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  1. Great players to attempt this with. Just keep an eye on their attitudes. I've witnessed both become right little diva's before. Hopefully you don't get those versions of them. Also, will you attempt to manage England to boost the goals? If so, I have had serious trouble getting Musiala to switch allegiances from Germany, even though he'll never play for them. Anyway. That's a good start & I look forward to following this. πŸ‘
  2. It's sort of why I want to share the tactic. Just to show how I've played since the very start. Absolutely zero tinkering. I just went a bit defensive when playing better teams once I'd scored one or two. Thank you. Cheers bud. It's even more annoying because I was enjoying it so much and planned to carry on as far as possible. Ah well. I might have another go at some point. Thanks again.
  3. Just need @FuddledFoxto confirm this. 🀣
  4. They need to have nothing more than yellow in any position other than striker when you sign them. Can be trained to any level once they're signed. That's what I grasped from the explanation.
  5. The shining light is that I might be the first person to get 100 club goals in a season using a strikerless formation. That's an achievement I can be proud of. It still annoys me that I was foolish enough to save over it. I must have been super tired because the amount of times I've saved a game whilst being in a similar state of tiredness and never managed to do it before is pretty crazy. I might give it another go, either with Moriba again or someone else but it won't be until after the World Cup.
  6. Cheers mate. I had a strategy and it worked perfectly.
  7. This Vibe World Cup is causing havoc for a few of us it seems. 😑🀣
  8. You really feel quite strongly about this don't you. 🀣 I might share it. I might not. I'll be using it again so makes sense to keep it to myself, for now.
  9. Yes, I still have it. I was only going to share the formation. Not the entire tactic. Its going to have to wait though as I'm busy at the moment. πŸ˜‰
  10. This sort of thing is definitely not my strength but I'll give it a good go. 🀒
  11. Seriously can't imagine how sick you English must be feeling. Unlucky. This might be a debate for when it's settled down a bit but I think Southgate got it wrong tonight.
  12. I'll leave my score of 194 here then. 🀣😁 Can I have my badge please, @Rob?
  13. If you're planning on watching the UFC today then don't look below.
  14. Great stuff, Foxy! Thanks for being understanding with us NooBs. I can say in all honesty it was in no way an attempt to get around any rules. Didn't realise it was a one and done kinda deal. We've got a bit of catching up to do but I think we're capable! (If we stick to the rules πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ) (ps. My best score was 194. I just want it known that I beat @Rich in a challenge. πŸ‘)