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  1. this is the best tactic on fmm20 so far, i have tried various tactics and this is the most consistent tactic ... good job bro👏👍 ... i use Arsenal for this tactics in first season and i got a premiere league winner, and euro cup, i lost in the liga cup, and fa cup because i use holiday in Games, all that I experienced was lost only when I was on holiday, but when I played the match what happened was I was unbeatable, later if I had the chance to upload the screen shot
  2. Can you give me example player list for each Position?
  3. i still don't get it bro 😆, you mean "put second striker as tm", like change the inside forward to target man ??? Like thats bro? Or change the deep playing playmaker to target man ,so formation change from 4-1-2-12 to 4-2-2-2? I apologize if my English is very bad
  4. Hey bro, what do you mean "take the dlp and make him tm next to the cf / adf"?