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  1. why is Hazard in Real Madrid? xD
  2. zaangie


    I only bought it digitally because it was 4 bucks xd
  3. zaangie


    It's awesome, but it's so fucking hard ahahaha I just want to throw the console through the window
  4. zaangie


    I'll give it a try then ?
  5. zaangie


    @Ashez yes, big fan of warriors game. Didn't know shining resonance has a demo. From what I saw in game play videos it's not like a warriors game but like xenoblade or the final fantasy. Not my style. Fortnite is funnier when you play with other people, but I'm not gonna play it again until they add gyro aim. But if you want we can play someday.
  6. zaangie


    I enjoyed Nintendo's E3 although I agree with you about showing to much Smash. Pretty sure they gonna do some directs in the next couple of weeks or months so I'm not worried. I'm going for Pokémon Eevee and I'm sure that starters don't evolve. Super Mario Party looks awesome. Gonna buy for sure. It has online but I think it's just for mini games.
  7. zaangie


    The game is aiming for more chill and casual gamers. It's not for competitive gamers. We'll probably see more at E3. I understand the disappointment but 7th Gen was released 1 and half year ago and a "sequel" half a year ago. Saw some leaks and we'll probably have a new Fire Emblem at E3.
  8. zaangie


    Waiting for news about Go in E3. Liked the trailer but I need to know more about the content of the game to decide if I buy or not. Not interest in Quest. About the main game. They're working on it since the switch was release so the hype is big because they have a lot of time to make a great game.
  9. zaangie

    CM01/02 on Android!!

    Man, that's my favorite manager. I played for more than a decade thanks for the amazing updates. Keep us updated
  10. zaangie

    FMM18 Bug List

    Still missing.
  11. zaangie

    FMM18 Bug List

    Why are my 32+ years old players asking for +800k per week? Lmao
  12. How about the touch screen?
  13. I don't know who decide the digitally and physically prices but here in Portugal physical is usually cheaper.
  14. zaangie

    Signing Screen

    Yes. In the specific news you have a little square on the right. Press that.