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  1. it gets extremely hard aha, I was over the wage budget by a lot for the first 6 seasons or so. but it'll help in the end
  2. Season 6 & 7 update So I dropped my phone in the sink yesterday and it's decided it doesn't want to take screenshots, so until I get it fixed in the next couple days, this is gonna have to do. In season 6 I was demoted to league 2 again after an abysmal end to the campaign. I think I won like 1 of my last 15 matches or something like that. I wasn't quite ready for league one but I knew that I would be right back up to challenge the big boys. I was right, In season 7 I finished second behind some really encouraging displays from my youngsters. I'm currently playing through season 8 now and I just want to say I found a really good batch of young pre contracts and free agents, so I think i'll be in the championship. But I guess we'll just have to find out
  3. Cheers man, I'm trying to find the right formation. I actually have a league 1 spot due to me finishing 3rd. However I don't think it will be for long🤕
  4. First 5 seasons🤣 So with barely any money for the first five years, every single year, I had to rely on free agents, loans and expiring contracts. When I started off the first season losing 5 in 7 or something, pretty convincingly too, I thought I might be in for a long challenge. Enter French striker didi😂😂. The man went off for the rest of the season and ended with 27 goals. So here they are, the first season I have multiple screenshots, and then some season I forgot to get so they are just reviews😂
  5. bro Its so hard but honestly enjoying the challenge
  6. He's not the best player and I feel like it doesn't show how well it fits with the CM but he's averaging a 6.87
  7. So being the idiot I am, I had a long day on the road yesterday, and so I was playing my game and I forgot to grab some screenshots, so the first update will be the first 5 seasons or so, and from there it'll be a season each post
  8. while I am loving the box to box, the bam is destroying right now
  9. cheers man! I'll do my best that's for sure. sounds like a pretty good childhood tho bro
  10. my man, I can only hope to get there aha, so many free agents this year
  11. I agree with that wholeheartedly but for me I feel like box to box is great in a 3
  12. So for me, early on in this game, my best formations have the ball winning mids in them, and what I've noticed is that your possession count is a bit higher when paired with just a straight up centre mid. does anyone else run into this in game? and what are the OP roles you have come across