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  1. JayMarvels/iScout FMH (iscoutfmh.co.uk) are pleased to announce an update of FMH 2015 Pre Game Editor. Bug Fixes: Manager Common Name. Manager Second Nationality. Create Club. Create Player. Fixed Create Club Menu Logic PGE now supports multiple languages (for translations please email info@iscoutfmh.co.uk) Thank you to those who volunteered to translate. You have been mentioned in app. Please note the licensing terms when releasing content. These will be enforced. Download Here Screen Shots: -jaymarvels
  2. JayMarvels/iScout FMH (iscoutfmh.co.uk) are pleased to announce the release of FMH 2015 Save Game Editor. Please note: This is an alpha release, this means that testing hasn't really be done on it. No enhancements/additions from SE13 and 14. No Import/Export data No Finances ​I have given this a rudimentary test, edited, saved and reopened and it functions as i expect, but no guarantees. The SE in no way replaces the official IGE, this is an un-endorsed application, for guaranteed results use the official application, this application is free and in no way meant to detract from SI's In-App items, I strongly recommend purchasing the IGE. Screen Shots: Download Here - jaymarvels
  3. jaymarvels

    Save Game Editor 17

    I'll look to release this week.
  4. jaymarvels

    Save Game Editor 17

    Its actually done and just sitting on my computer. With FMM18 around the corner I wasn't sure if it was worth releasing.
  5. jaymarvels

    Save Editor

    its been 90% ready for a while but a 3rd party library I was using had a massive bug in it so I was unable to release. I've been working on removing the library and using something else and its almost done now.
  6. PGE edits the base data files which every game is made from, SE edits the actual save file within the game experience and will not effect any other game you then create
  7. Yes, its just about to go through testing. I believe thats one of the factors
  8. I don't want to jeopardise SI's business model so this is unlikely.
  9. Sure, You can Create Players as well as Clubs. Skies the limit.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Feature List Supported on Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Edit Players/Staff/Clubs/Nations Create New Players & Staff Create New Teams, Stadiums and Names Save changes The download above is linked directly to the creators' site. FMM Vibe takes no responsibility for the content found on linked sites. Please do not post comments in this download for any help and support, instead, direct them to the JayMarvels directly for information and help!
  11. Absolutely agree that I hope this helps and it will be good to see what people create. On another note @Putzy , any reason why there is no mention whatsoever of the creator and/or owner? The fact that you have put the link in the download section is somewhat misleading to whom the creator is as it says (in a rather large font) "Uploaded By FMMVibe"
  12. jaymarvels

    Playing In 'Unplayable' Leagues?

    Leagues like MLS won't be proper anyway as I dont think FMM has the correct transfer process etc in place
  13. @Kyle PGE is completed. SE is a few days from being completed. @Niall_McGinn must have forgotten to reply to your PM, sorry!
  14. jaymarvels

    England 2017/18 League Placings

    It's ready.
  15. jaymarvels

    Your Community, Your Thoughts: Feedback Wanted

    PGE will be released very shortly. SE will follow very soon as well. Heard it here first.
  16. Android Full Version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.iscoutfmm.fmm2017scout Android Lite Version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.iscoutfmm.fmm2017scout.lite Information: FMM Scout 2017 will be out on the 6th December Only available on Google Play - Android (FireOS/Amazon App store to follow) Partial South Korean Translated Full Version Features: Improved UI. FMM 2017 Scout hooks directly into FMM 2017 images to display player pictures in thier profiles. FMM 2017 Scout now remembers your last load save location. FMM 2017 Scout now remembers your last 4 loaded saves for speed loading. FMM 2017 Scout now automatically tries and find the default save location. Increased compatibility with different resolutions. Double sorting to give finer filtering. 14+ functioning filters, including expired and expiring contracts (bosman) Save created shortlists and load them directly into FMM 17! Load up shortlists that you created from FMM 17! Ability to add all of the searched list into one big shortlist. Added new shortlist view so you can see who's been added and remove them if needed. Added in Scouts. Added in Physios. Added in Assistant Managers. Staff can be filtered by badges and roles LITE Version Features: Improved UI. FMM 2017 Scout now remembers your last load save location. FMM 2017 Scout now remembers your last 4 loaded saves for speed loading. FMM 2017 Scout now automatically tries and find the default save location. No Shortlists. No Staff. 1 functioning filter. Screenshots:
  17. jaymarvels

    About Mover Clubs

    PGE features should be the same as last year
  18. jaymarvels

    Save Editor

    I think this is being done by Vibe staff but if not I'll invite people.
  19. jaymarvels

    Save Editor

    Once the PGE is released I'll look to update the SE. I'm stuck on a couple of bit on the PGE that's made the development stall, I need to get my head down and try to over come them
  20. jaymarvels

    Player Generator

    No need for the PGE now!
  21. jaymarvels

    FMM 17 Scout Features - Out Now

    The PC Save Editor will be out in due course. As for an iOS app, not possible, I have explored this and realistically the only way would mean hooking up your i-device to itunes and transferring the save to somewhere like iCloud or Dropbox etc, which defeats the point of the app.
  22. jaymarvels

    German national team

    There is a work around that allows you to manage Germany and call up real players.
  23. jaymarvels

    Coach recommendation

    Actually coaches and assistants do have a CA and PA so there is a rate of improvement that's possible. Scouts and Physio's are the ones that don't.
  24. jaymarvels

    Coach Development? Can They Improve?

    Afraid so...limitations with Apple basically.