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  1. Sorry Guys...... Was way way busy last month... And I was out of town too..... So will be updated soon.......
  2. Breaking News : Jose Mourinho sacked by Manchester United.... Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Zindine Zidane, Laurent Blanc, Julian Nagelsmann and Mr. Rebuild in contention to takeover reins at Manchester United So it is Manchester United Breaking News : Manchester United announce 'Mr. Rebuild' as next Manager
  3. So My First Career Thread here... So this will my first Rebuild..... Any Guesses?
  4. ROFL😃 Try it once ! Simulated matches can do anything.....
  5. This will be FM 20 Mobile Career Mode Rebuilding challenge series! (This idea is from JarradHD channel on YT) The whole objective of this rebuilding challenge is to see how many seasons it takes through simulation and transfer business to qualify for a Champions League final, it'll then be up to us to put our skills to the test and see if we can complete the job! Rules MAIN OBJECTIVE : Take a team to Champions League Glory 1. All games will be Simulated (except for Champions League Final). All matches will be simulated by using Holiday mode. 2. Transfer can be as unrealistic as you like 3. Big Focus on Transfer Window 4. Do not get sacked. Additional Coaching badges not allowed. Starting reputation should be lowest. No unlockables of any kind. Good luck. Load any leagues Preferably a Career thread would be nice for the rebuilding
  6. I Started my career with Manchester United... Winning the Euro Cup saved my job... in first season In second season, awful form as well as some awful management from me left us in 8th position with 41 points. had scored only 41 goals in league. So I was shown the door after 28 games. So luckily AC Milan had a vacancy. I joined them. Eventually AC Milan finished 9th in league Next season was a cat walk season. No European adventure helped. We won the league. Next season round, A mid season slump costed me my job. We were in 6th position at that time. Then joined Arsenal. Horrifying management skills costed me my job. Then joined Borussia Dortmund. I am still with Borussia Dortmund. Luckily in remaining games we managed to finish in P6 in standings. Next season We finished second in league. Then won 7 league titles consecutively. Then lost way while attempting 8th. Finished 3rd that season Then again won 3 league titles. Somewhere in these last 3 seasons I was 3-4 games away from a sacking. Board had started to search replacements. Somehow my boys turned it around. A Fun Fact I think I have scored the least number of goals for a title winning team with my 1st league title with Dortmund. My team managed to score a whole 41 goals whole season.
  7. Hallo Managers, I am currently managing France. I selected 23 players squad for the upcoming WC Qualifiers. (Usually I select 2 sets of players for each positions except Goalkeeper which I have 3) After confirming the squad, a week of league football was played. And to my horror my 5 players got injured from those 23 selected. I was quite relaxed when I selected the squad. But now the normal WC Qualifier has turned into a crucial one for me. So new tactics would be tried... 😄 So its a suggestion If the selected international squad player get injured during league matches, should the game allow replacements for those injured players? [IRL this is done. I know this is FM]. What do you think about this?
  8. Edit : He is already on the list..... We may add Bryan Mbuemo to this list... Currently with Brentford These are the original stats I agree I did not brought him. He was with me in Dortmund in FM Career. So I do not remember exactly the stats which he was having when I took over Dortmund. He left for Chelsea on a free alongwith another wonderkid Josha Vagnoman was also with me at Dortmund.... So Mbuemo's current stats
  9. I can name a few here 1. David Ospina, [He is with me currently at Dortmund. I got him on a free transfer. I reckon he might cost 10-15M probably] Can be easily 1st choice in crisis or a decent backup 2. Jasper Cillessen [He is with me currently at Dortmund. I got him on a free transfer.] Can provide a good experienced backup
  10. At last, I have created an account here My name is Sagar Abhyankar. I am 34. and from India. I am a United Fan since lot of years (probably 15-20 years) My all time favorite player is Andrea Pirlo. I am a follower of Football. I literally Drink Football, Eat Football and Sleep Football. I love playing Management Games. I used to play CM as well and FM got me more addicted. I play FM on Mobile all the time. So we can play anywhere, anytime literally I also love Formula 1.