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  1. Thanks Scratch. I agree. Considering it's only my second attempt too, it's quite unbelievable that it's a real possibility.
  2. Dai_

    English football

    Am I the only one that thinks VAR was spot on in that WHU-MUN game?
  3. Haha! SO MUCH TINKERING! Makes me anxious just looking at it. 🤣
  4. Season 12 Flew through another season whilst watching the UFC card overnight. Transfers: Regeer and De Jong are the latest OG's to leave our journey. Regeer, whilst developing into a really good player he wasn't good enough to keep using ahead of the other talents I have. De Jong has been loaned out for the past two seasons. This time there was a future fee included in the deal which Chelsea offered at the end of the season. No team would pay more than £20m at the start of the season so happy to get that fee really. I didn't think I'd buy a high-profile player again but Sørensen was too good to ignore. I used my first choice CAM in the p/e deal for him as he was a straight replacement. This deal happened in the January window. Something I very rarely do. Competitions: Clean sweeping across the universe. 😁 International: Nothing much to report. Qualifiers and friendlies. He only played 7 Internationals this season but managed to score 16 goals. His record is now 278 goals in 134 caps. Gravenberch: The reason for so few International games (and fewer club games you'll see below) is because he suffered two injuries this year. I won't complain as I've been super lucky thus far. Also.... 😲🤬🤬🤬🤬 I tried talking him into staying which made him even more eager to leave. It took an increase in wages to get him to forget all about it. 500k a month was doing it for him. Its going to cost us 725k a month from now on. Well, he is the greatest player the world has ever seen so should obviously be paid appropriately for that. The injuries have affected his abilities a wee bit but nothing to be concerned about yet, I don't think. Goals: 100 (club) + 16 (International) = 116 Overall: 1552 A late penalty in the Champions Cup final kept the 100 club goal season run going. Can afford the drop in goals tbh. He's still got time to potentially get to 2k. We breeze past the 1.5k. Manager profile: So, he's at the magical age of 30. Usually I'd look to move him on and with 1.5k goals done I would have called this a day. But, he's only 30. The chance to get to 2k is too much of a draw for me to give up on even though I've got another badge to chase and another career in mind. We continue on..... 😄 Cheers for all the feedback. 👍
  5. Yeah. He's out of this world. I'm just glad the number of goals resets rather than stops counting them. That would be disastrous! 🤣 Cheers man.
  6. Dude, there's plenty of help on this site if you just have a little look yourself. This career used a strikerless tactic and won't help your strikers score. The tactic index has so many pointers and tips about getting the best out of your players and which formations/roles/instructions to use for positive results. Here is a link to it. Have a look through and you will find what you're looking for there.
  7. Great start. All three look really good already. Keep it up, Sir.
  8. Wasn't saying yours was a silly comment. I was slagging myself for stating the obvious. If I make a foolish comment I deserve to be called on it so don't refrain from doing so. 👍
  9. Haha! You're right. Such a silly comment, isn't it. That particular comment was just the starting statement before I praised the teams consistency. He's a special player.
  10. Well, I thought this one would make you happy but obviously, as its boring you I have to try something else.... 🤦‍♂️ I'm not even sure I can please you anymore.
  11. Sorry for boring you, Sir. That was the last thing I wanted. 😥 I'm already planning my next adventure when this is finished. I think you'll be happy with it. 😁
  12. I completely agree. Performances definitely impact updates. Im certain of that. His development in a poor league is impressive but maybe you should be getting more because of the quality of league. Its a bit of a strange one.
  13. Cheers mate. He's playing at such a level that his attributes shouldn't drop all that quickly. Here's to hoping.
  14. He looks like an absolute weapon now. Never seen him look that good either. I don't have the patience to sit and tinker during seasons so fair play to you. It's obviously working. If I ever attempted this challenge I would want a good amount of both goals and assists each season instead of a alternating every season. Keep it going mate. Numbers are good and sure to get a bit better yet too.