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  1. Hello there, I'm much of a Guardiola and Wenger in the sense that I prefer to have possession in most games I play so I usually set up to control or attack the opposition, I almost always set up in wide, fast and expressive football but I have grown tired of doing that and now prefer wide, and slow to recycle possession and disciplined positioning to make sure there is a lack of holes in my team. I often find that the best form of defense is to press the life out of the opposition and then either hit teams straight away with a counter attack or work the ball back around safely, usually I'd ignore the offside trap in the off chance that it would distract low decision making players to decide not to get stuck in and a high defensive line helps with all over pressing. When attacking I prefer short passing so much more than mixed, direct or long styles and that suits my ideology of recycling possession safely. I set up with mixed passing focus because I would prefer to use all of the pitch whenever possible. I also like the keeper distribution to be short because I like build up play which leads me to use work into the box but whether or not I use look for overlap depends on if I'm using wing backs or inverted full backs. I almost exclusively use the 4-3-3 as the basic principle of shape and usually find myself using either the 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-2-1/2-3-2-2-1 depending on where I want wing backs to run again. I've tried to start using 3/5 at the back formations but because it's easier to instruct a team to end up attacking in a 2-3-5 shape when the ball reaches the final third I tend to stick with the 4-3-3 philosophy though I may start trying to trial a librero to play in the back line The reason I think most these things is because I drew a lot of inspiration from how Pep and Klopp influenced Premier League football as I am british and they are the major managers in my freshmen year of understanding football properly.
  2. Newcastle had one of the least negative VAR interventions in the prem so it's not just the big clubs 😂 added 0 minutes later I have had some goals being allowed through VAR post update though so perhaps you're just unlucky
  3. Yeah I'm not entirely sure what happened to results, I didn't change tactics much at all after a few games, some games I would take the defense off commited tackling to normal tackling in hope that my team would be clever enough to develop traps because I know that Liverpool weren't so gung ho about pressing but I don't think it worked as well tbh, perhaps the drop off in results may just be tiredness and the AI figuring out which managers should be able to beat me. I reckon a DM an assymetrical system might be able to get a AM to work, maybe a DM or Anchor combined with a BBM on the other side, probably putting that midfielder on trent's side. Then maybe a Shadow Striker could work with the trequartista or maybe even a DLP I just don't know how the DLP would play cause it struggled when I changed the Trequartista to it during the start of the season too. idk it's worth working testing added 0 minutes later Thank you for the idea mate
  4. Which match engine did you use mate?
  5. It works for Norwich with the admendents suggested by @LFCMO_11 , However I did sell or loan out all players that had less than 12 pace and signed Josh Onomah, Harrison Reed, Scott Sinclair and Henri Lansbury to plug the holes that had opened up
  6. I wanted to avoid play making through the midfield because in real life Klopp instructs the full backs to do most of the play making and the two midfielders tend to be 'shuttlers' so I find BBM to do that role pretty well I haven't tried any other mentatilities to be honest so I'm unsure how any changes could affect the team tbh I have tried other roles but I always find trequartista to do best fsr + it's firmino's real life role anyway to drop deep Perhaps but I did find narrowing the width helped me grind out better results. Perhaps their shooting isn't good enough however I'd still use IF as that is how Mane and Salah still play regardless - maybe it's reckless but oh well
  7. I know it tends to be broken but I've been having a lot of luck with deep lying play makers and defensive midfielders this update so I'd hoped there was a semi-decent improvement but I guess not
  8. That sounds like a fantastic idea thank you, that may also help me figure out how to make this formation work for Norwich too cause they keep having really poor form under me
  9. My main issue is that I'm uncertain as to how to get the most from my defensive midfielder, he can't play as dlp because the style didn't suit it at the beginning of the season so I changed to a dm a couple games in but neither Fabinho or Henderson improved playing that role, I tried BWM to the end of the season but again still I'm not sure how to play my Defensive Midfielder without the individual player suffering added 0 minutes later I'm also gonna try with Norwich to see if it works with the bottom of the table clubs
  10. The fixtures themselves tell a very shocking story in all honesty added 0 minutes later Just take a look at the goals conceded, even for a big club it was impressive
  11. Now first thing to clear up is that the basis for the tactic was based on this post which had only the only in game evidence of a youtube plug to their youtube channel However I've gone a bit further and actually adjusted to the formation and tactical roles that Klopp has been enforcing this season (at least before the huge standstill) thanks to Statman Dave's video anaylsis on youtube and some extra assistance by tifo football and Football Made simple on what makes Klopp's liverpool tick
  12. Looks like you've hit a jack box, your tactic looks awesome! 2 Games till liverpool could be interesting, don't lose - easier said than done especially against them
  13. Have you got a fixture list that you can share?
  14. Tbf probably a while, I had lost a couple games at the start of the season which set me back compared to the continous strength of the classic top 6 but I know I had been in and around the european spots. Maybe that's it then