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  1. have you tried just touching where says "position selected"? thats how it works on fmm.
  2. so happy to hear that! thanks for the review mate, hope you keep smashing your rivals, have fun 😁
  3. Hi guys! Apparently the failure in several apps on android devices (including fmm) has to do with an update of the webview app, so I bring you different solutions: 1. If it is possible and your device allows it as @uhqa said above uninstall the latest update of webview, you should look in the device's system apps (it was not possible in my case). 2. Search for the webview app in google play and update it manually (it was not possible for me either since my webview app appeared "deactivated" on my device and did not allow me to activate it) 3. Install the latest google chrome update manually from play store, it worked for me and now it allows me to open all the apps that were failing to open. I hope it is useful and you can continue playing soon! Regards.
  4. https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/28-football-manager-mobile-general-discussion/ create a topic there and im sure the developers will have a solution for you
  5. looks like the last update is here, i made a topic @Scratch talked about regarding argentinian transfers, but he only talks about russia and china, so hope thats not all. isnt on the store here in latam. edit: i dont know if theres a lot of users playing here but argentinian league transfers are updated, also some transfers from mls and canadian league, and finally as requested, we can remove affiliates! so no more useless non league greyed out teams.
  6. you can rewrite them, or if you have an android device on documents/SI/fmm21/normal/games you can delete them. the hidden/temp files are autosaves and the fm_save 1 2 3 and 4 are your saved games. i asked on si games forum about a delete button but they dont want to add it so this is the way
  7. the main thing for me is condition 90 95 at least and morale not red at least and then is just who has the best quality or fits better the role. i prefer a worst player with no red morale or 90 condition if the good one doesnt have this. for example maybe in some games against bigger teams i can choose to start my backup dm because has better tackling or aerial to controle their am and my starter more creative dm is not enough good for that, so it depends on what you need, but the main thing i recommend is to set yourself a minimum of condition and morale to guide yourself choosing your 11.
  8. maybe you guys have to delete skin cache and then reboot your phone @asianguy21 @PepGuardiola47
  9. im "someone". thanks scratch, i have to take the habit to share what i learn on oficial forums or my experience playing. I have to apologize bc i take more from here in comparision to what i share.
  10. the game is easy or hard, it depends on how you play it. you can choose liverpool and already have the best team possible or go deep into 6th division adn struggle with no money bad players and first time doing tactics, its all on you. also the challenges here make it really funny and also hard sometimes to play. i dont know if the game is realistic or not, but i think is the more loyal to how thing are in real life and more complex about players, tactics, etc.
  11. I seen this year nobody uses the new feature "man marking" on their tactics, is that bad? anyone tried it and can tell his experience?
  12. very happy to see that mate! looks like a good re-version of the offensive side and i hope you keep performing well with that, its true RP in the dm is killing it if its well surrounded defensively.
  13. Hola fede, la verdad que empezar a compartirnos fotos por aca por ahi es medio un lio, mandame un telegram o un whatsapp y te doy una mano, no se porque no te esta funcionando la verdad, abrazo 2215051234
  14. I have not completely understood you but I suppose that with returns you mean the statistics, no player stands out since in low divisions I always prefer to have a B quality 22 than an A quality 11 and I did a lot of rotation, but here are the numbers of the field players, the goalkeepers didnt fit on the screenshot but both have high marks and the starter is the least beaten in the league. There were also several youth players who stood out when I needed to rest the players or I had injuries in the team.
  15. I'm really happy it worked for you! thanks for telling me, I guess now I'm a little more sure it wasn't a one season wonder tactic.