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  1. "Plays". Don't go all American handball on us, pal. Please! 😄
  2. It was 95 League goals between the three this season. Thats still pretty cool. 147 in the league from the team overall. But yeah, the tactic bangs! 😁
  3. Season 7 Gonna get an update in now. I finished the season last night but didn't gave time before work. Not sure how much time I'll have over the next few days but I'll try to get this done soon. Transfers: I was shocked to see Lille pay so much money for Boadu. They have made the Semi Finals of the Champions Cup the last two seasons and won Ligue 1 twice with an average looking team. I'm not sure if others have some across it but he's been very injury prone for me, without it showing up on my prevention physios page. Very frustrating so I had to cash in and replace him with trusty old Haaland. 😁 My backup strikers are now, Solari (Messi regen), Haaland & Fati. TAA comes in. Swapped Vitor Ferreira for him. The Portuguese maestro was good but not great for me so I added another player with great corner taking abilities to try and add to the goals, if needed. A few transfers from last season are showing up this season. Not sure why. This has been a regular bug for me on this years game. Competitions: A clean sweep of trophies. We beat Liverpool in three finals. Which is nice. 😁 Smashed last seasons total for League goals scored. Players: We were helped by very few injuries this year. The last two seasons had been a bit rough so maybe I was due a wee break. Moukoko missed three weeks. The other two went healthy for a whole season. Camara Scarlett Moukoko Camara won English players player of the year. Plus, was the top scorer in the Champions Cup. Scarlett was named in the World best eleven. Moukoko stole the show though. He took the World player of the year award from Scarlett. English Players young player of the year, English player of the year, Premier League top scorer (our trio made up the top 3 again) and he became the first of my boys to win the best player in Europe. Total: 158 Overall: 709 Massive season overall but especially for Camara. Delighted to see him outscore the other two. Plus get a bit of recognition in the awards. Manager History, Profile & Awards: All this success you'd think I'd get World coach of the year a bit more often. It's usually Klopp at Liverpool or Guardiola at City that get it too. 🤦‍♂️ Delighted with how this season went. Camara started firing, which is brilliant. If there was any downside it would be Scarlett's total but that would be a bit picky. If these numbers continue this will be done in no time. Thanks for reading and all the comments so far. 👍
  4. Yeah. I got a bit carried away. I'm used to smashing through 1kc's and DT's in 10 seasons so I was hoping for the same here. 😄 I realise now that I'm in a tougher League and starting with younger players. They're brilliant, but were very young to begin with. Cheers, pal. All 3 together. Every match, unless injured. I take all 3 off between 60 & 70 mins in EVERY match, depending if a player in another position gets injured. If that happens then Camara stays on as he seems to have higher condition later in games. Scarlett has impressed me. I flirted with moving them around each season but there's no one position in my front 3 that seems to score that many more than the other. He always starts on the right of the front 3. If he has a spell where he's not scoring I'll switch him with Camara (who's always central) once he's got a goal in a game. Usually kick-starts him scoring again. The England manager won't pick him. Bloody annoys me for some reason. He has 44 U21 games with 48 goals. 😄
  5. I had Esposito as one of my three in a triple threat on last years game. He scored 900 or so of the total. I think he's just too good for anyone to compete with. 😄
  6. Thats because you tweak an already outstanding tactic too much. 😏😉
  7. A third of the way after 6 seasons is concerning. I know they're still young but I'll need them to step it up a bit now. Otherwise it's gonna take forever. I knew I'd regret not using players of the same nationality to boost my numbers with INT goals. 😄
  8. Dai_

    English football

    We're mathematically safe! Can't accept so many mind numbingly poor performances again though. #BruceOut
  9. Season 6 This is the first season we'll be starting without tweaking anything tactically. I'm confident that what I've come up with will do the job for me. Let's see. Transfers: Foden (swapped for Raphinha), Bellingham (swapped for Shackleton) and Saka (swapped for Kenneh) all come in a d take their place in our second/league team. Raphinha's contributions weren't as high last season so thought I'd freshen up the left side a bit with Saka. Shackleton and Kenneh have improved immensely but I felt I needed a bit more quality. I also signed a young Spanish wonderkid from Real Madrid. I thoroughly check everything when signing a player these days but must have been tired when signing him. He's classed as "highly strung" which I've never seen before and I'm quite alarmed about it. He'll not feature for me for a while yet so hopefully a few loans will sort him out. 😄 Competitions: Won everything on offer this season. Including the Club World Championship! Another bit of news: Man Utd relegated, which is delightful! 😁 Players: Scarlett managed a whole season without injury but Camara and especially Moukoko weren't so lucky. Camara missed 5 weeks overall and Moukoko over two months. Camara Scarlett Moukoko Scarlett Dominated the awards. He's the first of my trio to be awarded World player of the year. He took Moukoko's place in the World team of the year also. He won English players play of the year, English player of the year, English team of the year and won the Premier League golden Boot (my trio made up the too three there again). Total: 132 Overall: 551 Manager History, Profile & Awards: One goal down on last year in total. Maybe due to injuries or it might be that not tinkering with my tactic hindered me in some way. It's still a decent number and the overall total is creeping up nicely. Not sure if I'll change anything for next season. Might be worth a try. Thanks for reading. All comments are appreciated. 👍
  10. Brilliant! Happy he's got the 1kc goals for you. Considering he looks like shit now too. 😆
  11. Oh, FFS! Just when you thought this would be the season too. When I saw the first post I thought it was a formality. Those FMM God's always like to get involved though. Just 5 away 🤦‍♂️.
  12. Plodding along nicely. They're improving too. Keep it up mate.
  13. Cheers butt. Yeah, you seem to create fantastic tactics but just change for the sake of it. Confuses me but it obviously makes the game more fun for you. That's the main thing, I suppose. 😄
  14. Season 5 I've switched from wingers to wide midfielders. Hoping they will steal less goals from the front three. Hopefully we'll manage over 100 between them this season. 🤞 Transfers: Lots of business this season. As I said, improving out wide was priority. Reece James and Neco Williams (swapped Kulusevski for him. Didn't really want to but he wasn't in either of my teams) come in. Swapped Simon for Donnarumma. Bruno Fernandes for Pedri (I haven't used Pedri an awful lot and Fernandes had served his purpose). Darwin Nunez for Ryan Gravenberch. Pavon had an outstanding second spell with us which meant I could cash in on him. Atletico Pamplona has qualified for the Champions Cup this season so obviously that explains how they paid so much for Pascal Struijk. Who, BTW is brilliant if trained properly. I sold Maxi Gomez too. It was in January and I may regret selling to a rival. We'll see. I went a bit mad signing youngsters also. Look out for Adrian Solari. A young Argentine who may well be Messi's regen. Competitions: Almost a clean sweep. Defeat in the FA Cup QF. Looks like Maxi Gomez wasn't to be feared, it was Kulusevski. 🤦‍♂️ Went unbeaten in the League. Conceding less and less now as the GK and defence improves. A hatrick each for Moukoko & Scarlett in the Champions Cup final. Things you love to see. 😁 Players: A few injuries this year. Not as bad as last season but still more than I want to see. Moukoko managed to go injury free while the other two had three separate injuries each. Camara missed about a month and Scarlett around 5 weeks altogether. Camara Scarlett Moukoko Moukoko was selected in the World team of the year at the start of the season. This season belonged to Scarlett though. He was outstanding. Winning players young player of the year, players player of the year, player of the year, was in the team of the season, League top scorer (we made it a one, two, three on that front 😄) and Champions Cup top scorer. Total: 133 Overall: 419 Manager History, Profile & Awards: Massive increase in goals this season. Obviously due to the quality of the squad now and the fact I've worked out an effective formation and style. We're on the right track now so it's rinse and repeat from here. Thanks for reading. 👍