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  1. In the beginning of 2020 i used your philosophy and tactic with Everton. It fit perfectly and I had great success with it. Now with the 2021 version of the game I'm going to try the same in the German league. You're awesome dude
  2. The stats that you have in the main post, are those the main attributes that you need in order to make this tactic work ? Like the main focus, the rest of the stats are based on the role
  3. Does high intensity drain energy levels ? In my Everton second season I planned to literarily win all the silverware I can, that sometimes mean you can have three, even four games in a week.
  4. Sergino looks very good. He's valued at 30 million on the market right now (year 2021) and looks very well rounded. Still at Ajax and his crossing/dribbling/pace combination is very good. Looks iffy defense wise with his 8 aerial, but i can focus train his tackling and aerial abilities. Looks very good for premier league
  5. Can we ask for opinions here ? For Example I'm wondering who is better for Everton, specifically for my campaign for my third season. I'm looking for a Wingback who can defend. In fact my tactic relies on overwhelming attack quality and the ability to defend when we get countered or the enemy team is similar to me when it comes to quality/stats
  6. I noticed that AI clubs are happy to ask for hundreds of millions for their players, fair enough i guess ? But when i do it they laugh in my face lol. Good thing i have a buyout for Haaland at 200 something million. Nobody touches my goal machine
  7. I was about to loan him but the little devil scored against Man City and Liverpool.
  8. I don't know if there is a thread for this, I will delete if necessary. Anything i can do to make this squad better ? I can beat anything in the premier division that's not ; Arsenal, Man City, Man UTD, Spurs, Liverpool or Chelsea. I think i have the youngest squad on average, which is probably the issue. The big dogs on top have players in their prime. The only players in their prime are Bernard, Gomes and de Roon. Like, in my second season with Everton i couldn't beat the teams i listed above, not even once. I sold a bunch so i hoarded money. Suggestions ? Edit: Here are the Roles i'm looking for;
  9. What i did With Moise Kean (young striker who wasn't doing well in first season) is loan him and when he came back he was much more consistent, more than Haaland anyway.
  10. I didn't know about DM having messed up ratings. I moved De roon to the midfield position/Ball winning Midfielder. Three games in and his rating changed to 7. Edit: As for the green arrows...yeah. My defender wants to move on apparently. Real Madrid is offering 36 million for Mina , my ball playing defender. And those fuckers are expensive if you want them good.
  11. I didn't want to mess with the tactic since it really works for this team. De Roon can play with gomes and berge, but what will that do to my defense ? A bit off-topic i think, anyone knows what those green arrows that point to the right are ? Pickford, Gomes and Mina names specifically
  12. Do you guys think i should sell a player who hovered around 6.6-6.8 rating ? 1 season and a half now and i think i can get a fat 30 million for him. I didn't want to sell him after half a season since i got the player lol I'm Playing him as a defensive midfielder
  13. You guys think these youngsters are are cut for Premier League ? Haaland turned 20 for me and he's very inconsistent. He might get a goal in Europa league against Inter but will get a 5 rating against Liverpool or other big premier league sides.
  14. In my Everton save I couldn't really give Moise Kean much game time. Eventually the coach told me he plateud so I decided to loan him. Anyway he did good for half a season away and he improved. The plateu thingy in the coach report is gone as well.