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  1. Very versatile, can easily be good enough as a squad PL player 🙂
  2. Me qualifying from a group with 2 points, then beating Belgium, Spain, Croatia and thrashing Germany in the final 😆
  3. Biggest win? I hope lol. Just seen the OP. It’s EME
  4. As mentioned above, old players have more of a use because of the mentoring, and their experience/‘thrive in big games’ attribute helps too. Even AI wise they’re still good, Ronaldo was still scoring 40 goals when he was 38 on my save 🙂
  5. Not that I’ve played international football in the game before but I don’t think so. You can just touch the nations name and see their ranking
  6. It really wouldn’t be that great.. I celebrated that Mandzukic goal hard for a good reason 😆
  7. Same game but with mentoring, reserves and probably a sexier layout
  8. Wales is a more likely winner than England, beat a good team like Belgium in Euro 2016 on the way to the semi final, England lost to every good team they played in the World Cup 😆
  9. Well I knew this meme before you were born?! TPBM enjoyed the Brussels sprouts over the wine in their Christmas dinner yesterday
  10. Yes, I am a @BatiGoal fangirl 😆 TPBM thinks defensive forwards and time wasting are the best thing about FMM
  11. It’s a better time for FMM now, the start of the day was too boozy however 😆🥂 Merry Christmas all 🙂
  12. Whoever has got the best passing stats. Always a left footed for the LCB too
  13. AI managers are inflexible. In the Özil career I did, I seemed to face City a lot and they got Conte as manager in the 2nd season. Its robot AI played the exact same 532 v me everytime lol, not even a different variation of it once. It was that frequent I remember it too well. 3 CB’s, wing backs, 3 DM’s and 2 up front
  14. Ancelotti at Everton, Mourinho at Spurs. This is like a 5+ seasons deep FM save!
  15. Fair enough but he is still not going to be a Chelsea player again to still be in the squad page. It might be real but it’s messy at the same time