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  1. AnonymousLietchensteiner

    Manchester United management problems

    Wait, did you sign Bissaka and Maguire yourself or you are using a 19/20 database?
  2. AnonymousLietchensteiner

    How to manage 🇰🇵

    Anyways thanks mate
  3. AnonymousLietchensteiner

    How to manage 🇰🇵

    Italy possibly? They have Kwang-Song
  4. AnonymousLietchensteiner

    How to manage 🇰🇵

    I read on FMM18 forums a combination of leagues give you North Korea also. Anyone knows the combination?
  5. AnonymousLietchensteiner

    How to manage 🇰🇵

    Is there hex editor for iOS?
  6. AnonymousLietchensteiner

    Help How to manage 🇰🇵

    So I’ve started a MyClub save and everyone is from North Korea. How do I manage the national team? I saw someone do it in FM18 so I’m wondering how to do it in FM19? I use iOS so not sure in case it needs changes.txt. All help appreciated
  7. AnonymousLietchensteiner

    Financial Status

    No clubs start bankrupt, but there are a few insecure ones. My favourite insecure club is Millwall cause it’s easy to get them bankrupt and relegate them (which I find amusing, as a Hammer). Just look at teams with bad finance like Bolton or Blackpool. You can try Korean league as on FM18 a load of them were insecure, not sure about FM19. However I am curious - will Bury start as Bankrupt in FM20?
  8. He looks like a beast, too bad he’s a regen
  9. AnonymousLietchensteiner

    World Supremacy Challenge

    I’m almost certain Merkel supports Energie Cottbus (who were in the Bundesliga a few years back). There are even pictures of her wearing scarfs of the team. Nevertheless, a fun challenge
  10. AnonymousLietchensteiner

    The Oxford United Golden Years Challenge

    I actually did this in FM19 but not for this challenge, but for injury crisis. I got double promoted and won the Prem but I had sugar daddy enabled so I can’t post it here.
  11. AnonymousLietchensteiner

    Gateshead in Europe: First K/O Round Draw

    I remember in FM18 I led Eastbourne to FA cup semi finals, stunning Crystal Palace on penalties and a four nil drubbing of Cheltenham. We faced Man City and lost 8-0. I got promoted to the League Two (I had done a season before) but got sacked at the end of that season as we were relegated, and were humiliated 2-0 by Billericay (including an own goal from my striker)
  12. Can you show their attributes? Surely they’d be growing with all those goals?
  13. AnonymousLietchensteiner

    The Vikings Cometh!

    Oh yeah, just woke up. Missed that
  14. AnonymousLietchensteiner

    The Vikings Cometh!

    Does Iceland/Finland count?