going to need some luck like Gumny who plays in Polish league might not have any transfer to any big European league where he wouldn't be able to fulfill his potential while their personality is one of the biggest issues for wonderkids like Barco and Mor who had bad personality would never reach their full potential
  20. Lord Danish

    Pellegri in Madrid - 1K Completed!

    Hey @Foxy I believe that you forgot to put this on on the Leaderboard
  21. Impressive mate! This will only take you about 2 seasons and you'll be in the leaderboard
  22. Lord Danish

    The Frank Lampard Chelsea Challenge

    It doesn't seems that hard but do we all need to sell Hazard or is it optional?
  23. Lord Danish

    Fabio Silva 1KC- Season 15

    Almost there! You'll just need some 100 goals to make it easier
  24. This seems to be very good as winning 3-1 against Man City is not a luck