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  1. Here I am with the August update! A busy month to start off the challenge, with 7 games, including Champions League qualifiers (spoiler: I qualified!) Not a bad run of games here! 5 clean sheets and only 2 goals conceded. August points: Clean sheets (3 points) = 5 x 3 = 15. Goals conceded (-1 point) = -2 Total points for August = 13
  2. I've seen this reported a few times, including on the official SI forum: https://community.sigames.com/topic/504301-missing-first-half/ I use an iPad 2 on text commentary only and luckily don't have this issue, but looks like you're not the only one! There is also a bug thread on this forum you could add to:
  3. Glad to see it's not just me then! Yeah you could be on to something there actually! As long as my saves don't get overwritten I'm happy to live with it.
  4. Not a bug as such, but I have a case of a phantom save file. Would be nice if someone had an explanation though. So my Bristol City save is in slot 1. Prior to starting my Porto save I backed up my Bristol City one (I’m on an iPad so copied save file via iTunes on my PC. Started my Porto save, but when saving noticed a random Bristol City save in slot 2. A slightly earlier date but certainly not one I saved myself. Screenshot below but anyone seen this before?
  5. Well pre-season couldn’t have gone much better! Let the competitive games commence...
  6. My heart says @Ian but my head says @Foxy. Good luck to you both!
  7. Thanks everyone for the comments so far! I’ve now reviewed the team, including making sure everyone is training in the position they will play in. With the aim of the task being clean sheets I wanted to go for a defensive setup, but not too much as I need to score goals too else I’ll probably get fired! See below for my initial tactical setup. Will see how this goes in the 3 pre-season friendlies (which don’t count) before making any changes/tweaks:
  8. In the full fat FM there are multiple brexit scenarios and you should see the number of posts/complaints/arguments about it over on the official SI forum!
  9. It's one of the rules of the challenge. No signing any players. Thank you!
  10. 100% agree with this. When watching in 2D the only parts of the match that are 'key' are shown in 2D. The text commentary at all other times is pretty pointless as you nothing major is going to happen. I really tried to get into watching in 2D but just doesn't appeal to me. 'Commentary Only' reminds me of the good ol' Champ Manager days. You never knew what was about to happen, which makes it more exciting (to me anyway). Also, in my Bristol City career I didn't win any of my pre-season friendlies when watching 2D, but won my first EFL championship match watching commentary only. It's a sign!
  11. So here it is. My very first FMM vibe challenge! Created by @Foxy it is the “Parking the Bus” challenge. So why pick this challenge as my first? Well it’s a single season so should be easier to complete, and with a ban on signing players I don’t even have to worry about what players to sign. The squad is the squad. So what club have I decided to pick? See below (along with evidence of it being my first season):
  12. This is going to be my first FMM20 challenge. Wish me luck!
  13. Thanks for the responses! Definitely given me food for thought. What I am sure of though is that any challenges I do undertake will likely end with me at the bottom of the leaderboard, but I'll have fun propping everyone else up!
  14. Hello fellow vibers! Since joining this forum one thing has stuck out for me: the challenges. Firstly, there's alot. Secondly, there's alot that interest me. Thirdly, there's no chance of me completing all the one's I want to! My 'challenge' wants list currently sits at 15, ranging from 1 season challenges to pretty much 30 season one's. So, what I wanted to know was, how do members of this community decide which challenges to do? How do you prioritise? Start with the longer one's first? Finish a few quicker one's first? Do one at a time? Have 4 on the go?? I'm having such trouble knowing where to start that I'm planning to give each challenge a number, then use a random number generator to decide for me - ha! But there is one thing I do know: I want to use as many different countries/leagues that I can, almost to the point of using a different country each time. Still getting used to FMM20 at mo so no challenges started yet but don't think it will be long!
  15. I noticed the 'Go To Topic Listing' has the topic name underneath again - good work!