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  1. Thanks, @Scratch for the insights. Your input will definitely change the way I'm using my spreadsheet... to less of something I expect to be accurate and more to something that I'll use to just have an idea of how transfers will impact my budgets while hopefully in the black (or green in-game). The original intent of the spreadsheet was just to be something easier to see loads more information without having to swipe from screen to screen on the tablet. I just started adding more and more til it started causing more questions than answers. Thanks, also, for the information on wages. So much of the information available online is about the PC game, it is hard to know what is or isn't actually in FMM. While I expected wages (and budgets in general) to be less complicated, I wasn't sure how much budgets in FMM were like what I read about FM. I look forward to your scouting tool.
  2. Thanks, Ian. I realize my making a spreadsheet outside of that game is overcomplicating things, however, I may have confused the question I was asking. I have seen the finance section and know how to adjust the budgets between wage and transfers. I was talking more along the lines of keeping player wages based on status at reasonable levels after a promotion. For instance, my max wage from the board right now is 3.1K and my highest-paid player is 2.4K. I assume that when I promote the board will increase the maximum wage I can offer and that I will need to bring in some players at higher wages. But I don't want to hurt myself by bringing in a Backup player that is demanding Key Player wages. So I thought establishing limits for myself would give me a guideline.... I just don't really know how to re-evaluate my guidelines when I move from EFL2 to EFL1. It may just be an experience or trial and error sort of thing. As an aside, I've noticed that the transfer spending and transfer income must be rounded or recalculated in-game differently than normal maths. I had 55K in spending and bought a player for 130K, but my in-game total spending is now 180K, not the 185K that calculates too. Likewise, I had 95K in income, sold two players for a combined total of 320K, but my in-game transfer income is 425K, not the 415K that actually adds up to. I'm not sure what the game is doing. All that to say, if the game is doing some unseen maths, my spreadsheets won't be accurate. Thanks!
  3. I'm playing Crewe in EFL2. Currently at the top of the league. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself with this question as I may not promote, but I want to be prepared. I've read a lot of articles about Wage Structures in the full FM game. I assume, as I've never played it, that there is an actual wage structure function in the full game. Since I'm trying to keep my tight budget on the positive side, I've attempted to create a spreadsheet with a wage structure. It is really just the max wage the board will allow me, set as the max wage I can give a key player, and then £500 less for First Team, then £500 less again for Rotation, and so forth. My question is, how do I adjust this for promotion. Obviously my wage and transfer budget should go up and I should be able to adjust it as needed. However, I also assume the wages by status will grow more for Key players and First Team as wages increase. For example, most of the online examples are Tier 1... and those wage structures are not a linear £500 difference like mine. Here is what I've built my spreadsheet on, a Tier 1 wage structure that is more exponential between squad status. (image from https://www.thehighertempopress.com/2017/05/guide-transfers-wages-squad-structure/#respond) Any suggestions on how to grow the wage structure when promoted is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I hope for this to be a discussion where others post cheap utility players that they have also found and praise or bemoan the player's usefulness. I know a lot of people that post here are managing Tier 1 teams, but I'm currently managing Crewe Alexandra in EFL League Two. So cheap for me currently means below £250K (really below £100K). It seems there are plenty of +£1M wonderkids posted here - I'd like to see a few lower league cheap players. In my mind utility means the player is listed as Natural (bright green), Accomplished (dark green), or Competent (bright yellow) in 5 or more positions. If they are not found in 5 positions but are natural, accomplished, or competent in some unusual combination of positions, that counts too. For example, if they are Natural as a Attacking Midfielder and Midfielder on the right and left and Competent as a right and left defender and striker (D RL, ST) - that is unusual to me. I took over Crewe in October of 2018, they were at the bottom of League Two with their wages over budget and less than £90K for transfers. So, here are four versatile players I've brought into my club. DUD - Warren Clarke (Sheff Wed) Here is Clarke when I first scouted him. I got him on a Bosman in the 2019 Summer window for free and less wages. But his value dropped £50K; his current and potential ability ratings dropped to 1 and 1 after acquiring him. He does a decent job of filling positions off the bench but rarely rates higher than a 7. I usually have to sub him out if I start him. The board and fans called it "bad business". Now in the 2020 January window, he has seen some slight increase in his abilities and ratings. I'm still hopeful he will turn out better. STUD - Carlos Mendes Gomes (Morecambe) This is Gomes at the beginning of the game. I acquired Gomes for £35K in the 2019 Summer window with a £1.7K wage. He has an okay form with 3 goals and 6 assists in 16 games. His abilities and coaches ratings have increased. This is Gomes in the 2020 January window. STUD - Otis Khan (Mansfield) This is Khan at the start of the game. I first brought Khan in on loan in the 2019 January transfer window. Crewe Alexandra was struggling in the relegation zone of League Two when I took over and Kahn helped significantly in our fight to pull up to 19th out of 24th. Khan played 14 games on loan to Crewe and scored 6 goals with 2 assists. I've kept an eye on Khan and he seems unused at Mansfield. As I've managed to deal my way into some funds, I recently acquired him in the 2020 January window for £140K and £2.2K in wages (he wanted £3K). Here is Khan at the start of his new tenure at Crewe. ??? - Jordan Cranston (Morecambe) Here is Cranston at the beginning of the game. I only just scouted Cranston in the Fall of 2019. I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I found him. The abbreviation of his positions is so long it doesn't fit the column in the game. Here it is so that you know, D/WB RL, DM, AM LC. That still seems short compared to the positions displayed in the game. My scouts were rating him at 1 star but I decided to take a gamble on him by bringing him in on loan in the 2020 January window. I attached a £20K buyout and Morecambe is paying 100% of his £1.5K wage. After bringing him into the club, the coaches now rate him as a 2 / 2.5. I think he will make a great versatile sub, but only time will tell. Here is Cranston on loan in the 2020 January window. I hope other lower league managers find this useful. If you are playing below a tier 1 league and have found great utility players that are truly cheap, please share them.