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  1. zaangie


    Also want to try new ones but didn't find any that caught my attention. Never used Mudsdale before but it's a pain in the ass playing against him because I tend to use more physical mons and stamina just break my teams.
  2. zaangie


    I still don't Iike the dynamax in normal battles but in raid is actually fun. Nothing special so far: Raboot, Lombre, Excadrill (my favorite mon and I can't wait to bring my boy over from Sun that I bred in oras), Appletun (got him in a raid with HA), Toxtricity and Mudsdale.
  3. zaangie


    @Ashez man, max raid battles are awesome.
  4. "forget about defeat" *loses to Tottenham* 😂😂 In all seriousness, how do your wingers perform?
  5. That looks very interesting. Might try it later.
  6. zaangie


    So basically they are selling us what should have been in the base game. Felt like a kick in the nuts. But I really like what I saw. Gonna wait for reviews to decide if I'll buy or not. Rescue Game remake looks good. Never played one before so I'm gonna try that demo.
  7. zaangie


    They'll probably show Pokémon home and sleep. Not to excited about it.
  8. First you need to change the strikers role so he would assist your IFs more often. Then like already said, use run at defense and with left foot at right and right foot at left. Hope that helps.
  9. Do you always go Overload or do you change it depending on the opponent?
  10. It looks like a fun tactic. Might try it later.
  11. zaangie


    I still have like 3 hours of Pokémon lol. Unfortunately it sucks. Period. I'll finish it later. I'm busy with FFVII and DQXI.
  12. Like I said, it's from last year so I don't have the save game anymore. When I have the time I'll test this years version to check if still happens. At least it still happens when I buy/sell a player.
  13. What do you mean? I was Gladbach manager and won everything. I quit the job and went to Chelsea. I noticed that the Gladbach players got upgraded right after I quit and Chelsea got downgrade when I accepted the offer. Then I quit again and they went back.
  14. I don't need to prove anything to you but take this post I created last year. And stop being rude. You don't gain anything with that.