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  1. It's almost done! I reckon one season will do it
  2. Sounds like Jesus rose from the dead that season! Alright, that was a horrible pun :/. Unlucky with Barbosa (did I already say that), he's basically there already though! Keep this up!
  3. Oh.....Well this won't help, will it. Hope you bounce back!
  4. Just read through this, I don't know how you do it! Looking forward to season 13!
  5. The John Burridge Challenge For those who don't know, John Burridge was an English goalkeeper who played between 1969 and 1997 for 29 clubs. Some of his clubs include Blackpool, Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Hibernian, Southampton, Sheffield United, QPR and Manchester City. The aim of this challenge is to choose one player and take him to as many clubs as possible. The only catch is you must win at least one trophy with that player at the club, whether it be a league, cup, super cup or continental trophy. Rules 1. You must win at least one trophy with each club. 2. For a cup to count, your chosen player must play in the final. 3. No use of unlockables, editors, reloading. and anything else you can think of. 4. Good luck! Leaderboard Sorted by amount of clubs played for
  6. The Scoring Streak The aim of this challenge is to have any player score in as many consecutive games as possible. Seems pretty simple, and it is. I think it's a nice side challenge to be played along a 1000 goal challenge, for example. The Rules 1. Screenshots of the player form screen are required. 2. If a player misses a game for any reason or fails to score, the streak ends. 3. Games from all club competitions excluding friendlies are counted. 4. Own tactics only. Good luck, hopefully I see a few results posted here! Leaderboard (sorted by length of streak then number of goals in streak) 1. Ashez Player-Gabriel Barbosa Club-Santos Streak-23 Goals-53
  7. I was pretty nervous going into those last two games....how many strikers are done now?
  8. Welbeck did...well, well! If you know what I mean. @danovic78 I'll pass it on shortly :)
  9. The Story of the Season-Part Two Welbeck was welcomed to the club with a triple header against Barcelona; the fourth, fifth and sixth times we had played them in the season. And we won them all! That really shows our dominance over Barcelona this season, although it was a tough initiation for Welbeck. Chelsea were no match for us in the Champions League, while Welbeck grabbed some much-needed goals against Valencia. Despite this, the loss to Sevilla left Real Madrid right behind us, still. Tottenham failed again in Madrid, but things were beginning to look very tight. Very, very tight in fact, with Welbeck needing a further 11 goals. Just for proof. So, I'm done now and I hope you enjoyed that excitement at the end! Who do I pass the save on to, and are we continuing the challenge? Please remember to comment because I like those ;).
  10. My Attempt-Part One After seeing the previous attempt use two strikers in the one season, I thought there was a good opportunity for me to follow suit. So without any further ado (I like saying that), let's get right into the season. The Story of the Season My chosen striker for the first half of the season was Christian Benteke. I had to sell a bit to raise funds (and couldn't offload the former strikers in the reserve team), but eventually got my man. Benteke got off to a good start, scoring as we secured the Super Cup. A nice start to the season. Unfortunately things took a slight downward turn, with a shock early loss to Cordoba. But big wins against Malaga and Barcelona got us back on track. A slow Champions League start saw us in danger of missing qualification after a loss to Tottenham. We were off to a flying start in the league, taking advantage of slow going from our cross-town rivals and Barcelona. We got past Valencia in the cup and a 3-0 reverse against Tottenham sent us through to the knockout rounds in Europe. Things started to slow down around the Christmas break, and a loss to Real Sociedad had the other Real breathing down our necks in the league. So how did Benteke get on? Pretty good! With one striker crossed off the list, the search began for another one, and it took a little longer than I would have liked. But eventually someone was found. Not my first choice by any means, but he'll have to do. There was a busy second half of the season in store...
  11. It seems different enough for me tbh.
  12. Finished now, possibly the most exciting end to a season I've ever experienced! Update will follow shortly....
  13. He just keeps on keeping on...getting injured. Nice going though, hoping for an update soon :)