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  1. Anyone know how to get Steve Mvoué? My efforts of loading different leagues have been fruitless. Also, how come McNeil on my save has world class potential but only 4 star here?
  2. Like for all teams, such as England which does not have reserve teams in the pyramid
  3. Are there youth teams that are manageable or at least can be used in mobile? The NTs have them so I’m curious if there is more to that or if the clubs have them, which will make youth development a lot easier
  4. Wow. I feel bad, everything was going just fine till that point
  5. Spurs won’t win trophies just kidding, but this looks exciting!
  6. In my experience poachers (like Hernandez as above) tend to score as Super subs as they are fast and towards the end of the game players are tired so they can outpace them. But most poachers for me will score anyway if they start but that’s just a bonus
  7. Even if it’s a bit complicated, I’d like to see club affiliation. It makes it easier to find young gems and send young gems over to get game time. Also, I support fixing free kicks for crossing and shooting