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  1. Yeah since winter or before winters update I encounter that message. Kind of annoying tbh
  2. Maybe your defender is good it didn't even contest your keeper enough 🤣
  3. Is the update fixed the managers picture? I dont think it fixed mine. Not a big deal tho
  4. Maybe the tactic they have is counter to your tactic. Thats why I change mentality depends on opponent
  5. Is "create a club" is endless or 30 yrs time like in the career mode?
  6. My coaching badge went from gold to silver 3 times. Idk i feel like its a bug
  7. Anyone have a problem in youth intake after 10 yrs? I dont have youth graduate 2 yrs straight
  8. Yeah it happens to me a lot too. Maybe the scouts just sucks lol
  9. Yeah the game rating is delay so you need to wait until next highlight so the rating is sync. I find it annoying but its fine
  10. If my player go to penalty I already know is going in haha. I have clinical striker thats shit is dangerous in front of goal.