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  1. Sad to here that.. My WiFi is freaking slow.. it’s still downloading.. 🤕
  2. Finally the moment of truth is here..! FM 2020 open to download on App Store
  3. Season 6 to 10 5 more league trophies.. 7 Cup Wins (no CLs) Goals : 1693 (586 games)
  4. @Kanegan.. one question.. How many goals did you score as a team in those 24 seasons? Edit : Saw the profile.. my bad..!
  5. Single Season Update (Finally got back Champions League Crown) Season 5 We won another premier league (by a landslide, won title with 8 games remaining) and Champions League (Besting OL in the finale). Goal Update : 829 (305 games)
  6. Update Season 2 to 4 We won Premier League all 3 times and Lost all cups.. Also got sacked as Italian manager, when I screwed European Championships. Goal Update : 651 (247 Games)
  7. Wonderful work Kane.. Amazeballs player indeed.. I tip my hat to your managerial greatness..!
  8. 86 in league.. forgot to take total one.. will upload with next update
  9. With impending release of FMM2020, Let’s dive into depths of Football Management for English Clubs and we start (or end?) with Liverpool. A club full of Rich History and a exciting roster, it’s our job to take them to the glory. (Also we might take Italy to Glory.. but highly unlikely) Season 1 : Player Coming In : N.Zaniolo (Loan) With ‘Normal’ Reputation, all I’m allowed to do is get a guy on loan. I fished out and bought Zani in on Loan to play full Season. We won premier league with 2 points and +55 GD. Lost to Crystal Palace in Carabao Round 4 (hurt a lot). Lost to Manchester United in FA Semis (hurt a bit). Won the Champions Cup (Beat Real by 2-0). Note : Aiming for 4K goals (ASAP) Goals : 153
  10. Did anyone see that manager style focus thing!? Is is normal or a new feature.. haven’t played it on any other platform..
  11. Kane try going for 30 goal season.. he will be inclined to sign than not to go out in red hot form. Seen that happen on my Man Utd save with Rashford
  12. Yeah it would be a huge ask. I wanna post challenge on here also. But need to check if someone has already posted it.
  13. Super Job Kane. Zaniolo is a beast if trained and played right, folks at Roma are destroying him right now. PS : Hope to see you achieve 1.5k.. Good Luck Mate..!