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  1. Just a misunderstanding, sorry. I searched for a reserve team bugs and those post i needed to quote was right above yours. My problem is that polish clubs have no reserve teams fixtures and players in reserves just don't develop. I have written about it in help topic.
  2. Squad Page - View - Hide ineligible/injured. How did you manage to solve the problem with fixtures that don't appear?
  3. Poland doesn't have a league for reserve teams and players in reserves just don't develop there. What's more important, if the player is on loan, but he's in reserves, he also doesn't develop. In earlier managers there wasn't such problem. Imho, it is because of the reserve leagues feature. And they develop in first team, even if they don't play. So to develop players in Poland, when operating a squad of 50-60 players, i have to promote and demote 20-30 players every month or two. That's the only option. I realised that when Ghion and Ruggiero appeared to be shit at the age of 21-22. And you may ask me why do i need so many players? That's because I wanted to take on a challenge of making a Polish league the best one. To do that I have to sign and sell a lot of players and leave 80 good players in club after resigning because its ultra-important for club to do well without me. If the reserve players don't develop, there is no point in the challenge. Last year I tried it with Scotland and here's what I managed to do. Poland is the same level. After 3 years of managing Legia with a Messi regen in my squad, i'm dissapointed and dont know what to do. Wheater to wait for the update, or to start in Denmark, which would be easy to lead to the top or maybe continue demoting/promoting players every 2 monthes? P. S. Here is the screen of the "match of the century"
  4. Imho, there won't be significant improvements in the game. The years will be just passing by, devices will improve and in some time we will have FM Touch version on our Android/iOS mobile phones.
  5. Original idea of making a list of every playable national teams belongs to Foxy, but as we all know one of the most popular team to manage is Andorra FC and I hoped that the grey players will be Andorran (not Spanish) and there will be possibility to manage a national team. That's the reason why i started reseaching on this topic. The list is lower; to manage a certain team you should upload leagues, with a number of players of the nationality corresponding with a national team you've chosen. E.g. for an Asian team, pick Korean and Chinese leagues, for an American teams - MLS, Portugal, Spain. In comparison to last year, there is Syria instead of Bahrain and 3 more teams - Slovenia, Czech Republik and Ecuador. EUROPE Albania Austria Belgium Bosnia&Herzogovina Croatia Czech Republik Denmark England France Greece Ireland Italy Kosovo Netherlands Northern Ireland Poland Portugal Romania Russia Scotland Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine Wales SOUTH AMERICA Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Uruguay Venezuela AFRICA Algeria Cameroon Cape Verde DR Congo Ghana Guinea Guinea-Bissau Ivory Coast Mali Morocco Nigeria Senegal ASIA Australia China Iran Iraq Korea, North Korea, South Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria Uzbekistan NORTH AMERICA Bermuda Canada Jamaica Mexico USA OCEANIA New Zealand
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