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  1. Looks like this will fix a lot of the annoying issues we are seeing. Installing now.
  2. Mentioned a few times, it is a new ruling.
  3. I'm doing great, first and third and being called "players" is a bit odd too for the managers award.
  4. Yes I have. As a yourneyman save you sometimes get into a club mid or end of the season. Sometimes needed a real miracle to save them and I did not always succeed. I like that sort a thing though. Nicest one was actually my last save I played on FMT18, getting the job at Valencia in February 2030 or sometime there. They were bankrupt and 10 points behind safety, but I missed the survival by 1 point... Spend the following season rebuilding the squad with freebees and youth, promoted in the 2nd season we played in Segunda Division. Think I played another season in the Primera and moved to Sevilla.
  5. It was Ryan Tunnicliffe from Luton Town to Morecambe (me) in August 2021. There is actually no transfer fee showing, so I doubt I had to pay any. Although the guy had a value of above 100k Euros. It was before the last update.
  6. I get sacked a few times per save actually. Mostly play LLM or rags-to-riches manager careers moving from club to club so sometimes it just does not work out with a club although I am bringing my A-game.
  7. This value is also relative to the rest of you squad. Did you bring in better players? Or the quality if your players went up? Then this players PA was dropping, relative to the squad.
  8. Had this too, fell asleep leading 2-0, when I finished it the morning after I lost 2-3... The game changes its identity with every update, like a schizophrenic.
  9. I too have had a player skip the contract negotiations. Happily for me he ended up with a contract far below his worth. This was before yesterdays update though, so not sure this was on the fix list.
  10. True, similar challenge indeed. Go on then, get outside UK. 😎 If you want to go a little deeper in Germany then Kaiserslautern is in the league below Hamburg, but are one of the oldest clubs in Germany.
  11. Considered going outside UK? Like trying to win the CL again with Red Star Belgrade. or trying to be champions again with Stade de Reims, Hamburger SV. Something like that might be a good challenge for a few seasons.
  12. The way I like to play FM is exactly what this challenge is about, building yourself a nice career, moving from club to club to get to play with the big boys in the end. Not experienced with FMM at all, played 3 seasons before I started this career, so I might not be getting to the Superstar status that fast at all. https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/44175-its-a-long-way-to-the-top-superstar-manager-2020/ Me at the start: Only had to wait a short while to get job offers but decided to wait until October to accept any. Similar to Mike F I also was able to get into the Vanarama National League straight away with Solihull Moors. Next update later today, as I already played 3 seasons and switched jobs too.
  13. Great work Mike! Looks like you did achieve this, so no fail in my book! Actually started this challenge too, but I move up a little slower. Will start a thread soon.
  14. I am a solution architect for this kind of tools, but not on mobile though. However, the sparse free time that is available I rather play the game than look at code again same like during business hours.
  15. Why can girls look awesome wearing those and boys don't? I feel discriminated now. 🤔