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  1. From what I saw from older games is that they look for less valuable/skilled players.
  2. There's ton of tactics in the forum already. Juts try to find one that fits your squad. The 4321 ones are good for you.
  3. Oh wait, the longest goal it was I that conceded. Guess that doesn't count. My memory failed me lol.
  4. Alright, I have some records in EME. Most goals scored by a player in a match - 7 Most possession in a match - 76% Longest goal scored - 105 meters (114.8 yards) VID_20191128_155328.mp4
  5. I scored one at 105 meters, which is like 114 yards or something. And it's similar to yours.
  6. That little window that shows up with stats when you're loading
  7. I know Germany doesn't have license but at least make the greyed out players better.
  8. Your not the only one. That's why I only sub when someone is tired or get injured/red card.
  9. zaangie


    I'm also moving house before Xmas but I don't have snow problems in here 😅
  10. that's why I didn't remember to go back to a match to see the numbers. makes no sense.
  11. thanks, now i'm gonna hide in some corner and pretend i'm not stupid 😅
  12. where the hell do we see the match attendance? can't find anywhere lmao
  13. So this is just a bug/cheat. Hope it gets fix. Nice find tho.
  14. zaangie


    Pretty sure if you're a developer and you release a game in a platform you have to give a % to them. So probably Nintendo asks for more. Carta are more expensive and Nintendo wants eshop to be the same price as physical. That might explain why games like Impossible Lair are also more expensive in eshop then pstore. When FFX was released it was logical to more expensive. It was a remaster of two games. But now I don't think it the price is justified. The port are basically the same as psvita.
  15. zaangie


    I do believe Nintendo has influences in third party games prices. There's no logical reason why FFX was released for 50$. Impossible Lair was released at same time on multiple consoles and yet its more expensive on switch. This is just 2 examples. I can get you more.