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  1. Hola fede, la verdad que empezar a compartirnos fotos por aca por ahi es medio un lio, mandame un telegram o un whatsapp y te doy una mano, no se porque no te esta funcionando la verdad, abrazo 2215051234
  2. I have not completely understood you but I suppose that with returns you mean the statistics, no player stands out since in low divisions I always prefer to have a B quality 22 than an A quality 11 and I did a lot of rotation, but here are the numbers of the field players, the goalkeepers didnt fit on the screenshot but both have high marks and the starter is the least beaten in the league. There were also several youth players who stood out when I needed to rest the players or I had injuries in the team.
  3. I'm really happy it worked for you! thanks for telling me, I guess now I'm a little more sure it wasn't a one season wonder tactic.
  4. @Liisandro el tactic style es una base nomás, genera una tactica que da igual porque despues cambias las posiciones roles e instrucciones, no surte efecto nunca porque no dejaste nada igual de lo que el preset te armó. Por lo que lei de nuestros amigos de UK lo preguntas bastante, asi que nada, ahora lo sabés. for the english speakers its just a better explanation in spanish to my argentinian friend about why the tactic style doesnt matter when you create a tactic.
  5. Hello guys! The truth is that i've been playing the game for 4 editions and reading this forum for 2/3 years, so for a long time I wanted to upload a tactic of my property, but I never built one original enough to convince me to share it, until this year, the reason is the season ends undefeated and winning all the possible trophies, except the libertadores, which I classified by winning the Argentine Cup and due to calendar issues, I only got to play the group stage in my first year. My idea was to play short passes, maintain possession and a compact block, but without losing the speed of the game and overloading the rival goal. This is the result: Some recommendations: Speaking of coaches, the first thing I recommend is burning a spot with a motivational one, I have seen throughout the season that team results depend a lot on morale. The other thing I recommend is to have a combination of two prev and a rehab if you have the spots (not my case, although the facilities improve, I had to go through the season with only two), as well as having a good rotation and a good youth reserve since this tactic generates a lot of fatigue in the eleven in general. I did not upload capture of the stats of any player since the goals and assists were quite distributed and nobody stood out in this matter. Regarding the search for players, my advice is: SK: good speed and distribution. the compact blocks usually force the rival to hit balls and we need him to go out and return them quickly and effectively. BPD: good passing and defensive quality in general. If we do things right we won't need them to do much more. IWB: it´s the first year that we can use this role in this most backward position. good pass and dribble, they are our second ball playing line. RP: very satisfied with this new role. This has to be the crack, he is the player who holds the team, so we need him to be creatively very good, we can sacrifice defensive skills a bit since he has two box to box ahead. I think very good decisions is a must have for this player. BBM: speed and resistance, this guys are in charge of making up for the lack of purely defensive midfielder and to bring support in the fast attacking transitions, so they will be running throughout the game, they also have to be good ball stealers. A decent shoot is a good plus, in my case they scored a lot of goals coming from the second line. AP: I have broken a personal rule of always using only a purely creative offensive player and always focused on the center, but these two worked wonderfully orchestrating the game, if you feel that many chances are being created but they are not materializing, you can convert one of these in an inside forward or inverted winger depending on the foot. the main thing is passing, dribbling, technique and team play. CF: it has to be just good. The complete forward is not a role for everyone and is in charge of materializing all the creation that this block proposes, it has to be clinical in the area, so, a good shooting and passing ability. Despite what our instincts usually tell us, I would not worry about speed or aerial, since we do not usually hang the ball in the area or make it travel long distances. Finally, I did not upload the set pieces since I could not get much juice from them, being new I am still learning to use them, my only recommendation is that for corners and long free kicks they play short pass to propose the fast association system the tactic is about, with the type of players we use, we will surely have specialists for freekick but not very good aerial finishers, and we don't want the narrow block to fall apart by taking defenders up or something like that, chances will come by moving the ball between the players. Thank you all for reading, try it and come tell me how it´s going 😉
  6. yes! just put it where is indicated and reload skin and should work
  7. i know, but i was talking about the "search club" option, there is where bothers me bc i use that a lot
  8. Version 1.0.0 (final)


    Crimea is the only flag that doesnt appear in the game, beyond political discussions, I simply put the flag of the nation since I suppose it will remain, whether it is recognized as sovereign territory of Ukraine, Russia or whoever. the flag was downloaded, edited and resized by me and the xml file its from @Lav50 and edited by me. it goes in files>installed>graphics>pictures.
  9. I agree with the others, but I do believe that it is not entirely respectful to assume that he is a teenager with scattered ideas or whatever. intelligence or ability to organize and age do not have to be related with each other. That said, it is true that nobody hated you and they only tried to steer you towards the way we all handle ourselves in the forum, that someone does not agree with you does not mean that they are hating.
  10. Hi mate, I would recommend that you incorporate Spain and England for the quantity and quality of players, and finally I would put Argentina since it is the largest of the new leagues and it has some very interesting young wonders, counting France you already have your four leagues 😁.
  11. actualization, i have the png flag with the correct resolution, in case anyone knows how can i put it in the game
  12. yeah i understand, i just want a fix so i can see a flag instead of a logo bc its annoying for me. i want to know if theres any way to change it