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  1. Sorry man , i am stupid , how i can modify file change ? I need open this file with a program and its yes , wich program ?
  2. I dont understand , where cange ? Can you help me please?
  3. So cant fix name Zebre in Juventus ?
  4. Ciao, gioco con S9, aggiorno l'ego dei giorni di gioco quando dovevo aggiornare, Now i see if i can send my saved of game , u ask me this ? Saved of game ?
  5. Hello guys i have normal team with 300 M for buy players i buy normal player with 10 M but for every players i cant offer contract or in automatic the games offer at their the contract and i need pay at they also 40 M for year also for normal player , why i cant offer contract wtf
  6. Yes yes i just make question i dont speack good english
  7. Ah this update for Greek league ok Gg And for fix name juventus ? How many times ?
  8. Hello guys i need help , i copy file " changes.txt " and paste here Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020 Mobile/normal . But nothing change , but the file for logos of premiere league clubs work . Maybe i wrong with the first file if work i can see Juventus names ? Because i continue to see Zebre, im italyan i live in city of juventus i live near alianz stadium i love juve and i cant see zebre hahaha fuck PES haha