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  1. SophiaFM

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yeah I agree I’ve seen on other forums GIFs on the display pic can look annoying. Well the GIF does a lot for me 🤤
  2. SophiaFM

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I don’t know where else to post this, but are GIFs fine as your cover photo? Just incase I might be using up some bandwidth of the forum or something along those lines lol. I’ll remove if so. Thanks 🙂
  3. Which version was your favourite of the decade and why? I didn’t play before 2014 so I can’t comment pre FMM 2014, so it’d be interesting to hear if people liked the editions before and what they thought. My personal favourite was FMM 2016 though. I felt I was the best at that one and I liked the players on that version the most. There was the best crop of young players on it imo and a lot of retired legends that went on to be regens that I had fun playing with. I liked the current 2019 one aswell, very detailed but I feel the aesthetics of the skin enhanced the game aswell, it was a lot better than the duller skins before 🙂
  4. I can’t see there being much change but at the end of the day, the £8 will still come out of our purses and we’ll be playing it for hours on end 😆
  5. Crazy how Pedersen still plays haha, he’s been around forever
  6. SophiaFM


    Poch has been brilliant for them, taking a club that were probably on West Ham’s level in terms of size before he joined to a CL final in a few years, it’s almost like a FM story, except he forgot the winning part lol which has always stopped him from being up with the elite managers imo. But Spurs has been a disaster this year, it’s probably the best way to sack him
  7. Ole would only stand out in finishing attribute wise but there should be super sub specialists in the game I think. There’s none of that in the game currently, it’s difficult to work out who is really a super sub. As for Riise and Pedersen, yep they scored some lovely free kicks back in the day
  8. SophiaFM


    Well now Liverpool are 8 points clear, but it’s in the history for them to bottle leads at the top lol. Although you can see there’s a big winning mentality in their squad now. City have a better all round squad though, more depth and I think after 3 losses in a row last year they put together something like 18 wins to win it, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen again after the break Shit as a United fan having these teams at the top though lol. Hope it won’t be too long before we join these 2 challenging for the title As for manager sacked, probably Hassenhuttl at this rate. Pochettino maybe, he has Spurs in 14th. Way to ruin your legacy lol. After the great work he did for Spurs, it’s been such a collapse
  9. SophiaFM

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    Not sure about funny in the actual game but. Quite a few times though I’ve dreamed about FM at night, I hope I’m not the only one lol. The addiction leads to me playing it in my sleep 😆 which I’d say is a funny thing about FM itself
  10. Lol brilliant. Luckily I can get through a game while doing a pee though. Only FM can bring you to sitting on a grotty toilet seat for longer than you would 😛
  11. Anyone else feel there should be retired players with regens from the start for the countries with less quality? Just to give them more inclusion and it’d be more exciting. With Norway you have obviously Haaland who’s been brilliant in the CL this year. But I’m thinking for Norway, why not have regens of the likes of Ole, Riise, Pedersen from the start. Everyone knows Ole, but Riise and Pedersen would definitely have ‘dead ball specialist’ to their name lol
  12. Lol yeah. I’ve always felt the bigger strikers, or target men have been OP in this game, same with corners which works with them. But that could just be my tactics making them OP 😏
  13. Had the thread title’s song in my head, ugh, lol. Nice tactic though, similar set up to me. I also play overload and high if I’m confident I’m better than the other team to dominate, but I go more direct to the strikers, as I have a fetish for big strikers, usually the ones with high aerial stats, usually I go direct/long and centre 🙂
  14. SophiaFM

    The Lord Bendtner Challenge

    Lol brilliant challenge, will be doing it when I get a feel of the game when it comes out
  15. SophiaFM

    No Juventus in FMM 20?

    I wouldn’t play as Juve personally much, but it’s just a little bit annoying, it makes the game a bit incomplete that there’s no rights for a big club with one of the best squads in the world. I agree Chelsea will be fun to use on FMM20 seeing their youth, what’s the hype about Parma though?!