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  1. Quick question, I want to buy this young player as he could fit really well into my tactic. I would train him first as a target man to get his physical stats high enough and then I would train en play him as an advanced forward. But as you can see he has this role trait 'Plays with back to the goal'. As a target man it is useful but not as an advanced forward. Is it somehow possible for him to unlearn this trait?
  2. All right, thanks a lot guys, I have been trying a lot of options and now I'm scoring tons of goals with my new striker!
  3. In case of using wing backs, wouldn't that make me defensive too weak?
  4. And if want to keep playing with wingers, to what role should I change my striker?
  5. I'm currently coaching Wolves after I got fired at my last club. My problem is that I'm just not scoring goals. I have a lot of possession, good players and also a decent amount of shots and shots on target. This was the same problem at my last club, that's why I got fired. Can you guys see the problem and have some advise of changes that I can make?
  6. And what should I do to get my attackers to score more?
  7. I'm winning everything but I still feel like I could concede less en score more
  8. Hi guys I'm just a beginner on fmm but I did some research and then made my own tactic for Real Madrid. But still I don't feel it is working quietly well. Are there some tips that you guys could give me to optimize this tactic. Thanks a lot!