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  1. This is possibly the worst set off penalties I've seen so far this year on FMM20 😂
  2. Hey everyone! This is my first tactic and I've had a good amount of success with it. I've currently only used Sevilla but I will be using a few other teams in the next week or so. It's by no means perfect so feel free to make changes and improve, let me know your success! Good luck!
  3. Spot on mate also didn't have to start a new game for it to take effect
  4. Greek Football Cup and Greek second division show with icons because of the use of Greek letters
  5. Would you say 6.8" screen size is too small?
  6. I've always liked Mobile version as I never really have too much time to play the PC version. Just wanted to know whether it is really worth the change for the extra leagues and a bit more depth
  7. So I've just bought a new phone and it allows me to get either FM Mobile or FM Touch so I'm just wondering if people have played both versions and if so which do you recommend for 2020? The only reason I'm looking at the Touch version is that it's more in depth and I have access to more leagues. What do people think? P.s. I know there is a bit of a price difference but I play it all year so I'm not really put off by the £20 😂