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  1. SirSpankorama

    The What Makes You (Attacking) Beautiful

    This is pretty much the exact setup I used for a while in an old save, only af instead of poacher and wingbacks pushed up. Otherwise looks pretty much the same, I suppose the best tactics are frequently recreated, as I won everything 10 years in a row with that save ;-;
  2. SirSpankorama


    I'd probably move them down to a wing back position and role at the start of a save, then ~5 years in move them up to get the most out of this tactic, especially considering that we can often max attributes more easily with evogens/regens than we can with real players (and that current youngsters with potential to max out positioning will take some time).
  3. SirSpankorama

    Player Rater + Predictor?

    Use their attributes, especially technique and teamwork. It's more fun that way, instead of consulting a database for managerial decisions.
  4. SirSpankorama

    No Juventus in FMM 20?

    KONAMI thinking: Ahh, brilliant move! We use all our revenue to control people's minds! People must think "Oh, I am a Juve fan, now I must play PES instead!"
  5. SirSpankorama

    City, Red Bull, Paris and Barca Goes Young!

    PSG is the club I manage when I am angry, haha. But nevertheless great work on the challenge so far (and also the career writing :D) and hopefully you can wrap it up fairly soon at Camp Nou.
  6. SirSpankorama

    No Juventus in FMM 20?

    PES has Juve all to themselves this year
  7. SirSpankorama

    Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker

    Wow, that's a treasure trove of information! Well I guess now I have to check a player's traits before I sign them. Great find.
  8. SirSpankorama

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

    EME. The 200 goal one I refer to is in the same thread.
  9. SirSpankorama

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

    Hello all, ofc I have not gotten a record but I was viewing random tactics posts when I happened upon this: (most goals scored in a season: 200) If the file doesn’t show up I will post in a second, sorry I am new to formatting. @Woodyplease add @FrAn4eSc0‘s record as soon as you can.
  10. SirSpankorama

    Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker

    Or maybe those traits are a "recommendation" to newer players, e.g. "Don't put the TM who passes to feet in the poacher role, because he will play no through balls."
  11. SirSpankorama

    Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker

    I don’t think I’ve noticed a major difference in the way these mechanics work by position, but it’s intriguing...
  12. SirSpankorama

    How to make players more goals and assist

    Overload imo is overkill, if you want goals better to use attacking. That said, if you play a 5221 (flat 5) I would understand. It all depends on two things, in my opinion: whether you have an anchor/bwm/dm (not DLP) in your DM spot, and how much pace and positioning your defenders have. Just my two cents there, of course use whatever works
  13. SirSpankorama

    Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker

    Or that could be decisions, or a combination of long shot hidden trait, decisions and creativity... you get the picture. On the other hand, this could be a handy way to see hidden traits outside of the coach report page (which for all we know could be completely inaccurate all the time)
  14. SirSpankorama

    Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker

    I honestly am not sure what to think, in full-fat FM that sort of thinking is used a lot (I have some experience with it) but when you have as limited options as FMM provides us I think at some point people will hit the logical formulas required to make these kinds of decisions. So it could either be that the players you play are contributing more, or the tactic is contributing more, but my guess is that if you have a player with "Tries first time shots" or a similar trait as your IF you could get different results. It could also be the league you are in has a very high level of tackling (in FM at least there is a marked difference between leagues) so you may not get the same results in Champions League games. I recall reading a few times that player traits in positions tab were based solely on attributes; in FM this is not the case, I'm not sure about FMM. One interesting contradiction is that if yellow creativity truly means the "Plays no through balls" trait shows up as green (fits with role) in the positions tab under the poacher role, why is creativity an emphasized trait for poachers? But in any case it's still quite an interesting, deep phenomenon, and that type of longer thinking I have also seen in tactics like Foxy and Ashez's gegenpressing and tiki-taka tactic. But I'm not sure if that kind of thinking is actually CAUSING the results to work out or if they, and you, are just creating really solid tactics that really work. Sorry for the long sermon, but this is the most interesting topic I've ever seen on vibe, and I've been spectating account-less since 18.
  15. SirSpankorama

    How to make players more goals and assist

    Also as a rule at least from my limited experience you never want to put a player like MilSav as your assister because he is in the green for shooting and is more prone to take a shot. Also go to their positions page and look at their traits. Don’t put someone who plays no through balls as your star AP.