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  1. Better AI in building the squad and reacting during matches (reactions to your tactical/lineup/formation changes) and make their starting lineup/tactics more suitable for every match
  2. Just one trophy, but it's still good.. And Tammy is great.. 27 goals in 44 games 😎
  3. But I'm disappointed right now been knocked out from Carabao (Arsenal) and FA Cup (United).. Both on penalties 😞 And you can look at some screenshots from my save on Instagram HERE
  4. Nice... I play my first save for Chelsea, too Tammy scored around 20 goals in 30 matches (now I have February)... Btw, I play against Zenit in first knockout round, too 🤣 Question: is link to the account on other pages allowed? For example: IG account for carrier in FMM?
  5. If it still will be available then Reece James for RB 🙄
  6. Oh, sorry for that.. So replacement will be Serge Gnabry (if he's available)
  7. And now you got it wrong 🤣 I just mentioned Chelsea, because my first save in FMM20 will be with them and after that I'll start this challenge. So theoretically I could unlocked the national team in that first save. So I just wanted to know if I can start with national team at the start of the save. But I think that this is the correct answer: Sorry for complications
  8. Well, right.. But start with national team is unlockable so if I unlock it in my first save, then at the beginning of next save (this one) I can choose club and national teams. 🤔
  9. First save will be with Chelsea and then I'll try Insane Journeyman Challenge for some fun 😅
  10. Yeah, I get it.. I think that selection of leagues will be important... Also, just to be sure... I can't start with club and national team at the beginning, right?
  11. Sounds really crazy 😅 But I think I'll try this after first save with Chelsea.. Or maybe if I want a break from them.
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