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  1. And there it is.. Liverpool Vs Chelsea.. the European Super Cup.. two english sides battling it out for first time in what seems like forever.. the match to watch.. winner of most prestigious European competition against winner of Europa league.. Kick-Off.. Half Time Scoreline : Full Time Scoreline : Add my name to leaderboard.. 😬
  2. Here’s my first try from Oldie 20 save.. not many would be disappointed with the margin of the loss.. but here I’m ruing the time bet 6 and 20 mins
  3. I went on holiday for other half of the season.. Team was good enough not to drop ball after 7 point lead after first half. to answer the question, AI played him in only one game after that, in which he did not score.
  4. Final Update : So we earned promotion and won 3.Liga, now we are competing in Bundesliga 2. To complete the challenge we need a goal from Chota, which we get in very first game of the season against VFM Bochum. Final Scorecard : Challenge Score : 20/20 Challenge Matches : 39 ( 38 season 1 + 1 season 2) Challenge Team : 1. FC Kaiserslautern (3.Liga) Challenge Player : Mustafá Abdesalam Mohand aka Chota (Age 44) Thank you everyone for reading.. See you around..!
  5. Does own goal count.. he scored against his own team too.. 🤪
  6. Good Luck..! 100%.. possibly best title to a career thread ever on vibe..!
  7. Update 2 : We are in latter part of first half of the season, where we are required to score for 9 games in a row to get the perfect score in the challenge. Would we be able to do it, or the injury gods will prevent us from moving forward.. let’s find out. Results : So, we did it.. 20 goals in 19 games (a surprising brace from Chota, 2 goals in last 5 mins) Individual Stats : What a player this fella is, 20 goals in first half of season at the age of 44, I tip my hat towards you Mr. Chota. Scorecard : Challenge Score - 19/20 Note : Edited as I need to keep the challenge going..
  8. Update 1 : 10 games into the league, we find ourselves at the top of the 3.Liga with fluid 1-0 wins. Chota was substituted as soon as he scores a goal to avoid injuries and thus ending my challenge (44 is not a decent age to have injuries). Results : Even as Chota Scored in every league game, German fans are not warming up to him. He’s still regarded as poor business made by the club. Scorecard : Final update coming soon..!
  9. To ease my comeback into football management, we are going for a simple all be yet frustrating challenge. So, we need a player above 34, league with 20 teams and need to score against every league team. Lets begin with selecting a league, as its a first comeback challenge we should start easy. So looking around, we come across a forgotten club which gave Bayern Munich run for its money in Bundesliga few seasons ago. Club of Choice : 1. FC Kaiserslautern Now we look around a roster and find a surprising pick. A guy from native region of Spain — Retired at 40 and still exists in the DB at the age of 44. Legend in Spanish Segunda Divison B, playing 300+ games and scoring 75+ goals with Melilla. Player of Choice : Mustafá Abdesalam Mohand aka Chota With 13 in shooting, 12 in strength and 11 in Aerial, this guy could score the goals at 44. And we ring the bells to begin the season. Transfers In : Transfers Out : First Four Games : We begin at Home against Unterhaching and what do you know.. Chota scores on debut inside first 2 minutes. Bright start..! But then couple of penalties and a header gives a decent total of 4 goals against 4 teams in the league. Results : Scorecard : Updates coming soon..!
  10. Thanks.. I think it’s an easy total to beat though..😅
  11. Yeah they dropped ball early in the season.. And I was surprised to see Inter complete domestic double.