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  1. You forgot Central Defender and Goalkeeper. Great idea though!
  2. I would have guessed Ilaix, but I don't want to be "that guy" who posts guesses after others have already posted a thought. Anyway, GL with Ilaix, haven't used him but am sure he will be a beast!
  3. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about. I'm planning on starting a challenge after my long term saves are up, and this is part of the attraction for me. I'm enjoying hearing all the different mentalities here, and I suppose we've seen common sense is the best "solution" to our issues here.
  4. Well I love the points everyone is making, and I do think that the more “known” someone becomes around here, the more we can believe big numbers. The issue I mention is especially relevant in this type of case: You want to start a 1kc with Koita, but you make lots of saves until he gets 5* potential, buy a bunch of players with 5* that might normally have 4* (Aouar is a good example of going all the way from 4* to 5* regularly). You are 3 seasons in, and Modric and an obscure Croatian midfielder have just retired. There is no way to tell the difference between their regens, so you turn on the editor. You have only enough to buy the modric, then you are done. Little things like these add up. I do agree reloading is a bigger problem, but it is very well known here. Editing a save leaves it yellow no matter what, but the PA measurement is huge, especially with a fluctuating player like Aouar. It would be great if it could mark saves as having been reloaded, HEX’d or peeked at, but I’m pretty sure I’m just dreaming here. 😂 Anyway, trust plays a big factor, especially with players getting 80+ goals first year of a first 1kc (you know who you are) Is there any tips for detecting if a career poster reloads based on results, etc.?
  5. The IGE is perhaps most useful for player potential scouting, especially because potential varies among saves and it distinguishes bad from good regens. But there is a problem associated with this that this discussion thread attempts to discuss a solution to. Did you know that if you start a save with IGE enabled, it becomes enabled on ALL your saves? And when you start a save with it disabled, it disappears on ALL your saves. Going from one test save to another, I discovered this issue by chance. I don't have access to screenshots myself, but I invite you to try it. Many of you have probably noticed this issue before, but I have never seen a thread about it. I do not know if this is new to FMM20. The effect of this, however, is that challenges here can be SEVERELY compromised by people starting new saves with and without IGE. Meaning that careers which are "too perfect" (like some we have recently seen) may be affected by this bug, even if their screenshots show no IGE. Even if saves are given to moderators, this can STILL be hidden visually (although I do not know if there is a way in the code to figure this out) Is this a bug or intentional? How long has it existed? And what should we do about it as relates to challenges and trust? Let's discuss.
  6. I just can't see this happening for a first season ESPECIALLY with no stats above 16 and aerial at only 12, it's hard to believe this one is actually true, also considering Fabio is inconsistent with PA this year (as opposed to gouiri, cherki, unuvar, fati, boadu.) Edit: Can we also see your transfers and tactics please?
  7. Yeah DLPs with green in CB are great for the role, or if you can afford him, Stones is a BEAST in Libero.
  8. My experiences with the game shows time and again that a 4* Professional who can work hard beats out a 5* Ben Arfa every time. I'm getting excited for the app now, but I guess until then we just have to hunt regens the old-fashioned way.
  9. Alright so I know a lot of people don't like regen hunting but I find it one of the most enjoyable parts of the game. Therefore, I was wondering if there was a list of players with high PA who were aging and would retire soon after the first couple of seasons, so I would be better equipped to find some. I know, for example, if I want a good left back I have to search Russia after the first season, or that Sweden will have a good striker in a couple of years' time, but is there any complete list of all players with a certain PA or above who will be retiring? If there is not, I may be motivated to make one, lol.
  10. Where's Casemiro then, arguably best performer in Real? And Koulibaly has to be slotted in for CB.
  11. Kane would probably be there I think.
  12. 5 at the back, true 5 not 3-2 on the DM line is how I play in my LLM. GK WB NCB NCB NCB WB A DLP W W (make sure to get footedness right here) AF or TM or P (depends on striker) Be sensible with the other tactic options, just make sure to be very defensive (contain).
  13. I don't know, but why not just decide who makes the cut yourself? You could lose out on the next Messi if you don't keep track of your reserves...