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  1. For me personally I would say no. I play FMM as an escape from what's going on in the world at the moment, so to be reminded of it (even if the in-game 'event' was not directly connected to the current pandemic) would turn me off playing the game.
  2. Brilliant career @BatiGoal! Have loved reading the updates.
  3. This has genuinely been a joy to follow! Fantastic entertainment! Well done to everyone involved (including @Ian).
  4. Hello everyone! A bumper 3 month (and thus final) update of this challenge, as it was only league games remaining, and not many either. But firstly I’ve completed my very first FMM Vibe challenge! Yay! Although that’s probably all we can celebrate here... March, April, and May didn’t bring my hoped for large points haul. I pretty much dominated games and yet the opposition seemed to find a way through somehow. Think my inability to work out where the fault lies was my eventual downfall here. Below are the results: Total points = 13+10-1+1+11+9+6+3+0+6 = 58. A final total of 58. I’m sure that is very easily beatable but hey ho! Finished 2nd in the league, but did win a cup along the way. Some further screenshots for you: I’m actually going to re-start as Porto now and try for a long-term ‘proper’ career. Feel I owe them that much! Thanks all. Over and out.
  5. Thanks all! Hmm interesting point there @samhardy. There are a few 'reserve' teams in my list. Wonder if this affects more than just Bayern Munich II? When I get a chance I'll load up these leagues and double check what teams are actually there to pick, and will update the table accordingly. I've updated USA with Nashville SC and Inter Miami with a note advising it's due to league expansion.
  6. February update at last! I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m really not that great at defending, especially in Europe it seems. 2 defeats by Chelsea at least means I just have league games left now - ha! Despite 4 clean sheets this month I end Feb with just 6 points. Total points = 13+10-1+1+11 +9+6 = 49.
  7. Thanks @BatiGoal! Thanks @Ian! Thanks @mattydisc! Yes I did read about those teams. I guess this list is the teams you can take charge of straight away but I'll add them to the table when I get home later with a note alongside it. Thanks @Scratch!
  8. Thanks @Mr Tree! Yeah would love to get stuck in to a long lowest league career soon. Keep on distracting myself from my 'Parking The Bus' challenge so better finish that first - ha!
  9. Thanks @Thirsk! Yep it took ages to compile that list but I enjoyed doing it. Thanks @MikeF!
  10. Hello fellow Vibers! This is my very first article here on FMM Vibe so I hope you enjoy reading it! The idea for writing this, albeit short, article came to me over Christmas (I know, it’s February already!), as I was interested in starting a lower league save but didn’t have a clue which team to pick. With 21 different countries to select, all with varying options for the number of loadable leagues, it was a bit of a minefield. I needed a way of narrowing my search. So, I decided if I was to do a ‘proper’ lower league save, I needed to start in one of the lowest playable leagues available in the game. Then I had the bright idea that I should restrict myself to only picking a team that had been promoted into that league at the end of the 2018/19 season (so would therefore be a newly promoted team at the start of the 2019/20 season). Great! I now had a plan! On to the ‘simple’ task of finding out which leagues were playable in FMM20 and then who got promoted into them. Hmm, not as simple as you think… OK, so there’s 2 parts to this. Firstly, finding out how many leagues each country has available to play. As mentioned above, each country has a varying number of ‘tiers’ that can be selected. Some countries, such as Australia, only have the top division available (so just 1 tier), whereas if you decide to play in England there are 6 tiers available (from Premier League down to Vanarama North/South). In theory, countries with only 1 tier available can’t really be classed as a possible ‘lower league’ challenge, but anything requiring from 1 promotion to 5 promotions to reach the top could be considered ‘lower league’ I guess (my personal view is that at least 2 promotions should be needed to reach the top, but each FMM20 player here on vibe will have a different view I’m sure!). Once I knew how many leagues each country had available it was time to start researching each of the lowest leagues and finding out who were the newly promoted teams… …hmm, I very soon discovered that some of the lowest leagues available to play in FMM20 are not just a single division. Oh no. Some are as many as 3, or even 4 sub-divisions! Take Serie C for example: There is Serie C/A, Serie C/B, and Serie C/C! And as for Portugal, well I’ll have 4 ‘Compeonato de Portugal’ leagues please!! OK, so this had taken an unexpected twist now. But I didn’t want to stop researching. If anything, it made me want to compile this list even more. I wanted to know, for each of these leagues, who had been promoted the previous season to have the honour of not only being a playable team in FMM20, but a potential managerial career for yours truly. So, how did I get on? Well, I was able to almost complete the list. There were a few missing teams (some of my internet searches just led me on a merry-go-round), and some oddities too, such as Greece introducing a restructure of their league system in time for 19/20 (so all teams seem to have been ‘promoted’, or ‘selected’ to be part of the lowest league), and some teams not winning promotion as such but being ‘re-instated’ (I haven’t included these teams in the list below, at least I don’t think I have!). Therefore, can the Vibe community help? Please add comments to help make this list as complete as can be. Also, whilst I’ve tried to make this as accurate as possible there could well be other errors in my list, so again happy to be corrected by anyone in the know. Anyway, listed below are, according to what I found online, the teams that were promoted for the 2019/20 season into the lowest playable league for each country: Country No. of Tiers Lowest Playable League(s) Teams Promoted for 2019/20 Season Australia 1 Hyundai A-League None Belgium 3 First Division (Derde Klasse) UR La Louviere Centre K Patro Eisden Maasmechelen Sint-Eloois-Winkel Sport CS Vise China 2 First Division (Jia League) Nantong Zhiyun Shaanxi Chang'an Athletic Sichuan Longfor Denmark 3 2. Division FA 2000 Holbaek B&I Naesby BK VSK Aarhus England 6 Vanarama National League North Farsley Celtic Kettering Town King's Lynn Town Vanarama National League South Dorking Wanderers Tonbridge Angels Weymouth France 4 National 2-A FC Mulhouse Olympique Saint-Quentin SC Bastia National 2-B Angers SCO Reserves FC Gobelins En Avant de Guingamp Reserves FC Rouen National 2-C Angouleme-Soyaux Charente Bourges Foot FC Chamalieres Montpellier HSC Reserves National 2-D Louhans-Cuiseaux Germany 3 3. Liga FC Bayern Munich II Chemnitzer FC Viktoria Koln SV Waldhof Mannheim Greece 2 Superleague 2 Apollon Larissa Apollon Pontou PAE Chania Doxa Drama Ergotelis AE Karaiskakis PAE Kerkyra Panachaiki Platanias Holland 2 Keuken Kampioen Divisie (Ereste Divisie) None Italy 3 Serie C-A Calcio Lecco 1912 Como 1907 US Pergolettese 1932 US Pianese Serie C-B FC Arzignano Valchiampo Cesena Serie C-C US Avellino 1912 AZ Picerno SSC Bari Northern Ireland 3 Bluefin Sport PIL (Telegraph Championship 2) Bangor Poland 2 First Division (Fortuna I Liga) GKS Belchatow Olimpia Grudziadz Radomiak Radom Portugal 3 PT Championship (Campeonato de Portugal) Serie A Berco SC GD Braganca CSD Camara de Lobos CD Cerveira PT Championship (Campeonato de Portugal) Serie B Ginasio C Figueirense CF Canelas 2010 Valadares Gaia SC Vila Real AD Castro Daire PT Championship (Campeonato de Portugal) Serie C SC Beira-Mar GD Fontinhas GD Vitoria de Sernache Clube de Condeixa ACD AC Marinhense Uniao de Santarem PT Championship (Campeonato de Portugal) Serie D CF Esperanca de Lagos SC Mineiro Aljustrelense Lusitano GC Club Sintra Football GD Fabril Republic of Ireland 2 First Division (Airtricity First Division) Unknown Russia 2 First Division (National League) FC Chayka Peschanokopskoye FC Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk FC Torpedo Moscow FC Tekstilshchik Ivanovo Scotland 4 Ladbrokes League 2 Cove Rangers South Korea 2 K League 2 (K League Challenge) Unknown Spain 3 2nd Division B-1 Getafe CF B Las Rozas CF SCR Pena Deportiva Racing de Ferrol 2nd Division B-2 Deportivo Alaves B Haro Deportivo Club Marino De Luanco CA Osasuna B 2nd Division B-3 CF La Nucia UE Llagostera Orihuela CF AE Prat 2nd Division B-4 Algeciras CF Cadiz CF B Merida AD CP Villarrobledo Villarrubia CF Yeclano Deportivo Turkey 3 2. League (White Group) Bayburt Ozel Idarespor Hekimoglu Trabzon FK 2. League (Red) Kirsehir Belediyespor USA 1 MLS Nashville SC (due to league expansion in 2020) Inter Miami (due to league expansion in 2020) Wales 2 JD Cymru North Colwyn Bay Llanfair United Llangefni Town Corwen JD Cymru South STM Sports Swansea University Caerau (Ely) To conclude…this article has been aimed at the lower league managers amongst us, and now we all know who the ‘ultimate’ lower league challenges could potentially be. These teams listed above are new to that division and new to FMM! On a more personal level, have I started my ‘lower league’ career yet? Um, no. I had visions of all this spare time I would have over Christmas/New Year, but with my son’s 3rd birthday just beforehand and constant trips to see family and friends, this ‘spare time’ never materialised (and still didn’t in January!). However, I will get there, eventually. My personal aim is to pick a league with 3 or more tiers available (so at least 2 promotions are required to reach the top division) and then to randomly select one of the clubs listed above, the aim being to take them to national and European glory in 30 seasons! I also hope that this will also help others in future career choices (my initial aim was to just make this list for myself, but then thought sharing with the vibe community made quite a lot of sense). It’s been a labour of love in a way, and I’ve learnt quite a lot about the lower divisions of football during my research. As I said, comments are welcome (including any corrections you spot) and I hope you refer to this article when making a choice about what (lower league) team you want to manage. Lastly, enjoy your lower league careers ladies and gents!