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  1. Won the europa league with Newcastle then got sacked October next season. Rochdale offered me the job and it was fun bringing them up!
  2. It's already 2025 on my career save and I can't find newgens of retired good players such as Ronaldo and Messi. Is this a bug? And if retired players turn continue to be managers, would they still have newgens?
  3. After the computed data usage, it's probably worth just buying FM20 on steam and downloading it directly. FM isn't really as demanding as the other Stadia launch games.
  4. Guess what guys he scored 12 goals in today's match. Wtf.
  5. Nice tactic. Used the modified one with TM and a Poacher.Only conceded 6
  6. Injury crisis-Bayern The recent string of injuries might hurt their Champions League hopes. With Ribery still not playing, Schweinsteiger nearly fit, Lewandowski and Robben recently out, will this team survive the challenges using fringe players? The Virtual unknown-Aston Villa Tim Sherwood might not be the hero during his tenure at Tottenham, he is given a new job at Villa Park. In real life, their late season form might be the best that he can. Will Villa survive abd stay on the top leagues? Will they win the FA Cup? Or be more like Wigan?
  7. The recent season has been one of the unique and unpredictable. So i had the idea of the scenarios from the challenges of the game. The Saviour Cometh-Borussia Dortmund The German team has achieved great success during the past five years. Winning the league against the domination by Bayern and facing them during the 2013 Champions League Finals. Then the 2014-2015 season came and a string of losses to particularly smaller teams led them to the bottom of the table. Sounds like a FM challenge! You cant win anything with kids- Olympique Lyonnais The team has loads of youngsters with good potential. Lacazette, Benzia and many more. They have been on top of the table once or twice this season and if PSG wins the league, maybe FM might help you turn history back Will post more later
  8. Will try as soon as possible
  9. How to create a single name player in MyClub? As in Ronaldinho only, no editors and anything else. IOS version
  10. Sorry for the failed links. Here it is.
  11. First tactic post. Won almost every trophy and won a World Cup with Czech Rep. Amazing tactic for me posting from a mobile device so just check the links below. Edited by Ashez.
  12. Hello fellow Vibers. I created this topic to say my final goodbye from one of the largest fan base for a mobile game. From the first time i went into this site, i was deeply amazed by the friendliness and helpfulness of the members namely Dec, Ashez, And many more vibers. In this site, I rarely see people cursing(except in the FMH13 sections), nobody cares about your grammar, and there are no racial fights. The only fight i see is between Graveluth and Alfie (go Alfie!!!). In my country, the senior year starts next month which removes my freedom in playing the game i love. At the start of June, i will be deprived of my gadgets for concentration purposes. I may play in the holidays, but goodbye for now. Thank You Vibers
  13. Are there any good players for A League
  14. Please give me a champions league, europa league, world cup and many major tournament logos. Thanks for the help
  15. Well Alaba has Filipino heritage, the Younghusband brothers' filipino heritage were discovered using Fm 05 Well Alaba has Filipino heritage, the Younghusband brothers' filipino heritage were discovered using Fm 05. Alaba chose to play for Austria