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  1. It’s good to be back!!! Pre-disappearance I saw The boys and thought this was an impossible battle, but wow you have done an incredible job
  2. Just tuned in @Rob ! Great progress considering he’s still a teenager, I’m sure there will be some big numbers coming soon. KIU
  3. Wow Foxy what a revelation Foxy Jr has been. A star! KIU
  4. I hope Wright isn’t too pissed that he’s not scoring the bulk, Sargent is a beast! KIU
  5. From the starting point of these lads, this is wonderful. Hats off to you Ian
  6. After my long break, I came back and saw this! Excellent work Smoggy!
  7. how can I win back your trust? I promise I can but it was just a genuine accident this one, the others were dumbness
  8. I genuinely am sorry, didn’t mean to do it. I’m gonna prove I can actually do it by completing my 1860 one and some challenges. Sorry for wasting your time
  9. Right guys. I’m so so sorry, I hate myself cause I was enjoying it but being a prick I am I carelessly saved the 1860 Munchen save on the Monaco one and overwrote it. I saw as soon as I did it on the cloud save because I didn’t expect it to be Monaco as I didn’t think I had cloud saved it but realised I’d been doing that and not device. and I saw it straight once I did it. Christ sake. What a twat I am. Sorry for letting you guys down but I promise you this was pure accident
  10. Just realised the value of loans and free agents....
  11. Hello vibe while my TT is put on hold while I’m on holiday without my iPad, I needed a fresh idea. So as an original challenge I made myself (a bit of inspiration from fm websites), I decided to fulfill the ‘Big Brother’ challenge, in where the lower team of a city aims to leapfrog the main team. It was between Paris FC and PSG and 1860 Munchen and Bayern. I was sick of France so I hopped over to Germany and took the reigns of 1860! im really looking forward to this and will be providing updates for sure. Can I better bayern’s league position for 2 successive seasons
  12. Wow that looks good Ian, I’ll give it a go. It won’t be in this next season as that is already completed but the season after I will pick up a German geezer and whack him in our insane midfield of Kangin, Savic and that German boy
  13. Hey again as I’m away I have a couple of seasons ready so here goes season number 4! As a team it was a poor season by our standards. We crashed out of the champs league before the final. I was fuming. We had a couple of stand out performances though. we routed Corinthians in the club world championship. Edouard bagged a hat trick and Håland a brace with Adams the single finish. poor angers got murdered in the league. Somehow though they had more possession come on game are you serious? We scored with every shot on target, such is the clinical nature of our trio (and Savic, Pele, Henrichs). I must say though on an off note, Weston Mckennie flocked 24 yellow cards. What. The. Hell. He seemed to get sent off every bloody game. in the coupe de la Ligue BKT che Adams was the hero, bagging our only goals as we snuck through on extra times against Paris Saint Money. 31 year old Neymar (now worth 37 million) scored there goal. Another trophy to our name. in the French cup we came up against PSM (not a typo, look above for name) once again, and yet again, deja vu, we won on extra time. 4-3. More in our history of insane games vs the big boys from the capital. Pele the boy who we mobbed post game. Deserves an MBE. The second trophy of the season and the umpteenth trophy of our reign. let’s not mention the champs league to the league now where once again we cruised it (running out of synonyms for walked now). We finished on 97 points and won with 6 games to spare, Rennes not pissing me off again but this time bloody Toulouse slaying me. on to the individuals. 1. Odsonne Edouard. once again this man held the strike force on his shoulders, only dropping one goal on last season and bagging a respectable 41 goals. no improvement stats wise but he is already a tank 2. Che adams. our English baby faced assassin had a mare, looking like he might as well have had one leg or not been there. Less than a goal every other game is unacceptable now, and he better sort it out otherwise I’ll be having words. 3. Erling Haland as we had Salzburg (old team) in our champs league group. There was only one question. Would he celebrate. Although I cannot guarantee this, knowing the true winner this hero is, I can assure you this dude ran round the whole pitch kissing the crest. A loyal champ. after the shambles of Che him and Edouard carried the attack on his shoulders. His stats are exceptional now. 4. Kangin Lee this guy and Edouard have been the shining lights so far. His assists have been crucial to the average totals of our lads. Another 35+ season for kangin, clocking 39 assists and breaking the £100 million valuation. 5. The inspirational boss what can I say? Apparently I hate youth but have the youngest team in the league. Bit of a farce. an excellent history too this regent popped up in my reserves. What a goalie. I’m guessing you can guess who he is regenerated off.... thanks for reading and comments are always greatly appreciated goal boys: 347/1500 Kangin: 136/500
  14. I think Munich is the one I’m gonna go for as my TT is in the French league
  15. Thanks! Very appreciative of that advice so I will definitely deeply consider