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  1. alexto91

    European Super League

    I've solved the problem and it's quite strange, if I change the language of the game to English (I'm Italian) I could start a new game with the modified database...
  2. alexto91

    European Super League

    Hi, I've the version 10.2.4, the last version of play store..
  3. alexto91

    European Super League

    I've the same problem with my Xiaomi, it's not working and I've inserted in both folders..could you please send to me the save game starting with Torino? Thanks
  4. alexto91

    Esalogos Megapack

    It's perfect but spanish logos are not loading..
  5. alexto91

    European Super League

    Not working on my Android, someone could upload a save with torino fc? I'm playing right Now with galatasaray savegame. Thanks