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  1. Since the update, all the stadium names in Scotland on my old save are mixed up, except mines. I built a new stadium a year or 2 ago so it's funny seeing my old stadium being used by a smaller team
  2. Nope. He should turn out alright but I would've preferred a striker or AMC
  3. Must've reloaded about 30 times, just to see, and every single time was a CB. 2 stars was the highest rating too. Strange.
  4. I'm on my 12th season and one of my squad members has retired unexpectedly meaning I have got my son coming through. I didn't want the player to retire as probably had at least 1 more season, so reloaded my save to try and reconsider but he didn't want to stay. So, out of curiosity, I kept reloading to see if my son would ever have a decent coach report. Varies between 1 star and 2.5 stars and always a CB Is this coded in that its always the same position?
  5. Just sat and read through all this thread. Very well done Mr Tree.
  6. Post December slump. I've yet to experience it. I've found when I am trying to run a smaller squad, my form dips prior to December due to playing CL / EL games in-between weekends. Now I'm running a larger squad I can go pretty much all year without a dip. Haven't changed tactics since year 1. Just won the champions league for the 2nd time so something is working. Also, my first instinct was to say I wanna know how to do the cheat but I also kinda don't as I'd end up tempted to do it...
  7. I got to choose my new stadium name when the Rangers board decided to build a new one.
  8. I really hoped the last update would've fixed the bug where I end up losing my entire squad (almost) to international call ups, leaving me to play greyed out players or those not normally in the first team squad.
  9. I signed a striker from Barca who I assumed was just another youngster from their youth set-up but after checking his history earlier, turns out he's either a newgen or a regen but I've no idea who it could be.
  10. If we can claim 38 from 38, can I claim it for doing it more than once AND back to back? 😇
  11. Not sure if this counts but most opposition players sent off in 1 game?
  12. Finally won it in 2041. It's doable 😂
  13. I'll be watching this to see how you get on. I found following the winter update, Alfie was nowhere near as potent whenever I started a new game.