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  1. Hi there I am looking for any suggestions or tactics for my manchester united save. Also any advice on which players to sign would be great.
  2. Really tempted after seeing you build manchester united and bolton, to build my hometown club Blackburn rovers back up. Any advice you or anyone else can give when doing these rebuilds would be appreciated.
  3. I used the tactics as mentioned previously and what the screenshot show above the role I changed was my strikers role I'd always pick the recommended role for them. But tactically I stayed the same.
  4. So my 1st season managing Manchester United with the tactics I have learned and chosen. I ended up undefeated throughout the whole season. I also managed to win the premier league, fa cup, carabao cup and champions league. Here are my result below including goals and assists from my team: I just need any advice from the community on any players I should sign to improve my team, that can help to build and make team stronger for next year.
  5. These are the tactics I'm using. Credit goes to a fellow user by name of darlingtonvii. For sharing his tactics. But I am using, the tactics I first posted the odd couple of games where if I need to hold the lead by any chance. Otherwise the tactics below are fine.
  6. One of the greatest manchester united teams I have ever witnessed considering they had also won 3 premier league titles on the trott. I also think once you've tested this you should try to create 2015-2016 Leicester City's premier league title win. Considering they were nearly relegated the year before. The club was 5000-1 with bookmakers to win the division before the season kicked off. The season also saw history be made for individual players within the team, as striker Jamie Vardy broke the record for goals scored in consecutive games in the Premier League (11) and Winger Riyad Mahrez became the first African and first Algerian player to be the recipient of the PFA Players' Player of the Year. With many people and pundits praising Ngolo Kanté being a major factor for Leicester City's title win. He had managed 175 tackles (31 more than any other player) and 157 interceptions (15 more than any other player), topping the defensive stats at the end of the 2015–16 Premier League season.
  7. So just a quick update I've just hit January or close to the end of January. Here are my results so far: Still undefeated and managing to get some respectable scores. Goals coming from all over the park. I've got so say greenwood has made less appearances but has scored the same amount of goals as sanchez. But sanchez has bagged over 22 assists this season. If only he was as good as he was in his arsenal days. For anyone who who wants to know the chelsea result I won 1-0. But I guess that was to do with the tactics being new and taking time to settle in. I think I may do an invincible season this year fingers crossed.
  8. Signed them myself. I'm trying to replicate who united signed this season but added my own little flair by signings who I thought united should have signed also. Ins: Wan bissaka Maguire Daniel james Bruno fernandes Bentancur Outs: Smalling Jones Rojo Darmian Valencia Young Herrera Lukaku And all the youngster who I thought will not develop at my club. Kept hold off greenwood, chong, gomes, garner. January my target should be Paredes.
  9. Credit to you I've been trying these tactics for the past 3-4 games so far I'm amazed at how good they are so far. These are my results so far with team I've been using. (Since the Fulham game). The chelsea game will be a big test.
  10. There is however another set of tactics I've been following been using the for the past 3-4 games and which for me gives my players a lot of chances but because they are still young the players do miss a few or else I could be bagging at least 4-5 goals each game.
  11. Cheers mate. I don't own the tactics, I copied it from one of the people who possibly put on the thread but I tweaked it and enhanced it a little. It's suited for EME and for Manchester united, at least for my save. But you may require the right players to with the right roles.
  12. These are my tactics I am using so far. Try this and let us know how it goes.
  13. I'll stick to the tactics see how they go. I'll update the post at the end of the season and show overall if the tactics work. I also hope it helps anyone that's struggling with manchester united tactics.
  14. I seem to be struggling with united too. Don't know if the job is cursed lol. I mean ever since fergie left, the last few managers have not done two well max 2 seasons lol. 😃