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  1. I have the same problem after the update. I cant re-train a players to a New position
  2. let me give you guys a quick update with the tactic; this time i tested with Fenerbahçe and dominated again. I made some tweaks on second season, i also got the Turkey job. I changed mentality to control and tempo to slow. I also changed CF to Poacher. Here is the results of the second season;
  3. Hello Vibe, I want to share my tactic that i tested with Milan and dominated Serie A. The secret of this tactic is IWB's and BBM's. Please make sure you have right players for these roles. One of the defenders is BPD. He connects defence and midfield. Main scorer will be CF. if you have a good CF he will score plenty of goals. I bouht En-Nesyri and he scored 31 in 40 games. Other scorers will be your IF's. they will score and assist. And your BBM's will sometimes score from long rage shoots. I dominated Serie A and won Italian Cup with Milan. Please test and share your results. Best luck.
  4. @samhardy can u please put me on Leaderboards
  5. I liked the idea of @samhardy's Parking the Bus challenge and decided to give it a try, There was no point on Madrid so i choosed Madrid for the challenge So here is the results; TRANSFERS the only transfer out was James Rodriguez, Bayern paid the loan out fee and i could do nothing about it La Liga We won the La Liga and conceeded only 10 goals and had 30 clean sheets Spanish Cup Barca knocked us out on Quarter Final with only one goal. during the tournament we had 5 clean sheets and only conceeded 1 goal European Champions Cup We won by beating Atletico 2-0 on the final and we had 8 clean sheets total and only conceed 5 goals (2 from Liverpool, 1 from Schalke, 1 from ManU and 1 from Barca) Club Word Championships We defeated Chivas 1-0 on semi final and defeated River 3-0 on the final. total 2 clean sheets Total Fixtures Team Stats Clean Sheets: - 30 clean sheets on La Liga - 8 clean sheets on European Champions Cup - 5 clean sheets on Spanish Cup - 2 clean sheets on World Clup Championship total 45 clean sheets Conceeded - 10 goals conceeded on La Liga - 5 goals conceeded on European Champions Cup - 1 goals conceeded on Spanish Cup - 0 goals conceeded on World Clup Championship Total score 45 clean sheets= 135 points 10 points for winning La Liga minus 16 goals conceed Total: 129 Points
  6. How did you managed to sign Hazard on free and Pogba to 19M €?
  7. So, the season is over and i'm proud, Eredevise We won the Eredevise by winning 27 of 34 games and conceeded only 12 goals Champions League We eleminated Basel and Standard but were knocked out by SLB on Champions Cup Best Playoff EURO Cup Finished the group on 1st place, Knocked out AEK, Milan, Bayer 04 but Inter knocked us out by aggrate on Semi Final Dutch Cup We lost to FC Utrecht on the Final Let's look at the stats of our Trio David Neres I started retraining Neres as AMC on half of the season and he reacted well. He scored and 10 and had 9 assist on 47 games Hakim Ziyech He was vital, scored 25 and had 15 assist on 53 games Dusan Tadic He scored 25 also and had 14 assist on 42 games. he suffered from injuries. So the final score is; League Goal Difference: 41 Points League Points: 85 Points David Neres (10 goals, 9 assists): 19 points Hakim Ziyech (25 goals, 15 asists): 40 points Dusan Tadic (25 goals, 14 assists): 39 points Total Points: 224 points @Foxy can you put me on the list pls
  8. I tried this challange with Fenerbahce and got 135 points This time i m trying with Ajax I sold all players with Green on striker Area and demoted players Who ı couldnt sell My trio is Tadic on left, David Neres on right and Ziyech on centre.
  9. you have to sign youth players
  10. I just finished the season, Scoring was the main problem for the team, we are the less scoring team among top 10 team, even though we had solid defence. Here is my trio's stats Trezeguet was the best among three. Ferdi and Elmas had stamina issues and they missed many matches. I finished 4th on league, knocked out on Quarter Final of EURO CUP and lost Turkish cup on final. Not a succesful season. So i think my final point is 135