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  1. Oh yeah, I’m not saying it’s impossible I just think 30 goals in 8 games whilst playing a defensive style is pretty good. I was just wondering if it was more to do with the quality of players or the tactic itself.
  2. That’s a lot of goals to be playing defensive in my opinion. What’s your team looking like? Are they all world class or is it a fairly new career?
  3. I also find it incredibly frustrating. I cannot seem to get a striker to score a decent amount of goals. I have started around 4-5 careers and going about 3/4 seasons into each of these. Being successful isn’t a problem as I seem to win games and trophies however, no matter what tactic or tweaks I am making my striker just DOESN'T score! Not a decent amount anyhow. On my recent career with Dortmund I only conceded 8 goals in a season.... but I only scored 65. This was with a very attacking set up. I haven’t tried 3 at the back yet, I notice the comment above mine. I have never had any real success with 3 at the back (I’ve played management games from championship manager 99 on the ps1!!) maybe I need to be more experimental rather than a flat back 4.