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  1. Ok thank you very much I appreciate that you had a look I will try this but I have a question should I play with attacking mentality all the time ? If yes then what about big clubs and will I concede a lot cuz I am small team and I. Might not be able to score again or is the attack best defence this is my question or should I change it sometimes depending on game or the team I am up against Oh and also I bought Alena and sold Ake cuz he was being money beggar what can I do
  2. So i recently started a AFC Bournemouth save and it is going really bad I started the season really badly with losing all the friendly matches and then I started the EPL with a 2-2 draw which I barely turned around and after then my team just can't win any games I have tried almost all the underdog tactics in fm20 tactic index and non of them is actually working I but I started to clutch some 1-0 victories and then I start to lose games again i just want to get some advice I have seen people winning EPL and big leagues with really bad teams IN OnLY 1 seaSon and I don't get it how they do it ???? I have tried everything but it just doesn't work if the tactic is the problem please tell me which tactic you recommend for my AFC Bournemouth save plz
  3. What are the roles that control the space
  4. Hi can someone explain me all playing styles and which is best 👍
  5. No i am not playing pogba there now i am using this tactic with barca and it is pretty effective i have not lost single game and i have already picked short passing style and control mentality But not narrow i use wide cuz i have 3 at the back and i don't want my flanks to get exploited by fast wingers so if i use narrow there is much more chance of someone fast like mbappe bale or dembele bursting into pace and quickly cross and get goal and if i play narrow there will be much more free space for fast wingers to exploit. Still thank u for advice wish u nice day
  6. Yea thanks for advice But i use bwm to get the ball back and generate counter attackin chances soo.. pretty much what he does is run until he steals the ball or someone else and i have noticed that when using bwm i have bit more possesion and i generate more chances it is one of the best modfielder roles but i will try dm role also
  7. I just made this tactic should i change anything? And also idk what team instructions will fit for this team formation etc So i there any suggestions
  8. It Is Not going well For u With Sassulo 😢 I Have Updated The Post And said That This Tactic Doesnot Work In Small Teams......
  9. I don't know probably for more visibility But as you can see, the video has already been deleteted