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  1. Try changing the DM to anchor and what's the average stamina of your players?
  2. Transfer request for Cots Gammon New Club: Blyth Spartans Points (+5): +3 Dribbling +2 Shooting
  3. Didn't see that tbh, thanks for pointing it out
  4. Umm loophole Move to VNN/VNS and then just move back up to VN so maybe a rule change like a movement limit such as only during transfer windows should be decided on
  5. Can we see where the teams are in the league? 2 teams up and two down so some of us may start getting loads more game minutes and others may have our careers wasted away as we don't keep up with the rest of the youth players
  6. Oi ok 587 games 144 goals which resulted in basically a goal ever 4 games Not what you'd want from a striker in the top leagues but for Notts County he was one of the most consitent performers that we had managed to drag in (says a lot about our scouting huh 😂) Ha Sunderland just never seem to bring in a decent striker, I remember that Defoe managed to pull you out of a hole but still couldn't eventually stop the drop. I can't believe how many near certain relegations Sunderland had only to suddenly figure out how to play football again with few games remaining
  7. Bit like crouchy? except Stead just wasn't made for the prem at all?
  8. Ikr, who would ever want to be a mackum anyway? It feels odd to think that the club he played the most games for were in what would usally be the decline years as a footballer. He was so good at times, do you remember his impact for Bradford when they dumped chelsea out the FA Cup? Back when I think big egod Mourinho was in charge (I think?)
  9. Vanarama National not Vanarama South, teams still available/not yet requested are: Halifax Town Stockport County Woking Dover Athletic Sutton Torquay Aldershot Eastleigh Chesterfield Wrexham Ebbsfleet Maidenhead Fylde Chorley
  10. Oh yeah, soz for not realising, you've got the competition of a very old player called Jon Stead (36?), have fun with that for starting striker
  11. I'm pretty sure you can't use either of the teams FGR is League 2 and Guisely is in Vanarama North, if there's a specific team you wanna use in the vanarama national league you may wanna change your options cause OP specified Vanarama National (5th tier football)
  12. I'm intrigued, who here follows the National League? If there are very few followers I could give a brief insight on what certain teams tend to do in the league in game and who is the irl strong and weak teams