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  1. The Double Late Bloomer Completed! Continued the same game, this time buying Alvaro Morata, before bettering his previous 143 goal tally in two sublime seasons.
  2. Season 4: Double Bloomer? We left season three with Alva having amassed a whopping total, leaving a mere 65 goals to get to his own total of 144 goals, more than the whole of his career to date. A quick start was met by a slow middle, not helped by Spain still insisting on picking our man for the European Championships, which occurs annoyingly during the Chinese football calendar (although a chance for Arna to role back the years in his final swansong before retirement). Top this off with Harry Wilson's frustrating ability to get himself on the scoresheet 20+ times, nicking a few tap ins off Alva - the cheek! So, despite call ups and greedy midfielders, could our man complete his target in two seasons? Another resounding yes! A phenomenal end to the season, including his first ever 6 goal haul, meant it was done with games to spare. Target: 144 goals Achieved in: 86 games What's more interesting is the strikers currently turning 30, four seasons in...a third challenge perhaps?
  3. Season Three - The ride of Morata The first season with Alvaro Morata in his quest to better the 143 goals he's managed so far. At the age of 30, he's still in his prime, but can he improve a career of average goalscoring forays? Well, with a career average of 1 goal in every 3 games, Alva clearly finds the Chinese Super League a different affair; improving to a near 2 goals every game average! And so to the scores so far; Target: 144 Games: 42 Goals: 79 A remarkable start - could the total be achieved in another two seasons, Arna-style?
  4. I was surprised too, but looking back over his career, he's a consistent 1 in 3 goalscorer, so never hit the big figures. I've always liked him as an alround player, but never seen him as an out-and-out scorer.
  5. Season Three: Enter Alvaro With the legend that was Arnautovic leaving, having completed his own Late Bloomer Challenge, we were in need of a fresh aging legend to take his place! Enter Alvaro Morata. So, press reset, the Late Bloomer Challenge (courtesy of @FuddledFox) starts again. Morata has a previous haul of 143 goals, so a target of 144. An impressive start, With a 4-1 Champions League win in Tokyo being a favourite - and look who popped up with a 92nd minute goal? He's back!
  6. Challenge completed with the great Arnautovic, despite controversy and contract disputes. Fab challenge @FuddledFox, great fun. Might try this one again, always love signing an old horse and giving them a final swan song!
  7. Season two End So, could it be done? Despite contract disputes, could Arna complete a 60 goal target in one season? You bet he could! A phenomenal rum continued, with Arna making the total with time to spare! As a parting gift, a sublime hattrick in the coveted Asian Champions League! Not that this is a scoring challenge, but stats are; Target 101 goals scored in 66 games (average 1.53 goals per game) Great challenge! Enjoyed it so much, and with Arna leaving, I feel this team needs another veteran striker to take his place, and extend the challenge...
  8. Season two update This update comes only part way into the season, where things are looking great...or are they? An unbelievable start for Arnau, take a look at that total after 14 games! A few cracking performances in there as well. But oh no, is this the end - a current refusal to sign a new contract may mean if this isn't done in season two, it may never be! On a knife edge this one...30 goals to go...
  9. Season one update Pretty happy with this start. A three week injury interrupted a great run of form, but a great goal tally none the less (I've always been more of a defensive manager, so goals are often hard to come by!). As well as dominating the league, our man Arnau managed to pop up when it mattered in the FA Cup final as well. A fine haul; Goals so far: 41 Goals to score: 60 Marco's stats have already started creeping down (although 6 goals in the first two games of the new season don't suggest it!), but I'm hoping to do this in three seasons.
  10. Had to give this one a go, and a chance to look at the Chinese Super League, a place I haven't managed before. Courtesy of @FuddledFox, this challenge will see me attempt to get Marco Arnautovic, at age 31, to score a further 101 goals - more than he's managed in his career to date. Let's see how this goes...
  11. Finally completed this one! The Buffon Europena Finally Badge. Took a few separate games to finally win the cup (losing in a final to Barca being the most gut-wrenching of them all!), but finally succeeded with a final win against Dortmund (got revenge on Barca by beating them in the semis). Great twist on goals conceded, as opposed to scored. I started, as usual, very poorly, but got into it. Not the best score, but got Buffon what he truly deserves. Buffon Score Played: 57 Conceded: 34 Total: 23
  12. Completed the Rooney Derby Day Challenge Badge. Loved the challenge, the championship is the greatest league in the world for utter drama and chaos, and this challenge had it all for me! Started off abysmally in the league, but with Rooney scoring well early on, I persevered. Barely in the playoffs in January, then went on a great unbeaten run and finished strongly. Rooney, alongside Daniel Sturridge and Jack Wilshere were key (got to love a freebie!). So, the score; 91 league point Rooney 18 + 13 Total: 122 Great challenge, loved it.
  13. It's going to be Rooney Derby Days Badge I think - always love the championship, and will make a change from my beloved Birmingham City!