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  1. Unsure why it's not working for you @Schwantz34 It def needs the AM not the AP. I have taken a Dorking side from bottom of the VNS to playing champions league (this is basically the worst team in the English league for money, facilities and people wanting to come), with the tactic. I did have to find some freebies to do this and it still works for me now. I also had a undefeated season with Barcelona which was a shock. Anyway things I found when results weren't going my way. (I had a 10 game loosing streak with Dorking in my 3rd season). I changed my GK to try and get the best I could on a free and for the wages and this shored up my defence allot. I tended to conceded to many before hand. Then it was just finding the right players for the roles. I did try and find players with high team work and leadership that certainly helped things along But I found looking at the shots taken / on target and my possession were the biggest give away on what I should do with my tactics. If i had low possession and high shots, id go overload. If i had low shots but high possession i'd try defend if that didn't work i'd go from narrow to balanced which seamed to help If i was getting low shots and low posession i'd give up and go control.
  2. Sadly not I didn’t bother to save those during my testing. I just found this to work for all the teams I played with and though’t id share
  3. I did try short but with Dorkings players being so terrible I stuck with mixed as it opened up the attack a little better. Also used the post match feedback to find out what to adjust which helped.
  4. So after my last tactic I decided to try something a little different and more orthodox, some might say a little boring. My idea was not to have lots of player types just try and keep things straight forward and simple. 1xGK 2xFB 2xCB 2xCM 1xAM 2xIF 1xAF, see keep it simple have players work the roles they play. I like to play attacking football, but this had its draw backs on the defence as it leaves things more open, so to counter the attacking stance I play narrow to allow my players the ability to pass to each other without being over stretched, keep it normal in pace and creative freedom, I don’t want them to overstretch themselves and do things that might loose the ball one reason why I went for run at defenders and work the ball into the box (I did start working with shoot on site but found work into box I got far more shots on target). And finally my defect I chose balanced as I found if it was a high line anyone with pace would leave the defenders for dust so having it balanced I’d have my center backs being able to run onto the ball to clear. I chose CM as I wanted my midfield to do a variety of things and strike the right balance of bossing the middle of the park. The only exciting roles I’d say is using the AM and IF as I have a single striker and want them to support him and the AF role as I wanted the striker to be less selfish than a poacher and more mobile than a target man, I did consider the CF role but I wouldn’t have luxury players to play that role well. So AF ticked the box and also mimicked me as a player in my days. That was the idea, keep it straight forward and improve over time. So to test this it was off to Dorking in the English Vanorrama South (the smallest, poorest, crappies facilities and no money team I could find) Why? Well if your going to develop a tactic having the best players to hand isn’t going to really deliver the results is it. I was suppressed as with no signings and just the team they had I won the league in the first season, I was then offered the job at Port Vale in league 2, took it and they were in a terrible state, I sold the whole team and brought a new team of free agents in, they were bottom when I took over and we won the league in my first season as well, I was then offered the job with Newcastle in the championship, again a full rebuilding job selling all the players and bringing in my own at least this time I had a small budget, won promotion to the prem in my first season and had a league cup final trip as well. In my first season in the premier I finished 7th with the same team that took me up. England came calling so it gave me a chance to try this out with some of the best players at my disposal, won all the international trophies on offer so I wanted to go back to club management so left England and went to Southampton who were bottom of the league, had to do again a new rebuilding job, I decided to only bring in players under 25 for this job, found some players from all over the world with the budget given, I finished 5 after talking over when they were bottom after 19 games. Next season, same players I won everything on offer. So I would now consider this a exhaustive test on the tactic. Now I normally leave things as they are but sometimes you might come up against a certain team that defends and you can’t do anything, here I may go overload or I may go control / fast depending on my possession rate, some teams I may get overrun by so I may go overload or go defend depending on their midfield. But in the most part it’s plug and play. But as with most of FMM it’s about managing your matches now so defend when 2 or more up. In my building of this tactic I had a game prior to doing a full test I had a real issue with Liverpool’s pace so set it to deep defensive line and slow / counter style football, I won 7-0 but that only worked for Liverpool that one time. It’s a funny old game. Anyway you still here? Better have the tactic then. Thanks for reading and hope it helps you out or provides an enjoyable career. *Mistake in Position. make sure the AP is actually an AM I found that I uploaded an older screenshot and actually the AM cause much more shots and creativity. AP works just not as well as an AM. Soz.
  5. I’ve done some testing with using the DLF and can confirm this does seem to work better than the TM in most teams I’ve tried this with (again Hemel, and Southampton) I’ve also been trying defence set to balanced but I’ve not got enough data to say if it’s any better than High at the moment so try those two things and see your results. my biggest issue with my latest save has been far too many injuries and sending offs which cost me the premier league in my first season with Southampton with no signings.
  6. Firstly I need to thank @Plimmerz92 for his excellent 2-3-2-3 tactic that I based this tactic off You can find his here So why a new thread and not just update his? well I made some changes and did a large amount of testing with this tactic so felt I deserved a tactic thread of my own (this is my first) So to test the tactic I started off with Hemel Hempstead in the VNS (one of the worst teams in the league, everything is poor) the first season I finish 8th, you may think that is terrible but that is mainly because I spent the season refining the tactic and players. Second season I finished 11th again you may think terrible but I had no money and all my players were out of contract so I had to promote youth only, none of my players had anything higher than a 9 for anything and most had 4-5's I also had to tweak the tactic a little more and in the end went on a nice little run of games to get me near the top only missing out on the playoffs by 3 points. I was offered the job at League 2 Newport County (that is a heck of a jump), using this tactic and a whole team made out of free players (had no money again but at least someone wanted o join me) I won league 2 with 96 points and about 4 games to spare, again the players were not great. I was then offered the job of Norwich in the championship (again jumping two divisions) first season I had to get rid of a load of players as the finances were terrible and replace with low fee/free players I finished the first season in 5th missing out on the playoff final after FMM did what FMM does and i conceded a 98th minute goal with the teams first shot on target regardless of my 20 shots and 15 on target. Anyway next season I won promotion to the PL with about 7 games to go. So I then started a new game with Southampton, I did not make a single signing in 4 years and sold anyone who was bid for and promoted from youth. I wont all competitions so not too bad. I would say it's not bullet proof but certainly a very plug and play tactic, only changes I make is if I am 1 or 2 nil up I tend to go defending to see out a game. Anyway here are the usual tactic pictures Any I hope this brings you guys some success in your games. Sorry I don't have much more details to share on results and such like but I have been using lots of saves to test out this tactic, but I am sure you can give it a good go and advise if it works or fails. One thing I would say is retrain players to fit, and try and get Pace, stamina and strength (but as hemel tested it's not always needed) and also as usual have an A & B team to help keep players sharp
  7. I shall see what I can do but its not about being accomplished in their role. It's about me setting the training for the player to play in the position and role I want them to play and the game changing this for no reason or not allowing me to. This isn't a retraining issue parse but the fact it doesn't keep or take what I just told it to do. Again it's not every play but it happens sometimes. This also isn't an issue with the player saying he won't retrain. Hope that makes a bit more sense
  8. A couple of Bugs I have found in training (unsure if anyone else has noticed this). 1) Players roles change from what I have set. No one handles training other than me 2) I select the position for the player but it does not update them to that position. They train in that position and become accomplished but it does not mark them as being trained in that position or allow me to change the role they train in. Both of these are random and only happen to some players most are fine but some just switch around or stick as described.
  9. Hey. I have found that if I offer a player a staff role e.g. player/coach, I can no longer offer any playing contract or promote/demote to/from main squad.
  10. I have just seen as it's now the end of the 2025 season and it's just popped up. I have learn something new today
  11. Unsure if anyone else has found this. I have won the champions league twice now and neither time in the next season have I played in the World club cup championship. I have a news article saying I will play in it but I never get the actual competition. I can see the past winners and see that I am a seeded team but I haven't played any game. The history shows the last winner as being in 2021 and nothing since.
  12. Has anyone else on iOS13 (iPad) got the issue of when trying to log into Twitter to unlock the Social achievment that it doesn't do diddly squat? Has anyone managed to unlock this on iOS13 (iPad)?