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  1. It’s ok to dream big isn’t it? 🤨🤨
  2. Alright, now its even worse!! Paqueta is occupying one of my physios slot while being hired as assistant manager at "Paganese" from Serie B!!! I can't sack him nor offer him the job now!! 😭😭
  3. I am not sure whether this bug has been raised before, my senior player (Lucas Paqueta) is retiring at the end of the contract, and my fans want him to stay at the club as a coach, so as a fans-oriented manager, i offered him the coaching role as a physio, which he has natural aptitude in, however when i go back to the squad page, i found that he has already "retired" even before the contract ends!! I was going to make him my player-coach instead.....
  4. Its impossible to reach 1000k goals! *just saying 😜
  5. I agree that the scouting system might sometimes be stupid.... I was 4 seasons in in my Milan save, I sent my scout out to search for players with first team quality, he just simply recommended the WHOLE FUCKING PSG SQUAD to me.... is he even doing his job properly?
  6. Not sure if this is a bug, but a random Pussetto guy won the Serie A “Player of the Year Award”... He is just a random guy, not even top nor second top goal scorer in the league nor his team.... Felix comes in second place with higher Average rating and amount of goal scored.... it would be acceptable for me if Dybala would have won it though...