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  1. -how many movement arrows do you want? -yes
  2. for the next time, most negative morale traits or "blue marks" can be solved offering a new contract, is not about "more money" sometimes the player will want almost the same or even less depending on his situation, so its all about only renewing him
  3. yeah same here, i talked with SI about it and sent them my save so i hope the bug is not on fmm22
  4. yeah i knew, i dont want to hurry you, just a lil joke so you remember i want it out when you are ready 😁
  5. yup, tbf it was @Scratch discover... i always tried to keep it as low as possible so they dont complain when i dont play them... but this changes everything, maybe is worth make someone with really good traits a key player status if you know you will play him enough
  6. remember squad status also changes how his traits affects the squad, so while they are bad keep his status as low as possible so it doesnt affect your squad dynamics
  7. oh, that looks like a really nice app! where did you get it? i would definetly pay a few bucks for it 🤓
  8. my personal favs are south america, asia and east europe. they have clubs with really nice facilities and their values are usually quite good
  9. there is a topic around of common mistakes on fmm, there you can find a lot of info about how combos can be good or bad, i personally recommend BBM cause has a really nice perform on most tactics combined with IWB to fill his space 😉
  10. Hi Walter, im on a samsung galaxy j7 prime and i cant install the apk, it says there was an error parsing the package. Of course i tried to solve it on my device but it looks like that isnt the problem. Looking at it on Google i found parse error is how its called in english, i have permissions for non play store apps turned on in my settings, usb debugging also on (google said that solves the problem in some cases) and my OS version is 8.1.1 so that isnt the problem either, hope the info helps to make the apk compatible with more devices. Edit: tried with some friends phones, lg k50 and same problem, samsung galaxy a5 and same problem, motorola g9 and works perfect. Edit 2: i also found on google you can fix this using an apk editor and changing a value called "minSDK" to 14, i dont understand a lot about this but i tried it and that way i can install it, but then no matter how much i try to open it, it keeps closing, so it seems the problem is it doesnt work with some not so new OS? (8.1.1 is not that old so its weird) i dont know if its possible to make it suitable for those ones but that would be great.
  11. have you tried just touching where says "position selected"? thats how it works on fmm.
  12. so happy to hear that! thanks for the review mate, hope you keep smashing your rivals, have fun 😁
  13. Hi guys! Apparently the failure in several apps on android devices (including fmm) has to do with an update of the webview app, so I bring you different solutions: 1. If it is possible and your device allows it as @uhqa said above uninstall the latest update of webview, you should look in the device's system apps (it was not possible in my case). 2. Search for the webview app in google play and update it manually (it was not possible for me either since my webview app appeared "deactivated" on my device and did not allow me to activate it) 3. Install the latest google chrome update manually from play store, it worked for me and now it allows me to open all the apps that were failing to open. I hope it is useful and you can continue playing soon! Regards.
  14. https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/28-football-manager-mobile-general-discussion/ create a topic there and im sure the developers will have a solution for you
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