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  1. I think SI add extras to get people to buy the new version. I would if I was them.
  2. If it's form, is the following correct: Stars are a good guide to who to play next game Stars are a bad guide to long term squad planning. Thanks, RealMad
  3. Long time Football Manager player, just bought FM Mobile. Playing Real Madrid. I know that looking at the number of stars isn't the "best" way of playing, but on the mobile app I want an easier experience. I know that the stars adjust to the quality of your team, but I haven't changed it much. In Non-Mobile, I never noticed more that a 1/2 star change over a season. But in FM Mobile, stars are changing very rapidly. For example, Mariano (aged 25 at the beginning of the game) went from 3# Ability/Potential to 4* Ability/Potential. I did sell Benzema, but he wasn't my best player anyway. Their new young RB went from 2.5 Stars to 3.5 Stars, in a few months. Is this a known issue? What am I missing? Thanks, RealMad