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  1. Damn this is a really interesting challenge but it feels like anyone else cant do it. Not many players to choose from therefore will be Kind of copycating
  2. Let’s just say that my favorite part of the game is the first transfer window; the most and I’ve earned on reselling players is just A bit over 1B (in one save)
  3. This is great! I want to try one sometime but just like @Scratch I’m a shopaholic. I’ve spent 1B in a past just in first window... What I don’t understand is why do you sell your top guns? Who cares what they want? They’ll still perform. Ive had those two defs Alvarez and Martines for years. And yes they wanted to leave but it didn’t stop them on getting 7.3 average for years
  4. man, check out that Gnonto kid. Unstable but he started killing it before Esposito and Salcedo and he is a year younger and dirt cheap at the start. Might be useful for one of your crazy challenges Though I wish I’d come up with the tactic I’m using right now earlier. I’d be even closer to 1500. Yet I do want to keep going for 2500
  5. Damn, this is so much fun and awesome job mate. The only thing I missed, was kind of gazing through rules , sorry. Do you have to sell these players? Or just take them of the squad?
  6. overdue update Season 6 Another season with whole bunch of trophies: Eredivisie, UCL, ESC, CWC, DC, DSC I changed tactic again about halfway through the season and BOOM 💥 Astonishing results As you can see WBs and strikers themselves are the best providers. 61 club + 8 international goals. And he is taking what’s his. Top goal scorer as the biggest talent 55 + 6 53 + 10 international goals make him top scoring for Italy this year. He was a bit behind with club goals but 5 goals in CWC final puts him over 50 193 goals club and international for these lads is incredible result. Can wait for them to go over 200 Over 3 gpg and only 0.55 ga not chubby for a 3 strikers formation 784 / 1500 At this rate i will need 3-4 more seasons. So they finish before they go in their prime age
  7. Looks like fun, but defeat in Euro Super Cup...
  8. Idk man. I got him for £35 mil and 50% for Ajax for my triple threat
  9. Selke is my favorite sub striker along with Füllkrug. When Fullkrug already developed Selke can be a world class with in 2 seasons
  10. It’s kind of late (1:26 am) and I feel dumb. But how do you get the exact age in game Or do I just check his DOB and get the age when I reach 100?
  11. Side note Esposito the youngest player of starting XI in 21 century for Inter. He played against Genoa and he scored penalty. 17 years 172 days old kid. In the picture with Lukaku. Pretty big fella
  12. Looks like I made a Triple threat challenge go viral. Everyone wants to do it now
  13. Season 5 Another clean sweep and finally 0 draws in Eredivisie Team performed superb Only Reguilon dropped to 40 assists this season 133 club goals this season is a great result. Already matching last year’s. Esposito showing who is the boss this season but Gnonto is a year younger and didn’t fall behind by much And we brought Italy to glory 14+9+9=34 international goals. 167 goals total. 591 goals all together. So we are 1/3 away from completing this challenge. Lets see how it goes