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  1. Hello guys, here I am again with another formation!! I’ve used this formation for a complete season and the results couldn’t be better, it’s the best formation i’ve ever played in this game overall, let’s start to explain the idea behind it and how I came with it! I was conceding a lot of goals, and couldn’t change that even with good players so I decided to go 3 at the back and 4 MDFs, but the problem was still there, even worse because it was super easy to conceed goals by the flank, but if I used FB I would loose a lot of options in the last 3rd, so I came with this idea, what if I had WBs that play up a bit up but do never compromise the defense nor the attack? Yes that’s what u can expect from this, a super balanced formation that will attack with 7 and defend with 7, the WB will join the attack the Wingers will go inside and there will be a big number of options to pass, when defending u will basically have a defensive line of 5 men plus the MDFs! I don’t know if someone did this already or if it works in lower teams, but I really think so, try it and I hope u enjoy it!!
  2. I prefer to have them at wing back to balance the narrow instruction, they help a lot wit crosses and assists!
  3. Sim mas em termos de equipa no geral em relação a várias equipas que joguei na LE é muito inferior e é aí que a tática da aquele boost
  4. Hello guys, this is my first time posting in this fórum, been playing fm for a long time, but been a lurker here since ever!! I’ve known this tatic for quite some time know, but gave up on it in FM19. Decide to give it a try in FM20 just to see how good it could be and i gotta say it was great, i coached a Portuguese team, Sporting, the only addition that i made was loaning a CB due to poor 2nd choices in case of injury. As you can see on the screenshots i won the EuroCup in the first season against PSG also ive won the Portuguese League and Cup all this with an average team! About the tatic: I’ve tried it in offensive but counter was the most effective, even against lower teams. Make sure to have a good finishing striker at least and a good playmaker too.. Im pretty sure that this tactic might exist already but this is my version of it, try it and i hope u enjoy it!