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  1. You’re tearing up bro, moise isn’t improving nearly as much for me aha. You’re gonna smash this
  2. TheBossMan8

    The Transfer Thread

    Yea with the way united have been playing, we probably won’t finish anywhere other than 6th or 7th but I can only hope he improve because arsenal haven’t been that much better in terms of play
  3. TheBossMan8

    1.5K + Champions Streak Challenge

    Cheers fellas, I’m looking for that triple crown starting with this career aha
  4. TheBossMan8

    1.5K + Champions Streak Challenge

    Geez. I’m sure you youll win but we’ll have to see aha, he’s doing pretty damn good so far, But injuries hampered his first two seasons
  5. TheBossMan8


    it'll be on fmm20 mate
  6. Gotta say man, You've picked the right player
  7. TheBossMan8

    How I play in real life

    for sure man, I'm in the middle of a challenge but next time I play for fun I'll give it a go again
  8. TheBossMan8

    How I play in real life

    So I’ve gone to look for my save and I can’t find it😞😞😞
  9. TheBossMan8

    How I play in real life

    Yea man, let me finish the season and I'll post em
  10. Thanks man! It was honestly really enjoyable and surprisingly difficult
  11. After many failed attempts at the 1kc due to a lack of motivation, I've finally got it back, this time as a 1.5K. The side challenge is to win as many champions league finals in a row as I can, but we will see how that goes. The main point for me is to get this fella as far as possible and hopefully push for that top spot on the leaderboard in both challenges Season 1 should be out soon🤞
  12. TheBossMan8

    How I play in real life

    attempted this with Frankfurt in a previous save, worked like a charm
  13. Thanks Heaps bro, this was my first career posting I gotta say it was loads of fun
  14. Season 6!!! The last season was very disappointing. While we won the league for a successive 3rd year in a row, we lost very early on to A. Madrid. However overall my squad was much stronger than it had ever been and this was an extremely fun challenge. More people should attempt this relatively short challenge before fmm20 comes out. Thanks to those that followed 😁 Points update 265 points currently League Position - 25 points Community shield - 25 points Champions League - 5 points FA Cup - 0 points Carabao Cup - -10 points Vanheusden only had 1 appearance before coming to Newcastle which means that 267 points get added to my tally Terrier had no registered assists before coming to Newcastle which means 103 points gets added And Morelos scored 131 goals for us in his six years which means that 131 points will be added Total points!! 811 Now I have nothing to compare this to so it might be good or it might be atrocious. But I am fairly happy with this overall. @Nucleus if you could add me to the leaderboard please that would be awesome
  15. Thanks man!! I was so angry at the time😂😂 did my head in