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  1. I just spent a huge amounts of money on this season (2020/21)transfer window My third season have ended.here's the stats of Mbappe and Willem . (3rd season) total = 79 goals (Overall) total = 219 goals /1200 goals
  2. My friend invited to a new challenge. It is called Double Trouble Challenge. Actually I found it interesting so i would like to participate the challenge. In my opinion,PSG has the least competition if compared to other clubs. I am using PSG for this challenge. I am using Kylian Mbappé and Willem Geubbels as the strikers. (1st season)new update for my first transfer window. The first season have come to an end. It is not the best season to start because Willem Geubbels have caught in a lot of injuries along the way. Btw,this is the goals Kylian Mbappé score 49 club goals and 1 international goal Willem Geubbles score 12 club goals and 0 international goal (1st season) Total = 62 goals (Overall) Total = 62 goals _______________________________________________ Season 2 Here's Mbappé and Willem new profile I am rebuilding PSG to a better team.i only brought young players so i could use them to support Willem and Mbappé. (Season 2) Transfer in and out And it is the end of season 2, Mbappé scores goals more than his game played, Willem just improve than last season. Here's their stats. Kylian Mbappé score 50 club goal and 2 international goal Willem Geubbels score 26 club goal and 0 international goal ( 2nd Season ) total = 78 goals ( Overall ) total = 140 goals _______________________________________________ Season 3- down in the comment section