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  1. Dai_

    English football

    It's a easier decision when the squad is so good. Players able to play in multiple positions. No need for an out and out centre forward in the majority of games. It's scary the quality he has. Maybe, he could of played the kids in domestic cups but he seems to rotate well when needs be. Domestic treble this year again would be incredible considering the schedule. But, I'm guessing you'd give that all up for one CL triumph?
  2. Incredible. No doubt you can kick on from here and get the 1k. Well done mate. And good luck, of course.
  3. Dai_

    English football

    Both Almiron & ASM out until April. 😔 Nightmare.
  4. Nice one, Sir. He's flying. Its great when you get two top quality wingers assisting with relative consistency. Keep it going, mate. 👍
  5. Dai_

    English football

    I read an article yesterday. Can't remember where and can't seem to find it again. It sort of predicts the outcome of the teams in trouble by the teams they have left to play. I never usually pay any attention to those sorts of things but it was really well thought out. Plus, it has us surviving. 😁 That was before ASM and Almiron got injured last night though. That's going to have a major impact on us staying up.
  6. Wow. This is superb. Hopefully they keep it up next season. The alternative challenge is definitely achievable at this rate. Hopefully the stat drops don't come thick and fast. Good luck with that. Excited to see if he can do it. Would be awesome.
  7. Should be ashamed of yourself. You'll never be able to set foot in Wales ever again! 😡
  8. Epic mate. Told you the score would be massive. So important getting the main benchmarks in the first season so you can experiment a little in the second season. Worked wonders for you. Great stuff. 👍
  9. Dai_

    English football

    Spelled Saes though. 😜 A point keeps us out of the bottom three no matter what Fulham do. Points need to come before performances unfortunately. We can't keep sitting back and saying we played well. Means F' all. Now. I just hope and pray (I'm not religious at all but I'll do anything if it helps) Almiron and ASM aren't too badly injured. ASM looked like a dead leg from a collision. Not sure about Miggy. Looked similar to what injured Schar. 😔
  10. Dai_

    English football

    OMFG. He won't get a better chance ffs. 🙈
  11. Dai_

    English football

    Consider it saved. 👌
  12. Holy smokes! Incredible numbers! Obviously, Bruno is brilliant on this game but that's ridiculous! 👏 Keep it up, pal.
  13. If you picked him up free then at least you could make money on him if I'm not right.
  14. Nice one, pal. Stewart goals starting to creep up, which is good. Keep it up. I beg to differ. If he gets game time and is in a good league then he does become a very good player. 👍
  15. Nice one mate. Massive score too. I expect you to smash Rich's score at the top of the leaderboard. Look forward to season 2. Great choice for the 6th player. 👌