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    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    Yeah I'm not $80 interested and I've not seen a UK price so it'll likely be £70-80. It's neat though and you can see some heart went into it, I hope it finds an audience as it's maybe too gimmicky for "gamers" while a RPG isn't as casual friendly as Wii Sports/Fit, it's an odd one but I'll see how it plays out for sure. 
    As long as Nintendo are producing the stuff I want i love seeing the bizarre shit they can come up with. Labo and this aren't really for me but they're bloody cool. 
  2. Happy
    zaangie got a reaction from Ashez in Nintendo   
    I might get it on a sale or something. Looks a lot of fun
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    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    Okay this is alot cooler and gamey than I ever expected, it actually looks kinda fun. Personally I don't see myself getting it but Nintendo strikes again. 
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    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    Thankfully I've way too much to play as is, hopefully the January direct is more to our tastes. 
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    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    Nintendo Direct hype!! 

  6. Shocked
    zaangie got a reaction from Nucleus in Nintendo   
    Means nothing to me lol 
  7. Shocked
    zaangie got a reaction from Nucleus in Nintendo   
    Means nothing to me lol 
  8. Happy
    zaangie got a reaction from Ashez in Nintendo   
    I'll give it a go when I have the time. 
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    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    A daily reminder that everyone viewing this thread has to play the DQXIs demo! It's bloody awesome which @Nucleuscan confirm and I've just found out it's 10 hours long! You owe it to yourselves to at least try it! @Rob @zaangie @topline
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    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    New Pokemon trailer 
    Loving the "new" badger line! 
    The Mario Tennis Aces thing is live as well
  11. Happy
    zaangie got a reaction from Ashez in Nintendo   
    Amazing! Can't believe I didn't bought earlier. But at least was just 16 bucks
  12. Favourite
    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    Seriously Nintendo magic is unlike anything else, so let me set the scene.
    My missus agrees to look after her best mates kid for a few hours (he's 6/7) so he's around ours, the second he gets here he pulls out his Switch and he's giddy to talk to me about it and to show me Fortnite. I don't see him often but he knows me as the Nintendo person lol.
    So he goes to show me Fortnite but it needs an update so he shows me MK8D while we wait, he's only got those games but he loves them both. He gets bored of Mario Kart and moves onto Fortnite so I try and show an interest but I just don't get the game and it bores me to tears. After a while he's had enough so he asks what games I've got, so I throw my Switch in the dock and he's blown away by all my game icons, considering he's only got two especially. He's doing the typical what's that, what's this and he's saying he can only play the Mario games due to his age when he asks to play Mario + Rabbids. I decided against showing him a tough SRPG in M+R so I run and get Odyssey instead. 
    His face when it booted up was a picture, he was blown away and glued to the seat. When he caught the frog he was basically screaming and just giddy! I'm helping with speech only and refusing to do anything for him and he gets to the first boss, he's adamant it's too hard for him but he did it after a few tries (first boss is 2 hits), in the next kingdom when he saw the Odyssey and the Trex I thought he was going to explode, he was giddy as anything! He explored and with direction he made it to the boss and this one gave him trouble, he was visibly getting frustrated, especially after he hit it twice and it didn't die (typical 3 hit boss this time) but he was also getting 2/3 hits on most tries so I refused to do it for him, I told him I knew he could do it. I left the room and I could hear him shouting "I've hit her twice, I need one more hit" so I snuck to the door and watched, he got the final hit and seriously I thought he was going to cry lmao, he was so happy with himself! Jumping around the room and super chuffed lol. He finds the final moon he needs and goes to the sand kingdom. 
    He explored and messed around but we were running out of time and he wanted to try another boss so I took over and rushed to the rabbit boss. This time I gave no direction and said he had to figure it out himself, he beat it on his second try. Once again he was ecstatic. After that it was time to go and the sneak tried to leave his Switch and take mine 😂😂😂😂, he was just messing though. 
    I dunno I just found this process super Nintendo Magic, maybe it's because I remember these emotions as a kid, hell I had similar moments of pure joy playing Odyssey myself but witnessing this kid fall in love with Odyssey was awesome. There is nothing like Nintendo. 
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    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    The Switch Lite has been announced
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    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    What I've Been Playing
    June 2019 
    A Switch exclusive update this month! 
    Starlink Battle For Atlus - Yes you're reading that correctly as I've finally got to the game! Before we get into the game however this is a toys for life experience since I got the physical edition so let's discuss the toys which came in the package.
    Starlink Toys
    Starlink The Game 
    I've seriously struggled to write about Starlink as a game as it's really baffled me. When I'm playing it I'm loving every second even if it can get a little tedious however when I walk away from it and think about it my views are more mixed. It's a really bizarre and due to that I'm going to write about it in a different way going section by section.
    Visuals - The main appeal of this title to me when it was first revealed was it looked absolutely stunning and I'm happy to report this is even truer in person. I've honestly stopped a few times to just take it all in as the planets are so vibrant and colourful it's just a joy to look at! I've spent hours just flying around and taking everything in while exploring what's around. The game has animated cut scenes for the story which are really well done and help immerse you into this world, I also rather like the character designs as i've found them pretty interesting and unique, especially the more alien type cast members and wild animals. All in all the visuals have really impressed me as the baddies look cool and intimidating, the character designs are solid and the environmental visuals are stunning. 
    Audio  - All the characters are fully voice acted which is another way the game brings this world to life and for the most part the voices display what's needed from them. Admittedly some of the clips can get a tad tedious like when Fox says the same thing to basically every new outpost he finds but in general I'm a fan of the voices used. The music in the game is also good with some environmental sounds and some proper tense music used for boss battles, it all does the job but my favourite part might be when Fox uses his ability to call in the Starfox crew and their theme plays, it's so cool! 
    Controls - I said I'd discuss the way the game is intended to be played by using the provided joycon grip with attachments for the ship and pilots, but in truth I only played like that once as I soon returned to my trusty Pro Controller. However that once was a two hour sessions and I can say it's not as bad as I expected, the controller is heavy and cramped though which I just didn't find as comfortable. You can play the game just fine with a Pro Controller or regular joycons though but you will have to keep the toys and special grip around however as every now and then (weekly I think) you have to re-sync the toys to the game, it's slightly annoying but it's just to ensure you don't sell on the accessories. Anyway game play wise the controls are okay but a tad clunky in my opinion but this is the first game in this style I've ever played, I soon got used to them but the momentum of the ship repeatedly caught me out, especially when i just want to move slightly. I will say however flying around the planet's just feels incredible with a fantastic sense of speed which just fun, so while I had issues with them at first all in all I think they're fine. 
    Gameplay - The typical game play is you're a space ship that flies around battling enemies, gathering resources, scanning wildlife and your typical open world gameplay tropes. On each planet you'll find outposts which you can save and develop to help increase your fight against the villains of the plot, and each outpost has various fetch quests you can do (All similar and repetitive unfortunately). Starlink also has elements of a RTSG (real time strategy game) as the enemies are always on the move and developing so it's up to you to set your defences and take them out before they get a foothold on each planet, the system is like a food chain where you have ground units, extractors, Primes and the Dreadnought in space and each chain makes the one above it tougher, for example if a planet has alot of Primes the Dreadnought will be alot stronger, so it's best to work your way up the chain. This is a really cool concept with the Prime battles especially being awesome and dynamic but unfortunately it soon gets extremely repetitive as you have to do this countless times and the fights are pretty much identical, they're still fun in a mindless kind of way but there is no denying it's repetitive and somewhat of a chore at times. When you're on a planet you basically hover on the ground with access to a jump and a speed boost which help you get around, this is really fun but obstacles can be annoying as crashing will cause damage to your ship but it recovers pretty quickly to be fair. With the press of R however you can take off and fly around as you'd expect a ship to which again feels ace but the coolest part is you can simply point up and you'll fly into space with no loading screens (clearly hidden but it's still cool) and then the universe is yours to explore. In space you can travel planet to planet, enter hyperdrive, fight outlaws, find abandoned ships and find the Dreadnoughts but unfortunately space areas do run into the issue other games like TLOZ:Wind Waker ran into where you spend alot of time just traveling area to area, it's fun until it isn't but thankfully there is a fast travel option. 
    Combat - If you get the physical edition like me you'll start the game with the Arwing (with lasers) and three weapons being ice rockets, a flamethrower and a stasis machine gun type weapon and so far it appears that's all I have access to without buying more toys or getting them digitally, it's annoying but so far I've always had the tools for the job (you can find one use items of other types of weapons if needed). The combat is somewhat complex as the game uses alot of elemental effects like you'll find ice enemies you need to use the flamethrower on as the ice rockets would actually power them up, so in short each enemies has a weakness you should use to your advantage, the constant changing of weapons can be a pain though and I bet it sucks if you played with the toys. The on the planet combat is fun enough with a decent amount of depth but I did find it a little button mashy, especially as you only have so many shots before your weapons need to recharge. However the flying and space combat I didn't like at all, maybe it's because I've never played a game like this before but in space it's 360 combat and you're taking fire from every direction, even finding who's attacking you isn't easy! I found these segments incredibly rage inducing but I did get better at them in time, but I still never really enjoyed them. The game doesn't use a lock on system like for example "Z Targeting" as you have to line up your shots yourself, however you can go into the options and change how lenient your accuracy has to be which can be a massive help in awkward situations. While I didn't enjoy the space combat I can't deny the fact it looks incredible and like something out of a Star Wars movie with ships, rockets, lasers and anything else flying around you, it's just alot to take in. 
    Depth - The most surprising thing about this game is the depth as it's incredibly deep, so deep in fact I'm shocked it's a toys to life game as some of this baffled me never mind kids! It's basically a RPG as anything and everything can be levelled up or modified to your liking alongside the RTSG elements I've already discussed. Starting with your ship you can attach modifiers to it which you'll find during your exploration to give certain boosts like more defence or higher damage output, you can also add similar modifiers to your weapons like giving your flamethrower more range. That's not all for the ship however as your character will earn experience and level up giving you access to a small skill tree type thing and then you can also unlock upgrades from your "base ship" that impact things. Planet side you can upgrade and build outposts in certain locations with observatories (map boost), barracks (planet defence), mines (to make money) and a few others which all work alongside the RTSG elements. To upgrade a location you can do side quest for them, deliver them items you've collected or simply pay for the improvements with in game currency and collectibles. There is always something to do in this world and I'm just blown away by how complex it all is, you could easily sink hours and hours into this. 
    Original Story - The story is pretty cliche and nothing that original but it was compelling enough to keep me interested, the game also has a surprising amount of lore and world building if you're into that type of thing. The only disappointing thing with the main story is it feels short due to how it's handled as the tutorial is basically the story with loads of missions teaching you how the game works, once you understand everything you basically do it a few times then head to the final boss. It is a decent length as my play time shows but it did feel shorter than it actually was.
    Star Fox Story - The exclusive for the Switch version of Starlink is Starfox missions which sees Wolf have an evil plan which you have to stop which does link into the original story pretty well. However there are only a handful of missions and while they change the gameplay up slightly I did find them pretty underwhelming but they are interesting enough. As I've never played a Starfox game though I can't say how "in character" everything was but I enjoyed it for what it's worth. 
    Free DLC - The free DLC for Starlink adds a new planet to the game called the "Crimson Moon" which is like some kind of outlaw world where you'll find racing and battling arenas. The racing aspect was the part that had me excited as it looked really interesting but unfortunately this mode only has four tracks and they're pretty easy. The racing does change the controls slightly and they work okay but drifting was a tad clunky as you have control of the camera as well so as you swing around corners you also need to move the camera, it's manageable yet it felt weird lol. Racing wise you basically just need to go around the tracks collecting blue orbs to recharge you boosts and finish in first place, it's a nice distraction but I won each race on the first attempt and nothing has compelled me to return outside of one side quest that required it. The battle arena is pretty cool though and where you'll find a decent challenge as you have various modes from a boss battle, dodging lasers and surviving waves of enemies, again it was a decent distraction but nothing more. The DLC also came with a few bounty hunter side quests but unfortunately I have to report the second last mission (based on dialog) is bugged! You have to kill a number of specific enemies in specific ways and unfortunately it just doesn't seem to register, I spent more than one hour attempting this but I just couldn't get the kills to register even though I was doing everything correctly. That's not the worst of it though as any progress in the mission doesn't save once you turn off the game so I lost all the kills I did manage to register which simply means I won't be completing that side quest. 
    Paid Starfox DLC - The paid DLC for Starfox adds Falco, Slippy and Peppy to the game for £9.49. The characters come with missions but apparently it's only around one hours worth of content so I have no interest in it, you can play the entire game as them but I don't see myself replaying this any time soon. 
    Difficulty - The difficulty of this game is interesting because it does feel ever so slightly off balance, you see the lives system of Starlink is tied to ships. The physical edition I got comes with two ships (physical Arwing + one digital) and the way Ubisoft tried to tempt people to buy more is when you die that ship is destroyed until you respawn or change ships, as I only wanted to use the Arwing that basically meant every death was a game over compared to swapping ships and continuing from where I was. Don't get me wrong it's not extremely challenging on normal and doing an Arwing only run did make it harder for myself but it's worth mentioning. As for the difficulty in general it is pretty good as normal isn't a walk in the park as you can die at any time and you have the option of changing the difficulty at any point in the menus, I'll be honest and admit early on I did drop down to easy just to get a feel for everything as not everything is explained that well, once I understood all the systems at play more I went back to normal and never felt the need to lower it again. Like I said in the combat section though I think the space sections are the toughest part of the game as there is just too much going on, however I did learn a few techniques over time to make life easier, for example putting my rockets on backwards so they'd fire behind me. When I first started playing I did wonder how kids would get on with the recommended difficulty of normal as it still is a decent challenge but for anyone looking at this game for kids I can say you have nothing to worry about as the easy mode is a joke and extremely relaxed. 
    Conclusion - At one point Starlink had me pretty conflicted as I loved playing the game but the repetition of everything bugged me, however once I got over that and just accepted it my appreciation for the game sky rocketed as everything just clicked into place. The game play loop is extremely repetitive but once I got into it i started to find it relaxing, rewarding and even addictive, there is always something to do and you're always rewarded for doing it. Let's be real the physical edition is currently available at most retailers for £12-15 which is an absolute steal, like seriously you're robbing companies getting this game at that price, maybe I'd be more critical if I paid £70 for this set at launch but I never, I got it for £22 and it's now basically half off again. The game has problems and I can see why people wouldn't like the repetition but personally I really liked it, I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed it as one of the reason I kept putting off playing it is because I didn't think I'd like it but I ended up loving it. I got over 25 hours out of this adventure which is more than I've got out of alot of other Switch games which cost alot more, you guys know I'm hesitant suggesting games completely as tastes are personal but it's bloody £12 lol. It's not a broken mess, it's not unplayable and I had a blast playing it, I'm actually disappointed it bombed so hard as I think a sequel which fixed some of the issues could have been really special. The price point makes this game hard not to recommend or to suggest you guys look into it as it won't be This cheap forever, all in all I'd easily give Starlink a 7.5 or 8 out of 10. It's better than Crash at least :p. @Nucleus now has it so I await his views with great interest!
    Reigns Game Of Thrones - This is one of the most moreish and odd card games I've ever played but I've got a decent amount of enjoyment out of the title. In short the idea of the game is you select a character to sit on the iron throne and you have to last as long as you can, you have a deck of cards where various scenarios take place and you swipe left or right to select your response. Your responses will have repercussions however as you have meters which mean game over if they empty or max out, for example one meter is the church and every positive church response increases the meter and every negative one decreases it, once it's empty or maxed out the church will kill you resulting in a game over. It really is a balancing act to keep yourself alive and the various meters happy, especially as you get ranked on how long you last. Setting this game in a real fictional world really adds to the experience, because when you play as John Snow you can act as you think he would or do the complete opposite to just see what happens and as runs are quick and snappy experimenting is rewarding, especially as you have achievements to unlock to get new characters. You have a few achievements visible each run and most are fairly obvious in how to get them, for example one achievement was to win a bar fight so you'd take the route to get you to the bar then work out how to not only start a fight but how to win it. Admittedly the one big knock about this game is it is very repetitive but that does mean you can learn the right and wrong responses or the responses to get you where you want to go, in short bursts though the game is very enjoyable and well worth the £1.80 I spent on it. It's not one I'll sit and marathon but it's one I see myself jumping into from time to time so it's a perfect digital purchase imo. So far I've unlocked all the characters but I have a few scenarios to beat. 
    Duck Game - This is the game I won a few weeks ago and while it's meant to be a multiplayer game I've still not managed to test it out with the family, however I did decided to give the single player mode a whirl. The single player mode is basically a mix between a tutorial and a challenge mode and it kicked my arse to begin with as some things can be tough and most things need to be beaten in a time limit. Once I got the hang of things though I really started to enjoy it and I can instantly see why this is a highly regarded multiplayer game, I'm seriously excited for the brothers to come around and give this a proper run out! Tbf my brother comes around often but he's usually got the niece and nephew with him off late so we've had better things to do than game, but the next chance I get we're playing this! Anyway the game is a 2D side scrolling shooter where you play as a duck, find upgrades (jetpack etc) and weapons (guns, chainsaws etc) and die to one hit (in the single player anyway) but the controls feel really good, at first I found them floaty but once I got to grips with them I was flying round the stages shooting everything in sight. I can really see this being a blast with the right friend group which I hope mine is lol, oh and it opens with a Metroid parody which is ace. 
    Game Of The Year
    New Releases
    1. Tetris 99
    2. Reigns Game Of Thrones
    3. Duck Game
    I've really not played many new releases this year huh 😂
    First Time Played This Year
    1. Starlink Battle For Atlus
    2. Super Mario Party
    3. The Way Remastered
    4. Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy
    5. Batman The Brave & The Bold
    Starlink jumps right to the top of the list knocking the Crash Bandicoot GBA game out the top 5. 
    Recent Pick Ups
    Crypt Of The Necrodancer - Switch - $3.99 - I used a fraction of my US eshop credit to grab this game at a massive discount, Crypt is a game I've had my eye on since it released on the Switch but I was always worried I'd suck at it lol. Crypt is a rhythm rogue like and while I've always had a fondness of rhythm games it's one genre I really like but really suck at and this is meant to be tough regardless of ability! So I used my free credit to take a risk on a game that got rave reviews, especially as the Zelda sequel looks incredible so if I get on okay with this I'll definitely get Cadance Of Hyrule eventually.
    In Between - Switch - $0.90 - I was browsing the latest eshop sale when I noticed a game with 90% off so I took a peak, once the page loaded I was intrigued to discover i was looking at a very interesting looking puzzle platformer. Graphically the game looked unique and instantly appealing with a great art style so I decided to look into it more. Upon reading reviews (NWR 8.5/10) I discovered it's a powerful journey about death and acceptance and it just sounded like something I've never played before, I think after playing The Way Remastered I'm more interested in these dark story driven platformers. Anyway for the cheap price it was a no brainer so I added it to the collection. 
    Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition - Switch - £0 - What is this? That's the question I asked myself when I saw it high on the Eshop sales chart when I realised it was a free download if you owned something else they've released. It appears to be some auto run platformer which I may as well check out since its free.
  15. Favourite
    zaangie reacted to Ashez in Why Seeing FMM As A RPG Changed My Gaming Life   
    Why Seeing FMM As A RPG Changed My Gaming Life

    Before I jump into this topic I think it's best to give some context into my gaming habits, you see I've always been a "gamer" from a young age as I grew up playing Lemmings on my mother's original Gameboy and Super Mario World among others on her Super Nintendo, gaming has just always been there for me. Nintendo wise I've had every console but the NES, Sony wise everything apart from the Vita and PS4 while I've also had all three Xbox's, however across all those platforms there was one genre I hated and that was RPGs. Granted there was and always has been one exception to the rule with Pokemon being a game that just sucked in my generation and it's a series I basically stuck with but for whatever reason I never saw that as a RPG, it was just Pokemon. Before you read any further I just want to say this thread is one of personal journey and not your typical Vibe article, if you read it and take something away from it that's cool, if not I completely understand. 

    I suppose you could say Pokemon was the starting point to this realisation as I got heavily into Platinum's Battle Tower which was basically a gauntlet of battles where you had to build a team and climb as high as you could. Platinum released in Europe during 2009 which means I'd also have been into FMH on the PSP at the time while I joined Vibe in 2010. Joining Vibe and getting more into FMH basically meant I had to decide which game to devote myself to and I think it's pretty obvious which way I went, I still kept up with Pokemon but I never got into the battling side as much again as FMH and Vibe became my primary hobby. 
    One comparison between the two games stuck with me though and that was team building, both games gave me almost endless amounts of teams to build and mess around with, I even remember going about team building in similar ways for both games which sounds daft but there is some logic in my madness. In basic terms both teams would have members who's purpose was to fit a specific role, for example a bulky Pokemon might be referred to as a tank or a wall and I'd use the same logic with FMH team building, for example my tank would be my DMC/BWM. In Pokemon you have special and normal attackers, similar to mages and warriors or creative roles and offensive roles. I'll admit this thought process is pretty odd but I found my knowledge of both games helped with the other as I learnt alot about team building during this phase of my life, I guess knowing how to build successful teams is a transferable skill. 
    This goes so much deeper than just roles however as like FMM players every Pokemon has unique viewable and hidden stats which determine how the character will develop, sure FMM has more stats but once they're grouped together it's a pretty easy comparison. I'd spend hours browsing Pokemon sites trying to find the ideal Pocket Monster for my team just like I'd spend ages stat searching on FMM trying to find that player to make my tactic purr like a Meowth on payday. 
    This shows I had the seeds of FMM as a RPG planted but the tree took another few years to grow, I enjoyed similar things across Pokemon and FMM though which was surprising, yet eye opening. Around 2012/13 another big development took place in my gaming life as I decided to invest in a 3DS XL, I liked the original DS and I'd dabbled with my little brothers original 3DS but for whatever reason I was a little late in picking up a system of my own. This system was a life changer as it's the console that really brought me back into gaming, it's easily one of my favourite systems and it's library of games is fantastic, especially if you count the original DS library. Between the GameCube/PS2 era and the 3DS I'd basically lost interest in gaming as the Wii didn't float my boat and I never had many PS3 games, the 3DS was the restart my gaming life really needed. 
    I'm not sure how my expanded horizons impacted what happened next but when FMM 2014 released I was hesitant, it was the first year without the PSP version and while I loved 2013 on mobile 2014 took some time to settle with me, eventually I liked it but it was very much a love hate relationship. Not playing FMM as much meant I had more free time on my hands and it was around this time I started purchasing riskier (for my tastes) 3DS titles. 

    The game Fantasy Life by Level 5 was one I kept my eyes on for months during it's build up, it was a role playing life simulator which was a genre I had no history with but it just looked so much fun! Eventually I placed my pre-order for the title which in itself was embarrassing as when I asked if it was available for pre-order the worker responded with "oh that girls 3DS game".....I remember being taken back by this response but I've never been impressed by my local stores Nintendo appreciation. Anyway the game released September 2014 so a little before FMM during the horrible waiting period, I actually remember going to Fifa's midnight launch with my brother, he picked up Fifa and I picked up Fantasy Life which released the same day. That night consisted of Fifa but once I plugged Fantasy Life into my system I was hooked, it was such a peaceful and fun Zelda like action/exploring game but with elements of job sims as you could become masters in various jobs to increase your stats and abilities, this turned out to be another gateway game for me as while it wasn't a typical RPG something about it hit a cord with me. Seriously if you have a 3DS look into this hidden gem, I'm so gutted it never got a proper sequel! 
    Fantasy Life was where everything started to click into place, I loved the game so much I decided to look up the developer and see what else they made, with one title in particular really standing out to me being Dragon Quest IX on the original DS. The game had a similar stunning art style and various other similarities but it was a turn based RPG which made me instantly hesitate and lose interest. It always stayed in the back of my mind and I did pick it up but it was a game I was scared to try as I just didn't think I'd like it. 
    We basically jump forward a year at this point until July 2015, I was planning a two week vaccination and I needed a game for the travel and hotel room downtime. It was at this moment my life would change as a few days before leaving I decided to finally test the waters with Dragon Quest IX, so I popped it into my system to see if it was something i could chill with while away. I had every intention of playing the opening and seeing how I got on with it which soon materialised into me playing the first 10 hours before leaving the country! I was caught! I was addicted! I couldn't put it down! I ended up sinking 60-100 odd hours into this game and I loved every second. 

    The world building is excellent but to my surprise on IX you have to build your own party so without realising it I was back in familiar territory which I'd learnt years before from Pokemon and FMM and once again my knowledge was transferable. I'd spent years building balanced teams and I put this knowledge into practice once again as my party carried me through the game, building your own team has so many pitfalls from being too defensive or attacking or not having key components. I easily could have screwed this pivotal moment of my life up but due to my history with team building I had an advantage, I had an idea which I wouldn't have had without Pokemon and especially FMM. 
    The story, the enemies, the villages, the art style and the world did pull me into the game but it was the stats that I found comfort in, it's odd that I love stats in FMM but I never connected the dots that I can be a numbers guy, I can enjoy grinding to get that level up as I'm someone who enjoys numbers raising and working out how to improve my chances. With FMM I've always played commentary only glued to the stats page trying to understand what's going on, trying to gain an advantage from the numbers or to see something that I could miss not viewing them, that appears an unique play style but it works for me even today. In FMM I'd look for the ideal player I needed or look at a players stat spread and give him a role which is exactly the same in some RPGs, you have to look or build your character and make sure they're suited to the required role, it's all about understanding the needed stats for the job. 
    It was now that I had fully realised FMM could be seen as a RPG as all the elements are there, you have your party of characters that are all unique, that level up with experience to improve which is now shown much clearer in game, you have a world to explore, encounters to battle, bosses to be beaten and a party to build. Sure a massive part of any RPG is the story which FMM does lack but you have the freedom to write your own tale like Dungeons and Dragons as Vibe has shown, having no story line means we have endless quests and adventures to undertake.  
    Once this concept was in mind it was one I struggled to shake so by the mid point of 2015 I'd roped in two friends to help me bring a RPG experience to FMM and Vibe. The concept was simple as we created a squad of Vibe members who got to select their role/class with the catch being they'd all start with 1 stat in each area, to earn stats they had to earn experience in matches which could be used to level up and improve the characters stats, thus making them more suited to the role. For many reasons with the time commitment being the main one this interactive experience failed yet it proved my theory that FMM as a true RPG actually worked really well. The feedback and comments from the community really brought the thread to life, considering the save only lasted half a season we hit 16 pages of comments which is good bloody going, even to this day I'm still surprised at how awesome FMM as a straight RPG was to see and experience. 
    With this knowledge my mind was blown wide open as I went on to spend the following years exploring RPGs more and more with me playing titles like Radiant Historia, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest 7/8 and I continued my love in of the Pokemon series but in a new light. I'll admit I'm still hesitant on alot of RPGs and not all of them are for me, but I'm at least now open to the idea which really does shock me. 

    I then discovered a sub genre of RPGs which are often called strategy or tactical RPGs and after years of playing FMM and loving the tactical side of the game I decided to dip my toe into the water. I remembered this game releasing to humongous hype earlier in the 3DS's life span called Fire Emblem Awakening and it looked absolutely fascinating under my new eyes. I'll openly admit I was extremely hesitant as while I fancied my chances as a tactician on FMM how would I fair on the battle field? Was I up to the challenge? It turns out I found the perfect genre I'd been missing my entire life! I fell head over heels in love with Awakening and I've actually played through it multiple times and others in the series, admittedly I'm not sure how much help being a FMM fan played in this new love but if it wasn't for the tactical element and name I know I wouldn't have even tried it. I knew how to counter on FMM and how to implement changes to my tactics to gain the upper hand so I guess it must have contributed on some level, but again my FMM knowledge was essential when it came down to assessing stats, team members and squad building. 

    Finally while not really a RPG I've also developed a fondness for card games, in particular Yugioh Duel Links on mobile. The entire point of this game is to collect cards and build decks to compete online or against the AI, in truth I liked Yugioh as a kid so that was the appeal but i do once again believe my FMM knowledge helped with the deck building part of the game. The decks you have are 20-30 cards so it's a similar number to a FMM squad and making sure each card has a use is similar to making sure a player is worth his squad number. It's a little different but I thought I'd throw it in anyway considering team building has been a common theme throughout this article. 
    This might be one of the strangest articles I've ever written but I felt like it needed to be shared, FMM accidentally introduced me to a massive amount of games I'd previously written off as not for me. I actually struggle to think of my life now without RPGs as some of the experiences FMM has led me to outside of its own universe have been some of the best gaming experiences of my life with Fire Emblem Awakening, Dragon Quest 8 and Darkest Dungeon being some of my most cherished games of all time! I don't know if this article will find an audience or if others have similar tales to share but if I can help one other member who was similar to the old me jump into the world of RPGs it was worth it. 

    As he's about I'd like to thank @Marc Vaughan for not only supplying me with endless hours of content through his own series but for opening my mind to a complete different world. I might be a pain in the arse at times but I appreciate the impact your games have had on my life. Thank you. 
    With that lets bring this rambling to an end, as always thank you for reading and I look forward to any discussion that come from this. 
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    Are you saying that a golden poop isn't worth it? 
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    I've seen that site but never used it, unfortunately I don't know which offer international shipping so I can't suggest any really. I typically use Amazon or 365Games which both seem good price wise for what I look at. 365Games ships to Portugal for £2.99 according to the website. 
    Marvel £45 
    FE £43 
    + Shipping of £2.99. 
    I've had no issues with the site but obviously I've not used them internationally and I assume you could be hit by import fees and taxes which can be pricey. I've only imported from Gamestop Ireland and Amazon US but I paid the fees on ordering. 
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    If you have online service you can buy 2 vouchers for 99€. Each voucher you can use to buy 1 game for a certain list. If you choose 60€ games you'll save 20€.
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    That's fair but I'm always happy with a tease, especially for BOTW 2 lol.
    I didn't expect many surprises tbf as I think most of until Xmas was covered 
    July - FE
    August - Astral Chain 
    September - I expected DQ11 but it's also got Links Awakening and that Mech game has been sent out to die here. 
    October - Surely Luigi will land here for Halloween
    November - Pokemon
    December - I expected Links Awakening or Animal Crossing here but do we have a December game yet?
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    There you go @Ashez
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    Talking about world's best coach. In my recent save Luis Enrique has won it 6 times in a row and he has won absolutely nothing. 0 champions league, 0 Europa league. On another hand I won 6 champions league and a fifa world cup. Only won the award 2 times. What a joke. 
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    EA are actually on par if not worse than SI imo! Horrible horrible company
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    Pokemon Direct
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    What I've Been Playing
    May 2019 
    Mario Maker 2 Direct - I didn't post at the time as I didn't have anything really to say and no-one else brought it up. I think the direct was good and did what it intended to do, tbf I'm amazed at how much they've added to the original game, this is a true sequel. It's seriously mind boggling to see all the options and I'm sure the community will create some spectacular levels like they did for the first, I'm just not sure it's for me. I love 2D Mario but I never got as much out of MM1 as I expected to, it's similar to Smash where I love both games but I never played them enough to justify the purchase, especially when I have so many games I really want to play. Like I'd get my worth from the 100 story levels and down loading ones I'm sure yet as I have no interest in the creation aspect it feels like a waste, admittedly that's kind of a mental view point issue and not one with the game 😂. Fire Emblem is July, YuGiOh is August which tempts me, DQXI will hopefully be September and Pokemon will be Novemberish plus everything already released I want, yikes the Switch is packed! 
    Tetris 99 - I didn't play it much but over one weekend there was an event where your finish earnt you points and if you collected 100 points combined over the weekend you'd unlock a skin. The skin is of the classic Gameboy Tetris and it's pretty neat so I decided to grind for it which didn't take long. You got 7 points for finishing 31st-50th and 10 points for finishing 11th-30th so I just grinded hoping to land in those areas, my best run was finishing 13th though. 
    Mario Odyssey - Damn you @Nucleus! I had every intention of going to Starlink once I'd finished Spirit Tracks (below) but Nuc comes barging into my PMs with stories of Odyssey and I just had to return! On this return to this amazing game I did some clean up collecting all the power moons and the few purple coins I missed (Bowser and Moon Kingdom), I also progressed to the end game being "The Dark Side Of The Moon" and "The Darker Side Of The Moon". The end game is bloody fantastic lads, it's really challenging, pretty frustrating but massively rewarding, in fact I don't want to spoil it at all so I'll stop here, just play it and beat it. I have one thing to admit however as unfortunately this isn't an 100% save but a 99% one (not including yellow coin outfits), you see I have 880 moons which is the 100% figure I believe but I've bought an extra one from the shop due to one bullshit moon I just can't get, I've wasted hours on the 100+ rally Volley Ball challenge in the seaside kingdom and I just can't get near it, even with the "cheat" to make it easier so screw that moon, in my eyes I've 100%'d this beauty. 
    A Crash Bandicoot Rant - I don't want to shit on the Crash Trilogy more than I already have but after returning to Odyssey it's hard not to think of the Bandicoot. At the time I said it's an unfair comparison which is still true, I also said Mario was an easy game which is a tad less true after playing the final two worlds which are really tough. In the second last area I lost over 1000 coins which means I died over 100 times in this area alone, these areas were extremely tough and needed precise inputs to get the job done yet because of the no life system and the instant respawn this grind never killed me like it did in Crash. I said Crash really could have done with quality of life improvements to modernise it and now I 100% believe this to be the case, I grew to hate Crash out of frustration and due to having to repeatedly grind lives, yet these Mario levels kicked my arse yet it was fun and I was so happy once I finally crossed the line. In the final area of the game I spent close to 5/6 hours grinding the routes, learning the challenges and developing some muscle memory and while the repeated tries did get frustrating they never got infuriating like it did with Crash. The quick retries of Mario kept me wanting to push on while a similar situation on Crash would see me having to leave to grind lives just to make progress, that's simply not fun. Some of these Mario late game challenges could be seen as cheap with some really tight platforming needed to be successful but I always felt any deaths or mistakes were on my part and most the frustration was with myself and not with the game but with Crash all my anger was mostly pointed at its laggy controls and awful level design, like I said it's not really a fair comparison with Crash being remakes of 20 odd year old games but returning to Odyssey has really opened my eyes to how much I hated the Crash Trilogy. 
    Toby The Secret Mine - I got this game a few weeks ago for 79p so I didn't expect much and tbh that's what I got. It's a decent Limbo inspired "trail and error" platform/puzzler. The highlight of this game are it's visuals, soundtrack, sound design and general atmosphere as it's really bloody good and sets the theme well, it really got the heart pumping at certain parts. The gameplay however is just kinda bland, the puzzles are nothing to write home about and the platforming is kind of stiff with the general outline being die from something unexpected, now you expect it get through the area without dying type gameplay. It's fun enough but it's far from a must play, it doesn't out stay it's welcome however as it's a very short game as i beat it in around 2 hours and 45 mins, so it's a decent distraction but nothing more. In my playthrough I died 290 times but check points are frequent and respawns are quick so it's not that tedious, I also found 22/26 of the hidden collectables. 
    MK8D - I spent one wonderful evening getting schooled on the online by @zaangie ! It soon become a trend where I'd come 6th repeatedly but obviously i just had bad luck on the night :p. It was a blast though but next time I hope I put on a better show lmao, I'm sure we'll do it again so any other Vibers with the game and online hit us up if you want to join in. 
    TLOZ Spirit Tracks - I don't even know where to begin with this game but for those unaware this is the second Zelda title on the DS. It's typically seen as one of the worst Zelda's (along side it's prequel) but I always enjoyed certain aspects of its prequel The Phantom Hourglass but in general I disliked the game, however this sequel fixed some of the things I disliked so I was keen to give it a try, especially as Radio Free Nintendo did an over 2 hour retrospective on it (all the hosts play it over a time period and fans are encouraged to do the same, unfortunately I didn't get involved in the discussion as I beat it the night the podcast was recorded). One of the main highlights of this game is it features a playable Zelda, or I should say a playable version of ghost Zelda as in the opening the princess dies and becomes somewhat like your fairy from other Zelda games, however in this she can possess certain enemies in a specific dungeon you return to after every other dungeons to help solve puzzles and so on. This feature is a little gimmicky but it works well enough and the story serves its job. The other main gimmick of this title is it's train based, which means the over world is dreadful (soundtrack aside) as you're stuck to tracks and you basically just go point A to B to progress the story. You'll go to the Spirit Temple which will unlock new areas and tracks while you have to go to normal dungeons to find items and beat areas to progress, unfortunately though the train is just so slow and any segments of traveling were boring as anything! The tracks does feature some distractions like enemies, collectable rabbits, shops and side stations you can visit but all in all the world sucks. You have your forest area, snow area, water area, desert area and a fire area which all look fine and are fun enough but being tied to the tracks makes them all similar and boring. Control wise the game is completely touch controlled as Link moves via the stylus and to use items you also use touch, for example with the boomerang you draw it's path and this is something I surprisingly really enjoy, you have so much control and freedom it's just ace, however at times it can be annoying as your hand can cover the screen making visibility a real issue. Continuing on from its prequel you can also draw and write on maps to mark locations, to write puzzle solutions down, to work out answers and basically anything you want which is a feature I adore, it's so clever and it works reasonably well. However there is one other gimmick I hate with this game with a passion and it's the Spirit Flute which is essentially the musical instrument of this game but my biggest issue with it is you move it side to side with the stylus but to play notes you have to blow the microphone! On paper it's pretty neat and immersive but in practice it's an absolute nightmare, especially on the New 3DS XL. On previous DS systems the microphone was central below the screen but on my system it's in the right hand corner at the bottom, right underneath where you bloody hand is to use the stylus! These segments were infuriating as I had to hold the system awkwardly, move the stylus to hit notes and blow the microphone praying it would register and hit the right note in the right timing, seriously these were infuriating and I almost quick numerous times, one song in particular took me close to a hour to beat! That's alot of negatives but one thing i loved about this game were the dungeons, they were the reason I pushed through the crap as I really enjoyed them, admittedly the first few were really easy yet creative but the final few were a decent challenge with the final one being incredibly confusing and clever which took me like 2 hours to beat, they were a joy to play. Finally the pacing of the game was another area I had issues with, especially in the end game. Early on you'd basically go point A to B but slowly they started adding more filler to spread it out which got annoying, for example in the fire area I needed ice so I travelled to the snow kingdom, they told me they couldn't help without water so I had to go find water, then I could finally continue the story. I beat the last dungeon and headed to the final boss with a playtime of 18 hours basically on the dot, my playtime after beating the final boss? Just shy of 22 hours, that's right there was 4 hours worth of infuriating bullshit inbetween! A train segment, a boss fight against the demon train, saving Zelda, another boss fight, learning the hardest song of the game (which I did quicker than some tbf) followed by the final boss! Oh and death meant you had to replay decently sized segments, it was infuriating. So did I enjoy this game? I'll have to say not really as while I had a blast with certain aspects others just killed the game for me, if it wasn't Zelda I wouldn't have finished it and while I'm glad I've played it I'll never play it again. It has some potential but all in all its just The Legend Of Gimmick. 
    Go! Go! Beckham!- This wasn't a planned play but my missus had a hospital appointment and as we were leaving she dropped the bombshell of we could be there 3 hours (we weren't), so in a mad panic I ran and grabbed my GBA and the first game I came across that I'd not played which happened to be this title, thankfully it was pretty decent so I decided to finish it. This is the final game of an Ebay bundle I've mentioned a fair few times which came with The Lion King 1.5 and The Flash. This wasn't a game I wanted to play as such but one I wanted for the novelty of owning a "David Beckham" platformer. In this game it's your typical collectathon 2D side scroller/puzzle platformer with coins, eggs and keys to collect, power ups and some levels have balls that spell out the word Beckham similar to the Donkey Kong series (1 letter per level that has them, to spell Beckham on the world map.) The main gimmick of the game is instead of jumping on enemies or using weapons you have a football which you have to kick at them, the ball also has to be kicked at items to collect them. The ball functions like a ranged attack where you'll "shoot" and the ball will bounce around but thankfully you can recall it to your side by pressing the shoot button. It actually feels alot like the Yoshi 2D platformers just with one projectile and no real aiming mechanic, however that's not all as visually it also reminds me of that series as the level designs all look good and Mario-ish with all levels being fun to explore with themes of snow, desert, forest and something like a graveyard plus a small final boss area. The levels see you explore and find a certain amount of keys to open the goal to finish the level and it's actual more difficult than I expected as I thought I'd breeze through the game but I did die a number of times. I was pleasantly surprised at how polished and enjoyable this game was, tbh I expected some shitty cash grab taking advantage of the Beckham name but it's actually pretty bloody good. Due to liking this I've looked into the developer and unfortunately they went bankrupt a year after this title with the Beckham game being mentioned as a poor seller! It was a short play through though with the game having around 40 levels with most only taking a few mins to get to the end, any longer and it might have out stood it's welcome as I was starting to get tired of it once I got to the end. 
    Recent Pick Ups
    I can't believe I'm saying this but I won another Twitter giveaway! That's now two games I've won plus the $10 US eshop credit I won last month, I can't believe it! Anyway I won 
    Duck Game - It's an up to four player party shooter which according to reviews is highly rated (9/10 NWR, 83 on Metacritic) and a port of a PC game. The single player content is apparently short at 30 levels lasting around a minute each but I'm excited to try it out, especially with my brothers when they're next around. Saved myself £12 on a game that looks interesting so there are zero complaints from me :D. 
    Talking of that $10 Eshop credit.......I've not spent it as yet, like I said I'm looking to save it for a few titles in particular. 
    I did however pick up two Eshop titles and 2 physical games this month. 
    Switch Eshop
    Downwell - £1.34 - Downwell has been on my radar for years as it was extremely hyped when it first released on mobile but as a non mobile gamer (FMM aside) it's one I've not got to yet. I nearly got it when it launched on Switch as it's only usually £2.69 but I decided to wait until I actually wanted to play it, however it had a 50% off sale so for £1.34 i had to have it. Gameplay wise it's a tough rogue like shooter with the unique selling point being you're falling down a well and you have guns as boots, apparently it's very hard and extremely addictive so I'm excited to try it out. 
    Reigns Game Of Thrones - £1.79 - The Reigns series is basically tinder where you're a king or queen and you swipe left or right to answer questions and scenarios in a pick your adventure book kind of way. The first two in the series being called Kings and Queens always looked intriguing but when a Game Of Thrones version was released my interest peaked again. Having this unique gameplay loop combined with known characters I care about just made it appeal more to me, especially after how crap the last season was. After buying Downwell with my gold points I had 33 left so adding the £1.46 to get this was an easy decision. 
    Overall I'm very happy with my digital pick ups this month as as long as I like the titles I've added three limitless games to my collection that will always be on my system. If I fancy multiplayer I have Duck Game, single player adventure I have Downwell and Reigns for any time I just want to chill. I've found myself playing Tetris (99 + Puyo Puyo demo) a decent amount for these above reasons so adding cheap yet interesting games to that pool has me excited. 
    Physical Games
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze - 3DS - £5 - A licenced 3DS game?! What was I thinking I hear you cry! Well this is a TMNT's game based on a Nickelodeon TV show I've never watched and know nothing about, however it's also developed by the brilliant Wayforward and is a Metroidvania! I'm always on the look out for new Metroidvania's and I knew there was a Turtles one on the 3DS (& Spider-Man ones on the DS) but I never remembered which one it was, fortunately at my local Cex I found this title on the shelf, reasonably priced and with time to look up if this was the Metroidvania which it was so I knew I had to have it. My mother swears I was a big TMNT fan as a kid but it's not something I remember at all, I was more into the mouse rip off Biker Mice From Mars. Anyway this game has mixed reviews but most of the ones I've read seemed to just not understand what a Metroidvania is so I'm intrigued to see what I think once I get to it. 
    Sabrina TAS Spooked - GBC - £1.80 - If the last game didn't have you raising an eyebrow I'm sure this one will! Yes that is indeed Sabrina The Teenage Witch The Animated Series on the GBC. This is actually the sequel in a series of two GBC games based on the TV show and while it appears an odd pick up I have my reasons. Just like the above game this was made by Wayforward and once again it's a metroidvania-ish but this time it's level based, I know what a bloody strange mix that is. The second I heard about it I knew I had to have it and it didn't take long as I paid £0.20 for this game with £1.60 postage. I actually never expected to pick up any original Gameboy or GBC games but visually this one looks fantastic so we'll see what happens. When it arrived the missus said she's pretty sure she had it when she was a kid which was a nice surprise as well lol. @samhardyis adamant I didn't buy this and that I won't play it 😂

    With that out the way it's finally time to get to Starlink and I'm hyped! That's getting all my attention this month as my original plan was to play Odyssey after Starlink but now I'm allowing no distractions! 
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    If anyone has any doubts about this tactic please take a look at this screenshot, lowest league in England, with Basic/Basic team, first season.