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  1. Scouse Mouse

    Guides/Tips 9 Steps To Creating a Tactic

    Great article. You're obviously far better at this than me, so the following points are questions, not criticisms: Your Step 1 is to envisage a way of playing. Wouldn't you base this on the squad (which I think is step 3 in your case). Simple example: I have two great wingers and a Striker with 20 for Aerial, Strength and Movement, and 1 for Passing and Pace. Wouldn't that affect my way of playing? Or my three best players are CDs with little pace? You don't mention watching the games (or at least the extended highlights!). That could go in step 4? For example, I wanted to play on Balanced mentality, but when watching the game I noticed my WB never got high up the pitch, so I had to "increase" the mentality to Attacking/Overload.
  2. Scouse Mouse

    Vibe FMMVibe Community Awards 2018/19

    The sign by Ace of Base was the first album I ever bought. It is one of my favorites also. I’m also from Liverpool. Something in the water?
  3. Scouse Mouse

    Chat FMM20 Discussion Thread

    In full fat there is an easy cheat where you set up as many friendlies as possible to get the money. But it takes a fair amount of time and planning. It would be another thing I have to do on football manager which takes a lot of time but doesn’t add much fun.
  4. Scouse Mouse

    English football

    I just saw Gary Neville comment again. I hate him because he's ManU, but he seems much more intelligent than anyone else he commentates with. He had management experience in Spain (OK, it didn't go well). Would he be an ideal DoF at ManU, rather than, say, Rio?
  5. I'm worried about anything that makes FMM more complicated. I don't play "full fat" anymore because they added too many features. As you mention, the whole press conference/ tunnel interview/ team talk is just annoying. One reasonable way to do it motivationally is add the features you mentioned (warm weather training, Xmas party etc.) available for a price out of the transfer budget. You lose money, you gain motivation/morale.
  6. Scouse Mouse

    Challenges The Champions Streak Challenge

    Positioning myself for UCL success. Up to 13.
  7. Scouse Mouse

    European Football

    Xg had it as a spurs win
  8. Scouse Mouse

    Challenges The Champions Streak Challenge

    Just won my 11th after being 2-0 down in the final. Wanted to show how great Thibaut Courtois has been for me. He is by far my longest serving player and the only one still with me from when I took over the club.
  9. Scouse Mouse

    Chat FMM20 Discussion Thread

    It's amazing to me that I buy this game year after year, even though it doesn't get any better (and worse in some ways). I looked at the new full-fat version features, which are very underwhelming, but I'm sure a lot of people will "upgrade".
  10. Scouse Mouse

    Challenges The Champions Streak Challenge

    Up to nine in a row. The last one was on penalties after having a man sent off. I thought I was getting better at this, and when the last six without the need for extra time.
  11. Scouse Mouse

    Help Can I watch whole match?

    OK, thanks. Any idea why SI does this? If the game/ phones can handle Extended, why not the whole game?
  12. I play without attribute masking. When I go to buy a player, it says his positioning is 20. But when I buy him, and he's in my squad, it gives him an 18 or 19 attribute. How come? Would it be more accurate initially if I scouted the player first? Thanks,
  13. Is there a way to watch the whole match (rather than just extended highlights)? I "commentary only" through 90%+ of the games, as quickly as possible, but sometimes I'd like to watch the whole match, e.g. when I change tactics, or super-important games. Thanks,
  14. I'm a tactics novice. I made an original tactic for a UCL challenge (players->positions->roles, watch games, iterate etc), and in the end it looked like what everybody posts all the time. So these questions are FME, not to criticize: Where is the width coming from, with IWB/IF? You have "Look for overlap"; whose providing that overlap? You say it works for all teams - have you only tried for Tottenham? Thanks, M