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    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    I've seen that site but never used it, unfortunately I don't know which offer international shipping so I can't suggest any really. I typically use Amazon or 365Games which both seem good price wise for what I look at. 365Games ships to Portugal for £2.99 according to the website. 
    Marvel £45 
    FE £43 
    + Shipping of £2.99. 
    I've had no issues with the site but obviously I've not used them internationally and I assume you could be hit by import fees and taxes which can be pricey. I've only imported from Gamestop Ireland and Amazon US but I paid the fees on ordering. 
  2. Happy
    zaangie got a reaction from Nucleus in Nintendo   
    If you have online service you can buy 2 vouchers for 99€. Each voucher you can use to buy 1 game for a certain list. If you choose 60€ games you'll save 20€.
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    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    That's fair but I'm always happy with a tease, especially for BOTW 2 lol.
    I didn't expect many surprises tbf as I think most of until Xmas was covered 
    July - FE
    August - Astral Chain 
    September - I expected DQ11 but it's also got Links Awakening and that Mech game has been sent out to die here. 
    October - Surely Luigi will land here for Halloween
    November - Pokemon
    December - I expected Links Awakening or Animal Crossing here but do we have a December game yet?
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    zaangie got a reaction from Ashez in Nintendo   
    There you go @Ashez
  5. Favourite
    zaangie got a reaction from Vaile23 in FMM19 General Discussion   
    Talking about world's best coach. In my recent save Luis Enrique has won it 6 times in a row and he has won absolutely nothing. 0 champions league, 0 Europa league. On another hand I won 6 champions league and a fifa world cup. Only won the award 2 times. What a joke. 
  6. Favourite
    zaangie reacted to Nucleus in Nintendo   
    EA are actually on par if not worse than SI imo! Horrible horrible company
  7. Favourite
    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    Pokemon Direct
  8. Favourite
    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    What I've Been Playing
    May 2019 
    Mario Maker 2 Direct - I didn't post at the time as I didn't have anything really to say and no-one else brought it up. I think the direct was good and did what it intended to do, tbf I'm amazed at how much they've added to the original game, this is a true sequel. It's seriously mind boggling to see all the options and I'm sure the community will create some spectacular levels like they did for the first, I'm just not sure it's for me. I love 2D Mario but I never got as much out of MM1 as I expected to, it's similar to Smash where I love both games but I never played them enough to justify the purchase, especially when I have so many games I really want to play. Like I'd get my worth from the 100 story levels and down loading ones I'm sure yet as I have no interest in the creation aspect it feels like a waste, admittedly that's kind of a mental view point issue and not one with the game 😂. Fire Emblem is July, YuGiOh is August which tempts me, DQXI will hopefully be September and Pokemon will be Novemberish plus everything already released I want, yikes the Switch is packed! 
    Tetris 99 - I didn't play it much but over one weekend there was an event where your finish earnt you points and if you collected 100 points combined over the weekend you'd unlock a skin. The skin is of the classic Gameboy Tetris and it's pretty neat so I decided to grind for it which didn't take long. You got 7 points for finishing 31st-50th and 10 points for finishing 11th-30th so I just grinded hoping to land in those areas, my best run was finishing 13th though. 
    Mario Odyssey - Damn you @Nucleus! I had every intention of going to Starlink once I'd finished Spirit Tracks (below) but Nuc comes barging into my PMs with stories of Odyssey and I just had to return! On this return to this amazing game I did some clean up collecting all the power moons and the few purple coins I missed (Bowser and Moon Kingdom), I also progressed to the end game being "The Dark Side Of The Moon" and "The Darker Side Of The Moon". The end game is bloody fantastic lads, it's really challenging, pretty frustrating but massively rewarding, in fact I don't want to spoil it at all so I'll stop here, just play it and beat it. I have one thing to admit however as unfortunately this isn't an 100% save but a 99% one (not including yellow coin outfits), you see I have 880 moons which is the 100% figure I believe but I've bought an extra one from the shop due to one bullshit moon I just can't get, I've wasted hours on the 100+ rally Volley Ball challenge in the seaside kingdom and I just can't get near it, even with the "cheat" to make it easier so screw that moon, in my eyes I've 100%'d this beauty. 
    A Crash Bandicoot Rant - I don't want to shit on the Crash Trilogy more than I already have but after returning to Odyssey it's hard not to think of the Bandicoot. At the time I said it's an unfair comparison which is still true, I also said Mario was an easy game which is a tad less true after playing the final two worlds which are really tough. In the second last area I lost over 1000 coins which means I died over 100 times in this area alone, these areas were extremely tough and needed precise inputs to get the job done yet because of the no life system and the instant respawn this grind never killed me like it did in Crash. I said Crash really could have done with quality of life improvements to modernise it and now I 100% believe this to be the case, I grew to hate Crash out of frustration and due to having to repeatedly grind lives, yet these Mario levels kicked my arse yet it was fun and I was so happy once I finally crossed the line. In the final area of the game I spent close to 5/6 hours grinding the routes, learning the challenges and developing some muscle memory and while the repeated tries did get frustrating they never got infuriating like it did with Crash. The quick retries of Mario kept me wanting to push on while a similar situation on Crash would see me having to leave to grind lives just to make progress, that's simply not fun. Some of these Mario late game challenges could be seen as cheap with some really tight platforming needed to be successful but I always felt any deaths or mistakes were on my part and most the frustration was with myself and not with the game but with Crash all my anger was mostly pointed at its laggy controls and awful level design, like I said it's not really a fair comparison with Crash being remakes of 20 odd year old games but returning to Odyssey has really opened my eyes to how much I hated the Crash Trilogy. 
    Toby The Secret Mine - I got this game a few weeks ago for 79p so I didn't expect much and tbh that's what I got. It's a decent Limbo inspired "trail and error" platform/puzzler. The highlight of this game are it's visuals, soundtrack, sound design and general atmosphere as it's really bloody good and sets the theme well, it really got the heart pumping at certain parts. The gameplay however is just kinda bland, the puzzles are nothing to write home about and the platforming is kind of stiff with the general outline being die from something unexpected, now you expect it get through the area without dying type gameplay. It's fun enough but it's far from a must play, it doesn't out stay it's welcome however as it's a very short game as i beat it in around 2 hours and 45 mins, so it's a decent distraction but nothing more. In my playthrough I died 290 times but check points are frequent and respawns are quick so it's not that tedious, I also found 22/26 of the hidden collectables. 
    MK8D - I spent one wonderful evening getting schooled on the online by @zaangie ! It soon become a trend where I'd come 6th repeatedly but obviously i just had bad luck on the night :p. It was a blast though but next time I hope I put on a better show lmao, I'm sure we'll do it again so any other Vibers with the game and online hit us up if you want to join in. 
    TLOZ Spirit Tracks - I don't even know where to begin with this game but for those unaware this is the second Zelda title on the DS. It's typically seen as one of the worst Zelda's (along side it's prequel) but I always enjoyed certain aspects of its prequel The Phantom Hourglass but in general I disliked the game, however this sequel fixed some of the things I disliked so I was keen to give it a try, especially as Radio Free Nintendo did an over 2 hour retrospective on it (all the hosts play it over a time period and fans are encouraged to do the same, unfortunately I didn't get involved in the discussion as I beat it the night the podcast was recorded). One of the main highlights of this game is it features a playable Zelda, or I should say a playable version of ghost Zelda as in the opening the princess dies and becomes somewhat like your fairy from other Zelda games, however in this she can possess certain enemies in a specific dungeon you return to after every other dungeons to help solve puzzles and so on. This feature is a little gimmicky but it works well enough and the story serves its job. The other main gimmick of this title is it's train based, which means the over world is dreadful (soundtrack aside) as you're stuck to tracks and you basically just go point A to B to progress the story. You'll go to the Spirit Temple which will unlock new areas and tracks while you have to go to normal dungeons to find items and beat areas to progress, unfortunately though the train is just so slow and any segments of traveling were boring as anything! The tracks does feature some distractions like enemies, collectable rabbits, shops and side stations you can visit but all in all the world sucks. You have your forest area, snow area, water area, desert area and a fire area which all look fine and are fun enough but being tied to the tracks makes them all similar and boring. Control wise the game is completely touch controlled as Link moves via the stylus and to use items you also use touch, for example with the boomerang you draw it's path and this is something I surprisingly really enjoy, you have so much control and freedom it's just ace, however at times it can be annoying as your hand can cover the screen making visibility a real issue. Continuing on from its prequel you can also draw and write on maps to mark locations, to write puzzle solutions down, to work out answers and basically anything you want which is a feature I adore, it's so clever and it works reasonably well. However there is one other gimmick I hate with this game with a passion and it's the Spirit Flute which is essentially the musical instrument of this game but my biggest issue with it is you move it side to side with the stylus but to play notes you have to blow the microphone! On paper it's pretty neat and immersive but in practice it's an absolute nightmare, especially on the New 3DS XL. On previous DS systems the microphone was central below the screen but on my system it's in the right hand corner at the bottom, right underneath where you bloody hand is to use the stylus! These segments were infuriating as I had to hold the system awkwardly, move the stylus to hit notes and blow the microphone praying it would register and hit the right note in the right timing, seriously these were infuriating and I almost quick numerous times, one song in particular took me close to a hour to beat! That's alot of negatives but one thing i loved about this game were the dungeons, they were the reason I pushed through the crap as I really enjoyed them, admittedly the first few were really easy yet creative but the final few were a decent challenge with the final one being incredibly confusing and clever which took me like 2 hours to beat, they were a joy to play. Finally the pacing of the game was another area I had issues with, especially in the end game. Early on you'd basically go point A to B but slowly they started adding more filler to spread it out which got annoying, for example in the fire area I needed ice so I travelled to the snow kingdom, they told me they couldn't help without water so I had to go find water, then I could finally continue the story. I beat the last dungeon and headed to the final boss with a playtime of 18 hours basically on the dot, my playtime after beating the final boss? Just shy of 22 hours, that's right there was 4 hours worth of infuriating bullshit inbetween! A train segment, a boss fight against the demon train, saving Zelda, another boss fight, learning the hardest song of the game (which I did quicker than some tbf) followed by the final boss! Oh and death meant you had to replay decently sized segments, it was infuriating. So did I enjoy this game? I'll have to say not really as while I had a blast with certain aspects others just killed the game for me, if it wasn't Zelda I wouldn't have finished it and while I'm glad I've played it I'll never play it again. It has some potential but all in all its just The Legend Of Gimmick. 
    Go! Go! Beckham!- This wasn't a planned play but my missus had a hospital appointment and as we were leaving she dropped the bombshell of we could be there 3 hours (we weren't), so in a mad panic I ran and grabbed my GBA and the first game I came across that I'd not played which happened to be this title, thankfully it was pretty decent so I decided to finish it. This is the final game of an Ebay bundle I've mentioned a fair few times which came with The Lion King 1.5 and The Flash. This wasn't a game I wanted to play as such but one I wanted for the novelty of owning a "David Beckham" platformer. In this game it's your typical collectathon 2D side scroller/puzzle platformer with coins, eggs and keys to collect, power ups and some levels have balls that spell out the word Beckham similar to the Donkey Kong series (1 letter per level that has them, to spell Beckham on the world map.) The main gimmick of the game is instead of jumping on enemies or using weapons you have a football which you have to kick at them, the ball also has to be kicked at items to collect them. The ball functions like a ranged attack where you'll "shoot" and the ball will bounce around but thankfully you can recall it to your side by pressing the shoot button. It actually feels alot like the Yoshi 2D platformers just with one projectile and no real aiming mechanic, however that's not all as visually it also reminds me of that series as the level designs all look good and Mario-ish with all levels being fun to explore with themes of snow, desert, forest and something like a graveyard plus a small final boss area. The levels see you explore and find a certain amount of keys to open the goal to finish the level and it's actual more difficult than I expected as I thought I'd breeze through the game but I did die a number of times. I was pleasantly surprised at how polished and enjoyable this game was, tbh I expected some shitty cash grab taking advantage of the Beckham name but it's actually pretty bloody good. Due to liking this I've looked into the developer and unfortunately they went bankrupt a year after this title with the Beckham game being mentioned as a poor seller! It was a short play through though with the game having around 40 levels with most only taking a few mins to get to the end, any longer and it might have out stood it's welcome as I was starting to get tired of it once I got to the end. 
    Recent Pick Ups
    I can't believe I'm saying this but I won another Twitter giveaway! That's now two games I've won plus the $10 US eshop credit I won last month, I can't believe it! Anyway I won 
    Duck Game - It's an up to four player party shooter which according to reviews is highly rated (9/10 NWR, 83 on Metacritic) and a port of a PC game. The single player content is apparently short at 30 levels lasting around a minute each but I'm excited to try it out, especially with my brothers when they're next around. Saved myself £12 on a game that looks interesting so there are zero complaints from me :D. 
    Talking of that $10 Eshop credit.......I've not spent it as yet, like I said I'm looking to save it for a few titles in particular. 
    I did however pick up two Eshop titles and 2 physical games this month. 
    Switch Eshop
    Downwell - £1.34 - Downwell has been on my radar for years as it was extremely hyped when it first released on mobile but as a non mobile gamer (FMM aside) it's one I've not got to yet. I nearly got it when it launched on Switch as it's only usually £2.69 but I decided to wait until I actually wanted to play it, however it had a 50% off sale so for £1.34 i had to have it. Gameplay wise it's a tough rogue like shooter with the unique selling point being you're falling down a well and you have guns as boots, apparently it's very hard and extremely addictive so I'm excited to try it out. 
    Reigns Game Of Thrones - £1.79 - The Reigns series is basically tinder where you're a king or queen and you swipe left or right to answer questions and scenarios in a pick your adventure book kind of way. The first two in the series being called Kings and Queens always looked intriguing but when a Game Of Thrones version was released my interest peaked again. Having this unique gameplay loop combined with known characters I care about just made it appeal more to me, especially after how crap the last season was. After buying Downwell with my gold points I had 33 left so adding the £1.46 to get this was an easy decision. 
    Overall I'm very happy with my digital pick ups this month as as long as I like the titles I've added three limitless games to my collection that will always be on my system. If I fancy multiplayer I have Duck Game, single player adventure I have Downwell and Reigns for any time I just want to chill. I've found myself playing Tetris (99 + Puyo Puyo demo) a decent amount for these above reasons so adding cheap yet interesting games to that pool has me excited. 
    Physical Games
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze - 3DS - £5 - A licenced 3DS game?! What was I thinking I hear you cry! Well this is a TMNT's game based on a Nickelodeon TV show I've never watched and know nothing about, however it's also developed by the brilliant Wayforward and is a Metroidvania! I'm always on the look out for new Metroidvania's and I knew there was a Turtles one on the 3DS (& Spider-Man ones on the DS) but I never remembered which one it was, fortunately at my local Cex I found this title on the shelf, reasonably priced and with time to look up if this was the Metroidvania which it was so I knew I had to have it. My mother swears I was a big TMNT fan as a kid but it's not something I remember at all, I was more into the mouse rip off Biker Mice From Mars. Anyway this game has mixed reviews but most of the ones I've read seemed to just not understand what a Metroidvania is so I'm intrigued to see what I think once I get to it. 
    Sabrina TAS Spooked - GBC - £1.80 - If the last game didn't have you raising an eyebrow I'm sure this one will! Yes that is indeed Sabrina The Teenage Witch The Animated Series on the GBC. This is actually the sequel in a series of two GBC games based on the TV show and while it appears an odd pick up I have my reasons. Just like the above game this was made by Wayforward and once again it's a metroidvania-ish but this time it's level based, I know what a bloody strange mix that is. The second I heard about it I knew I had to have it and it didn't take long as I paid £0.20 for this game with £1.60 postage. I actually never expected to pick up any original Gameboy or GBC games but visually this one looks fantastic so we'll see what happens. When it arrived the missus said she's pretty sure she had it when she was a kid which was a nice surprise as well lol. @samhardyis adamant I didn't buy this and that I won't play it 😂

    With that out the way it's finally time to get to Starlink and I'm hyped! That's getting all my attention this month as my original plan was to play Odyssey after Starlink but now I'm allowing no distractions! 
  9. Shocked
    zaangie reacted to Narayanos in 4-1-2-1-2, high press, win everything OME   
    If anyone has any doubts about this tactic please take a look at this screenshot, lowest league in England, with Basic/Basic team, first season.

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    zaangie reacted to DutchTony in FMM19 General Discussion   
    I challenge SI to make the game fun again... 
  11. Happy
    zaangie got a reaction from Ashez in Nintendo   
    Bring it on baby! 
  12. Favourite
    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    Pokemon Hype!!!
    Told you we'd get one before E3 @Nucleus
  13. Favourite
    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    I hoped we'd get a Direct before E3 and we are, unfortunately it's a Mario Maker 2 one 
    Hopefully this means MM2 won't dominate E3 like Smash did last year though. 
  14. Sad
    zaangie got a reaction from Ashez in Nintendo   
    That's really sick 😕
  15. Favourite
    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    For me Knight is the worst of the core 3, it's still decent but nowhere near as good as the previous two. The story was predictable and I hated everything the batmobile brought to the series, the tank battles were so dull and too frequent. 
    City, Asylum, Origins, Knight and Blackgate would be my order. 
    Blackgate is likely the most disappointing though as it had so much potential it just missed the mark, one min it would click and feel awesome, the next it would fall apart and be awful. The boss battles were really neat though, Blackgate is basically a poor 2D Metroidvania where they tried to implement the Arkham combat and it was just messy. Any time I think of a game that never reached it's potential I think of that, it could have been an awesome 2D series but in the end it took alot for me to even finish it. 
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    zaangie got a reaction from Ashez in Nintendo   
    Got this today, looks awesome 😁 shame it doesn't have vegete instead of Mai. 

  17. Favourite
    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    Pokemon Fire Red
    I said a while ago I had a desire to do another monotype run after loving my Ground type one on Pokemon X a few months ago. This time however I wanted to go old school so I decided to do one on Fire Red, originally I hesitated on this due to Let's Go but the demo pushed that game out of my thoughts, especially after seeing Sword and Shield. Unfortunately while nostalgic the original dex isn't the most diverse but after talking to @Nucleus ages ago the seeds of a poison type run were planted. I had actually considered doing a Nuzlocke run which I've never done before but I've decided to save that for another time, mainly because I couldn't shake this poison type run idea, it just intrigued me and has stayed in my mind for weeks. 
    The Run.
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    zaangie reacted to samhardy in Nintendo   
    Not enough detail.
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    zaangie got a reaction from Ashez in Nintendo   
    How about this one? 

  20. Funny
    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    Especially when all I seem to get is mushrooms and everyone else has shells and bullets 😂
  21. Favourite
    zaangie got a reaction from Ashez in Nintendo   
    @Ashez what tradition? You lost me 😂
    I have +7500, could be more but I haven't played it that much in last months. 
  22. Favourite
    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    Not for me at all, I'm more into swords and old school weaponry/themes than guns and that shit. 

    One reason I love Dead Cells is I've always been a bow and arrow guy, I've always just loved them but so few games handle them in a satisfying way yet they're perfect in Dead Cells. 
    Most games with bows are RPGs, or action games where magic/guns completely shit on them. I'm always looking for good how games 😂

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    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   

    Pretty decent news that 
  24. Favourite
    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    A very impressive Nindies Direct that!! 
  25. Favourite
    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    Happy 2nd Birthday Nintendo Switch 🎉🎂🎂🎉