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  1. Hello I'm relatively new to this. Never been the most hardcore player. But I noticed with the new training system that my coaches tends to feedback back that my young players need a rest. Players such as Pulisic, Bruun Larsen, Hakimi. So my question is, what is the right amount of game time? Is it purely the more they play, the better? Does the coach's opinion that the youngster needs a rest mean anything? Thank you!
  2. NobleSixB312

    FMM19 Bug List

    Hello, sorry of this has been mentioned. There are just too many pages to scroll through. So as seen in the screenshot, Nicolas Pepe is a Lille player. BUT in the news section, the report reads "Lille has made an bid or Fenerbache's Nicolas Pepe". It should be the other way round.
  3. NobleSixB312

    FMM19 Bug List

    Not sure if this counts but my transfers page for the month of July was empty. I mean it's the middle of the transfer window and I know that even if the whole world decided to not do transfers, I did perform a few. It's pretty puzzling since the page for June and August are fine
  4. NobleSixB312

    Unable to Find Youth Academy Graduates

    Oh dang.. I overwrote the save file already:(
  5. NobleSixB312

    Unable to Find Youth Academy Graduates

    Hey Thanks for your help. I have checked both my transfer history as well as the world transfers. The players did not appear in either list. But the 2 players whom I released were in the free agents list when I did a search. Shame though if I have lost these graduates since I had 1 with 5 stars potential and another with 4.5 sigh
  6. Hello, So I have just promoted my youth academy graduates at the start of the season but I have no idea where to find them. They are not in my first team and my reserves squad is full of random semi-pro players. Can anyone advise me? Thank you!
  7. NobleSixB312

    Training Facilities & Staff

    Oh wow thanks so much
  8. Hey does anyone know how the training and youth facilities ranks? eg, poor, basic, below average, superb etc. also, is there a difference between the staff? eg are all gold badges with natural aptitude the same? thanks in advance!
  9. NobleSixB312

    FMM18 Bug List

    1. Unable to Discipline Players Recently, a player of mine was sent off during a match and I decided to fine the player. However, upon clicking the "fine 1 week wages" button, nothing happens. I have tried "formal warning" as well as 2 weeks of wages with the same results, which is to say none at all. I have also tried progressing once in the game and then issuing the punishment but again nothing happens 2. Similar to the above. I do not have the screeenshot but when I signed David de Gea for a certain amount plus Kiko Casilla, the message in the picture says I have signed de Gea for "x amount plus .". Kiko Casilla's name was not mentioned at all. 3. Left Back Has Poor Rating for No Apparent Reason. Similar to the DM bug that has been mentioned, my Left Back consistently has a poor rating for no reason whatsoever. I have the same tactics on both flanks but my LB will always have a lower rating than my RB no matter who I play.
  10. NobleSixB312

    A Few Issues Encountered

    Thanks for your help! But is it normal that my DM attempts only 11 passes a game?
  11. NobleSixB312

    A Few Issues Encountered

    i guess most of the results are going smoothly, but then my DMs tend to get poor ratings. generally few passes attempted.
  12. NobleSixB312

    A Few Issues Encountered

    I play a 4-1-2-2-1, aka 4-3-3 with a DM. DM plays as BWM, CMs are AP, 2 IFs, and a AF or DLF
  13. Hi all Apologies if I have tagged this incorrectly. I have constantly been seeing this conflicting feedback in my post match report and hope someone can explain it to me. I have constantly been seeing "attacking midfielders got into box frequently" but also "lack of forward runs from midfield". can anyone explain and suggest some solutions for me? Secondly, it seems as if my Left Full Back always has a low match rating even though my Right Full Back is doing fine. I have tried changing my Left Back changing the Player Role, but it's always the same. Thirdly, I am unable to fine my players. I chose to fine one of my players for sending off but no matter how may times I press, the player is not fined. I cannot choose to discipline him in any way at all Thank you for your help
  14. NobleSixB312

    2018 Standard Logos Megapack

    it hasnt worked for me. can anyone advise?
  15. NobleSixB312

    Achievements Transfer

    @Lux Ferrethank you for your help! It worked!