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  1. Really enjoyed this challenge. I'll probably attempt it again with a tweak to my tactic. Not a bad effort though. Didn't bother with a career. All info will be here. By my calculations... Goal contributions: Havertz- 39 Pulisic- 34 Werner- 38 Abraham- 34 Total- 145 League points- 102 League goal difference- 69 Final score: 316
  2. Its 5 subs in European games and only 3 in the League and domestic cups. I'm attempting this challenge now too as a nice little starter to the game. 👌 I have a tactic from last years game which is handy for four attacking players. I'm excited how it'll work this year. Well done, @RichD. Hopefully I'll get a score somewhere near yours.
  3. Yep. Used this on the PC version years ago with brilliant success. Seems really good on here too. Doesn't necessarily need to be your TM. I have my CB making the run (better aerial) and he's scoring for fun.
  4. Quickly getting the kids bathed so I can sit and refresh for the rest of the night... 🙈🤣
  5. Isn't that the same thing? 🤔😳 Location of the device, surely?
  6. Doubtful, unless you can set your location to New Zealand too.
  7. Age at the start: Starting history: History after 5 seasons: 354 - 29 = 325 325 + 49 = 374 Could I get added to the leaderboard, please? 😁
  8. Cheers, pal. Probably could've done it in fewer games with a better player. His stats didn't improve significantly from where he started but the tactic suited him, I think.
  9. As soon as I saw this challenge I just had to do it. The only player worthy of such a challenge; a fellow Geordie: Managed to complete it quite quickly due to only playing him in league games. Worked a treat. No serious injuries meaning he played nearly every game of every league season. Pretty impressive numbers too. First 5 seasons: 6th season: 7th season: After working it all out, taking away previous appearances & goals before my management. Works out at: Games: 226 Goals: 261 Could I get added to the leaderboard, please? 😊
  10. 12. Would've been 13 if creativity hadn't dropped 2 (😡) because of injury prior to this screenshot: Actually checked another save and have 13:
  11. Finally completed this challenge and along with it,my first FMM triple crown! 😁 The numbers are pretty crap for two strikers but thankfully, one stood out as expected. Eddie Salcedo: 211+40= 251 🤦‍♂️ Nicolo Zaniolo: 296 (minus the 4 he starts off with before you start a game 😒) = 292+55= 347 🤦‍♂️ Sebastiano Esposito: 790+112= 902 😁👍 Grand total: 251+347+902= 1500 😊
  12. Always lose track of my goals and realise too late when I'm tens or hundreds past the 1000. Not this time! 😁 This is during my current triple threat; Proof of no IGE: GPG: 3.25 GD: 840
  13. Yeah, the scores were brilliant. Once Sancho settled down & stopped being a brat it was plain sailing. Numbers were very good & I might carry it on at a later date to see just how far I can take them. I have been tempted to start career threads for the 1kc & this challenge but I'm simply trying to fly through and get the Triple Crown. Stopping to type up reports would just slow it down. Plus, i wasn't sure my unusual formation & tactics would work.
  14. Finally completed a DT! Sancho starts with 13 club goals before you get near him. He also had 15 international goals before i got the Ingurland job, so... Club: 469-13= 456 International: 70-15= 55 TOTAL: 511 His partner in crime. (All club & international goals during my management) Club: 617 International: 75 TOTAL: 692 OVERALL: 1203 😁
  15. Nothing spectacular, but it's done! Yusuf Barasi - 1000 goals total 😁