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  1. Hi all After changing between original and enhanced engine, I finally settled on a career. I'm using Dec's training and a tactic that always worked for me in 2014 (can't remember the name or the user but I found it on here)... Now I know these 'enhance' results but even on 2014 I had sackings, relegations and in one career never won the Premier League in 30 years. The reason I write this is because I am entering 20/21 on my Guiseley save. ..and I'm top of the Championship First season, finished 2nd lost playoffs. Next season won the league. Then finished 2nd lost playoffs again. Since then I have won the title every year...each time only adding 3-4 signings. The board have given me 2.7m each year from VCN to Champ without me spending much of it. I don't have sugar daddy, I don't have the editor.
  2. I'd be perfectly happy if FMH2015 was just CM 01/02 to be honest!
  3. I took the loan unlockable to be amount of players you could sign on 3 month 6 month etc. Surely turning off transfer would mean o can sign a player on loan?
  4. Android, and no I 'worked' for them. Bit frustrating that I have to do them again . In fact, I've just switched on the transfer window one and I can't make an offer because the loan window is closed?!
  5. Just gone to start a new game having not played in a month or so. Have work permits, loan restrictions and transfer Windows available. On the achievements lost, I only have the payable challenges and against the run of play to go. What had happened to my other unlockables? I am on 5.1.2
  6. I think the image speaks for itself I think the image speaks for itself
  7. Got all the unlockables but it took some 'grinding' i.e. selling my entire Champions League winning squad and replacing them with useless Mexicans and Brazilians before leaving for another team.
  8. Uninstalled, used the data cable to delete the FMHdata folder, reinstalled. Worked. Thanks Dec!
  9. Hi All I was wondering if you could help - when I installed FMH2013 it asked me if I wanted to install Slim or Full version. Stupidly, I chose Slim and have changed my mind as I now have a better tablet. I've uninstalled, and looked everywhere in the preferences, but I cannot seem to get the option again. Can anyone advise me on what to do? Thanks